Yeah,  So for my next post!  I have decided to share my love for Doctor Who!  I am Classic Doctor who fan!  I do occasionally watch the new series and have grown to love David Tennent’s performance as Ten.  But,  This post is going to be dedicated to a unsung hero of the Doctors.   A man who was so misunderstood that it took audio series to bring him back to glory.   The Man I am talking about is no other then The Sixth Doctor.  Even though this Doctor  looks like he have come out of an explosion in a rainbow factory.  He still holds a special place in my heart…

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As you can see I am obsessed with changing that coat!  I could go on and tell you the rather unpleasant history of what happen during The Sixth Doctor era.  But, I am sure that there is enough web pages on the internet that will go over the behind the scenes history of that period.  If you pick up “The Trial of A Time Lord”  there is a special dedicated to that time in the shows history.  I love watching it!  I do believe that Colin Baker did not get a fair run during his time as  The Doctor.  He was a wonderful Doctor and I believe that over time he would have mellowed like we saw in “Trial of A Time Lord”.    The doctor was flawed and that probably why I like him out of all of them.

“No one is beyond redemption”  I am glad that The Sixth Doctor has been redeemed through “Big Finish”.  Well, I can go on all night about this doctor.  Enjoy the photos they are just fan art that I have done!  Except for the Head shot thats from another source.