Season One: Episode One   


A young teen calls on an elite force that specialized in strange  and unusual cases to find his missing Babe Ruth baseball before his dad returns home.

My Two Cents 

“This is a fib and it is short”

When we first tune in we notice that  the opening titles are different from the later ones.   The premise along reminds me of “The sandlot” and this episode predates “The sandlot” by number years.   This is also the first time we are introduced to Sgt. Kate Monday and Her Partner Det. George Frankly.

“Kate and George during that calculator thing they do”

Both Kate and George works for a  organization called Mathnet.  The general ideal is that it a organization that trains mathematicians to be Law Enforcement.   Kate and George dressed exactly in  the same uniform.   They wear a gun holder but, it holds a calculator in them.   Now, the  jest of this episode is to get the priceless baseball back to its owner.   They accomplished this by several different ways.  It seems when they get near a resolution something off the wall happen , I.E.  The house is stolen from thin air.

“Where is my house, you jerk?

Now,  the humor in this episode is funny.  George is the funny man and Kate is the straight woman.   George say some off the wall things that makes sense to him but, don’t makes sense to others.  So, it kind of carry this episode for me.   There is one noticeable difference Debbie Williams is not the tech on this episode it was a lady named Ginnie Carlson. I actually liked Ginnie she seem to be very interesting.  I do wonder sometimes how the series would have been with her instead of Debbie.

The Tech Wiz

There’s not much left to say about this episode all in all it was a strong episode.   Oh,  I almost forgotten let’s  review the trademark high-five.

‘You are doing it so wrong, But, yet so right”

As you can see they are not on the same wavelength after the first and two attempts but then…….

“History is made!”

I do apologize that this is not much of a review or summary.  It will be getting better soon…


This is a section dedicated to the off of wall things that George says .

Man: Funny game. Baseball!

George:  It’s a game of Inches!

Ginnie: Are we still on for Saturday, George?

George: Sure are, Martha is looking forward to it.

Ginnie: Going to have meatloaf again?

George: Sure

Ginnie:  I can’t come, George! ( Ginnie gets up) I will be right back!

Kate:  We have a problem, George….Baseball.

George: I love baseball, Kate!  Martha and I went to Dodgers stadium just last night.

Kate:  The Dodgers played in Cincinnati last night.

George: No Trouble Parking!

Next Time 

We are going  to monkey around as I attempt to make a descent review of their first official episode.