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So, today I buckle down and purchase the new world for “The Sims 3” called “Lucky Palms”.   I have played it a little bit today and I absolutely love it.  The main two features of this new world  is “The Lucky Simoleon Casino”  and “The Wishing Well”  ( I will be your wishing well, kiss and tell).  I am sorry I don’t know why that song pop in my head just than.  I will try to stay on topic, The Lucky Simoleon Casino can be brought separately or together with this world.  I believe that this Casino was made for “Lucky Palms”  specifically which is a added bonus.   The Wishing Well is great if you don’t have Showtime.  Some of the interaction are similar to the genie.   The wishing well comes with three interaction fish, steal coins, or wish.   Apparently, there is a lucky coin you can grab from the well that can help you at the casino.  All and All this will eventually become one of my favorite worlds to play in.