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July 2012

Mathnet: The Case of The Parking Meter Massacre

Season Three:  Episode Three 

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In this Episode,  We meet a woman who is the reincarnation of Lizzie Borden and learn that respecting the end two words of sentence can be fun and annoying.


A chain of  Parking Meter murders sends the Mathnet team on another cat and mouse chase through New York City.  Meanwhile, George’s apartment is robbed!

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Bicycle Race

So, before we continue with the never ending saga of Kate and George.    When I was reviewing this next episode a Queen song called “Bicycle Race” came into my head.   Because of one little scene in the next episode.  If  this doesn’t make sense it will make sense after the next episode.  Then, again it might not make any sense at all.  So just enjoy it.

Mathnet: The Case of The Swami Scam

Season Three:  Episode Two

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In this episode,  Kate and George goes out for a night on the town! (or a date you decide) and we also learn that crossdressing doesn’t work for everyone.


Kate and George first assignment in “The Big Apple” is to investigate a series of scams involving retired lawyers.

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A small update!

I am in the process of writing up the next episode “The case of  The Swami Scam”.   I have midterms coming up and a small paper to do.  So there might be a small delay in posting it.  But it should be up by the end of the week.  So, until then since we are  sadly nearing the end of  “The Kate Monday era” which I might added I have a new appreciation for.  I thought  it would be only fitting to comb youtube.  To showcase some of the other works that showcase Beverly Leech’s talent including singing.  Which we are going to find out in a later episode which dedicated to Broadway.  So this clip is awesome and this video is not mine. I will be doing this for the other actor as well. Enjoy!

Mathnet: The Case of The Ersatz Earthquake

Season Three: Episode One 

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In this season opener we fight against Kate’s big hair and odd placed makeup.  While trying to figure why this episode looks strange.


Kate and George face off against a Psychic that can predicts earthquakes and earthquake accessories.

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Mathnet: The Case of The Map With A Gap

Season Two:  Episode Six 

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In this heart pounding season finale.  We head out west to find buried gold. While learning that George singing can be dangerous.


A young boy named Bronco ask George and Kate to help him decipher a centuries old map to find buried gold in the old west.

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One of those updates!

Okay, so yeah I have been posting a lot on Mathnet lately.  I know you are all who reads this blog is wondering why?  I am during a bit of research for something I am working on.  My end goal is to have all the Mathnet summaries done in the next two months and I will take it from there. If you are following the series thank you!  If anyone is wondering where the actors info is.  I am still working on that it should be up soon.

In other news, I am studying this for my performance class.

It is a very good book I recommend anyone who is into poetry to get this book it is a real eye opener.  I guess that it is it! bye for now!

Mathnet: The Case of The Missing Air

Season Two: Episode Five 

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In this Episode,  we learn about the radio business in a way that you don’t want learn about the radio business.


George and Kate investigates a series of robberies involving masked man who talk like a duck.

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Mathnet: The View from The Rear Terrace

Season Two: Episode Four 

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In this high intense  episode,  We will learn that George is damn good detective. We will also see how far Kate paranoia will take her.


Kate is laid up with a bum knee for a week.  Meanwhile George with the help of Debbie engages in a cat and mouse game with a  bank prank.  But, What George comes to find out that an innocent series of Childish Pranks become a deadly game of revenge.

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