Season One:  Episode Two

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Welcome to my second review of “Mathnet”.  The series that taught us about Math but, made us wonder if Kate and George will ever get it on.   In this episode, we will explore Gorilla’s and why they like to steal produce.


A bunch of 10-4 stores are being robbed by a Gorilla for it produce


After conducting some interviews with various victims from the 10-4 stores.  Kate and George returns to the squad room and receives a call that a gorilla name Grunt is missing from the zoo.  Kate and George interviews the zoo keeper who tell them that the only friend grunt has is a young girl named Jane.  After this interview they return to the squad room, where Debbie goes over different locations  of the various crimes that have occurred.   Later, Jane shows up and tells Kate and George that someone broke into the cell through the combination lock.   Jane also tells them that it is not possible for Grunt to unlock the combination lock.  By this time another robbery has happen.  Jane protests that Grunt is innocent.   Jane, Kate and George leaves for the pizza place,  where they find a set of two foot prints.  It is revealed then that Jane has an extensive knowledge of gorillas and is planning to study their behaviors when she finish school.

The gang returns to the squad room. On  a hunch they check a number of costume rental places and find that a monkey costume was rented out to a  man name Janos Prokedzion.  Janos and Grunt use to be a circus act until Janos put Grunt in the zoo.   Kate and George now believes that Grunt was being used as a decoy to distract the attention from the real robber.   Kate and George tracks down Janos and find no one  is at his place of residence . As they walk around the house they notice a broken cage and head back to the station.  Back at the station, Debbie receives a phone call saying that Grunt has returned to the zoo ( not really!).  Jane leaves to be reunited with Grunt at the zoo.  But, when you think its over it’s not.  As soon as Jane leaves the room another phone call comes in. This time it involves a gorilla and the Hollywood sign.  To make a long story short, Kate an George goes out there and save the day.

My Two Cents 

I like this episode for two reason, George constantly making bad jokes about Monkeys and The fact that Yeadley Smith ( The legend of Billy Jean, The Simpsons)  is playing Jane.  The Hollywood sign scene was a added bonus.  It was one of those episodes that was fun to watch.  But, near the end it was slightly predictable where it was going.   It was a pretty straight forward episode.


George:  I sense he likes a well balance diet, maybe he likes to toss his salad.

Store owner:  I sure hope you catch him.

George : I know , all this monkeying around can’t be good for business.  ( Kate rolls her eyes and walks off )

George:  Three monkey robberies in less than an hour. Its sure is a jungle out there.

Next Time 

We will leave the humble surrounding of the jungle life and come into the not so glamorous world of a Rock Star.  We will also learn why George should never act hip.