Season One: Episode Three

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In this episode ,  We will be entering the rock world, while avoiding rocks themselves.


A parade is being held in Burbank in honor of the famous rock and roll singer Steve Stringbean.  Everything hits the fan when Steve becomes missing!  Now,  it’s up to Kate and George along with the help of the only witness to the kidnapping to find Steve before time runs out.


Kate and George is called into Chief Thad Green’s office  to go over plans for the parade.  The Chief asks for Kate and George assistance in helping with the logistics of the parade.   While working on a short time span, Kate and George  do a dry run of the parade route that’s being held in Burbank.  Upon, completion of the dry run they return to the station to figure out how long it would take to complete the route.  The main problem is that the route is to long and since Steve Stringbean  has to perform after the parade he could miss his flight.  While they are working out the kinks to this problem Chief Thad Green joins them to go over how many policeman is needed of the parade.  This is around the time the phone call comes in  George answers the call and is told that Steve Stringbean has been kidnapped.  The next day they meet with the president of Steve’s fanclub a young boy name Eddie Harris aka Rimshot.  Rimshot was in the van during the time of the kidnapping.  He tells Kate and George that on the day of the kidnapping they was on their way to get gas.   He also remember Steve  getting out of the van  where  two men gag him and bound him with this information they all return to Station.

At the station, Rimshot could remember van driving on an incline.  He also remembered that Steve and Him always carried a celery tonic  on this day the liquid in the bottle was leaning.  Rimshot also tells Kate and George that he used beats to tell where they was heading to.  It is revealed that Rimshot is trying to become a drummer, so he practice timed beats.  George calls to check on canyons around the area with that type of incline.  They eventually find one that was near Santa Monica ( the city where Steve Stringbean was kidnapped).  They drove  to Topanga canyon, while Rimshot recreates the beats he used.   They finally come to  a  abandon building  which the find an empty tonic bottle.   The next day or the same day ( I can’t tell because they where the same clothes) a press conference is held.  When the press conference is over , The return to the crime scene and due some lab work.  George finds a music sheet in the building.  They head back to the station to analyze it with Rimshot.  The phone rings it’s the kidnappers, Kate answers it.  They ask Kate for random money.  The instructions for the delivering the random money involves freezing the money in a big block of ice and throwing it off the pier after midnight.  Meanwhile,  George is recording the whole conversation.  When Kate gets off the phone with the kidnappers  they notice that Steve was singing.  After further investigation the concluded that Steve was singing the location of recording studio.   Rimshot believes that this might be the place they are keeping Steve at.   The gang leaves for the recording studio.  Once there they find that it is abandon another dead-end.   They return to the station….Rimshot replays  the conversation as George starts to dial the phone ( to have Debbie run a check on vintage cars that fit the tires that was found at the crime scene). They realize that Steve was singing the phone number of  his captors.

Kate and George along with Rimshot goes to Debbie for the results. The results  links to a man named John Phillip Lousa.  The gang goes to his residence and questions him but during a slip up. John reveals that Steve is being held in the backroom.   The gang goes back there and frees him and that is the end.

My Two Cent

This  episode but the cool level went up for me!  When I saw the great legend Mr . James Earl Jones playing the Chief for the first two seasons.  He just a great actor all around.   The story itself it was not that bad it.   You can easily guess who Steve Springbean resembles!   The cast was great as usual .    There nothing really much to say on this one I enjoyed it.


George: (To Rimshot) Solid Jackson!

Rimshot: Ba Dum Bump, Man!

George: If they are holding Stringbean in there, We must like aerobic with care.

Kate: (turns to George )  What does that mean?

Rimshot:  (To Kate) Exercise Caution

George:  Let’s run it  through the computer Kate, Sometimes you have to go by a stomach cramp…..You know a gut reaction!

Next Time 

In this high intensity episode,  We will be leaving the world of Rock .   To find out  “Is a Bird in the hand worth two in the bush!”.  In George’s case  we sure do hope so!