Season One: Episode Four

In  this episode,  We see a side of George Frankly that we have never seen before.

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George returns back to Mathnet after his vacation only to find that he has been implicated in a robbery involving over 250,000 thousand dollars.


Kate comes into work to find that George has returned from his vacation.  George went on a fishing expedition to “The Great North Woods”.  Kate tells George that it has been mostly quiet at work until Friday when a robbery happens at “The First to The Last Bank.”  Kate receives a call from the chief to come to his office.  In his office, Chief Green questions George about his whereabouts during the past couple of days. George tells the chief that he was vacationing at Nomanissan Island.   The Chief shows them the security footage from the robber.  The security video captured George robbing the bank.   George believes that is a prank and claims he didn’t do it.  The Chief starts to read George his Miranda Rights.  George stops the chief and suggests checking his bank records for the missing money.

The Chief, Kate and George arrive at the bank to talk with the bank manager.  The bank manager goes over George’s and account; He notices a deposit was made in the amount of 250,000 dollar at their Tahunga Branch.  Back at the station, Kate asks George to tell her what all happen during his vacation.  George tell her that the only way he could have made it back to the main land was by airplane and it only runs on Friday’s.  Kate calls the airport to confirm the fight schedule and to get in touch with pilot.  The pilot is the only one who can prove that George did not leave the island at any time during Friday.  A little while later George comes to the realization that he had an oil lube just before leaving on vacation.  If he had returned to L.A. there would be an extra miles on the car.  Kate and George go to see his mechanic named Krusty.  Krusty show them the miles on the car during his last visit.  George checks his car for the current mileage.  The current mileage has an additional 400 miles added making it possible for George to have come back to L.A to commit the crime.

The next day, Kate comes into the squad room early due to lack of sleep over George’s upcoming trial.   George comes into the room shortly after.  Kate asks George was there anybody from his past that is out for revenge.  George answers maybe.  Kate calls Debbie and asks her to make a list of all the prisoners George has put away and what was the disposition of the cases.  The chief call Kate and George to his office.  Chief Green tells George that his Judge will be Herman Hoffman.   Judge Hoffman is called the “The Hanging Judge” because of his strict but fair ways.   Chief Green wishes George the best.  They leave Chief Green office to meet with Debbie who have complied the list that Kate asked for.  Debbie tells Kate and George that 31 people were paroled and 2 were not accounted for.  Debbie tell them that the name of the two not accounted for was The Brother Karamazov.  Kate asks George does he know them.   He answers yes, and that the brothers used to send him death threat up until 2 months ago.   George goes on to tell Kate that the brothers was sent to jail for a computer crime that involves them switching the numbers in various bank accounts.

Later that day, the trial begins and George decides to take it upon himself to act as his own defense attorney.  George believes that his experience as playing a lawyer in the collage production of “Inherit the Wind” will help him prove his innocence.  The first few witness all identify George as the robber and to make matters worse George’s only witness the pilot also claims that George left the island heading back to L.A early Friday.  In a last attempt to save George from being convicted, Kate checks the weather condition in the area for last Friday.  Kate prepares a defense using the information that she received on the weather conditions.  Kate presents it to Judge Hoffman.  Judge Hoffman tells Kate to present it in court and to tell George to ask for a mistrial.  Everything goes well until George gets up and admits to the crime.   During his speech, He slips up saying that he has children.  The real George Frankly has no children.  Everyone point out that “This is not the real George Frankly!”  The real George Frankly appears in only his boxers and a shirt. George reveals that during the break he was kidnapped and thrown in a closet so the fake version of him could convict him.  It turns out that it was just one big scam set up by the brother Karamazov to get back at George for sending them to jail.  Eventually, the brothers are sent back to jail and George is proven innocent.

 My Two Cents

We have a lot of firsts in this episode.   It is the first intense episode.  It is a character focus episode.  It is the first episode and last episode where you see a main actor taking on duel roles.  I maybe wrong about this.   I have to give props to Joe Howard on this one.  His ability to play different characters is amazing.   Jame Karen was playing the prosecutor was a nice turn.   Jim Thurman also makes a cameo as Krusty the Mechanic.  If you don’t no who Jim is he is one for the writers and co-creator of Square One Television and Mathnet.  The rest of the cast is awesome as usual.  We are now four episodes in and we are slowly getting to know Kate Monday.   It seems that Kate is slowly loosing up a bit and that is probably due to the great delivery of Beverly Leech’s portrayal.   I love watching the genius of this character and I also love the genius between Kate and George.


George:  “My name is George Earnest Frankly and I am coming out the closet!”

Next Time

We try to clean up some very dirty money while  literary getting dirty.  We’ll also see why Kate and George should never run a diner.