Season One: Episode Five 

In this episode we try to clean up some dirty money

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Dirt is being stolen from trucks.  The dirt is believe to be holding 1,000,000 worth  of stolen money.


Kate comes into work to find George reading the newspaper.  George receives a call involving a truck being stolen at a diner near Inglewood.  Kate and George go to the diner to speak with the person who reported the truck being stolen.  Ernie tells them that as soon as he called the police station the truck was returned to him.  Kate and George returns back to the station only to receive a message from Debbie about another stolen truck.  This time the truck is stolen from a woman name Gussie Biceps.  Kate and George returns to diner only to find the same thing have happen again.  Later that day Kate and George return to the squad room.  Kate tries to figure out is Ernie telling them the truth.  Meanwhile, George is looking at the horoscopes in the newspaper.  George reads Kate and his horoscopes. The phone rings another truck is missing as Kate and George reluctantly decides to check it out.  George suggests that they should get part time jobs there.  Once at the diner they interview the latest victim the same thing happen to the truck driver.  Instead of going back to the station Kate and George decides to get some coffee at the diner.  While going over the case its dawns on Kate that the dirt from the truck is missing.

The next morning Kate and George along with their back up team Steve and Sam get a job at the diner.  In hopes that they are able to catch the person who is stealing the trucks.  While on the job, George gets into a confrontation over tips with a disgruntle truck driver.  Nothing much happens that day so Kate and George decides to work a second day at the diner.  On the second day Ernie and Gussie shows up to the diner. Gussie tells them that all three of them are working near an excavation near the diner hauling dirt away.  George and Kate abandon the cook and counterman job to investigate the excavation site. Once there they talk to a Mr. Roark.  George tells him that he notice that numbers on the trucks is 2,6,10. Mr. Roark tells them that the excavation site is split up into four parts.  Kate figures out that the trucks belong to section 2.  Mr. Roark tells them that they are free to look around.  They go over to section 2 and collect soil from the area.  Once back at the lab Debbie tests the sample.  Debbie tells them that it was regular soil and the PH was low.   The gang tries to see how long it would take to dump the soil and make it back to the diner.   They find out that the dirt could have been dump at a nearby gravel pit. Kate and George go to the gravel pit and they find a set of footprints.  They conclude that someone was bringing the dirt out there to look for something valuable.

Back at the station the lab report comes in on the dirt taken from the gravel pit it has the same composition as the dirt found at the excavation site.  Kate asks Debbie to check with “The Bureau of Records” to see if anything was on the site before the excavation.  George calls Mr. Roark to check if anymore trucks have been reported stolen.  Mr. Roark tells him over the phone that none of them the targeted trucks has been stolen. George makes an assumption that whoever is stealing the dirt has already found what they are looking for.  A phone call comes in, it’s Debbie.  Debbie tells Kate that there was a housing project previously on the site.  Debbie also tells them the current address of the previous owners.  Kate and George visit the home of Mr. and Mrs. Swaggle.   They question Mrs. Swaggle about her previous home.  Mrs. Swaggle tells them that it was nothing unusual about and it had a carport. She also tells them that she and Her Husband brought the home on a foreclosure.  Back at the station, Kate and George stop by Debbie’s office.  Debbie tells tell them that the owner of the house before Mrs. Swaggle was a man name Merle Fish.  Merle Fish could not keep up with the payments on the house, so eventually it went into foreclosure.  Merle Fish was also convicted a couple months after he pulled “The Sphinx armored Robbery” a case that Kate had to studied while at MathnetU.  Apparently, the police catch Fish but never recovered the 1,000,000 dollars.  George says the theory was that Fish was working with an accomplished that got away with money and left the country.  George calls the warden at the prison where Merle Fish is serving time to arrange a meeting with him. Meanwhile, Debbie calls “The Sphinx Company” to a record of the serial number of the bills from the stolen money.  George completed his call with the warden.  George tells Kate that Merle Fish passed away 6 days ago.

The next day Kate comes into office having read the book on Merle Fish the night before.  According to the author Norman Mailbag, Fish had an accomplished.  Kate also tells George that she checks though the police records and they all agree.  Debbie comes in with the report from “The Sphinx Company”.  The number was the same as the ones that were stolen. If they the money is being used it would make it easier to track.  Debbie also checks the police records on Fish and found that he was some sort of recluse and a loner.  In the past 21 years Merle Fish only had one visitor a man named Norman Mailbag, The man that wrote the book on Merle Fish.  After the book was published Norman continued to see Merle while he was in jail. Kate and George pay Norman a visit.  They questioned Norman on his involvement with Merle.  They notice a footprint in the garden that is similar to the one they found at the gravel pit.  George takes some samples from the batch of dirt found in the garden.  They bring the sample back to be tested in the lab.   Debbie comes back with the results this sample has two different types of dirt one was regular dirt and the other was from the stolen dirt.  Kate remembers about what Mrs. Swaggle said about the carport.  They figure that it is just one person during the crime and not two.  They also concluded that if they could figure all this out then the criminal can too.

The same day Kate receives a call that Norman Is leaving the country. Kate and George go back to Norman’s house to confront him about Merle Fish’s money.  They ended up playing a hunch on Norman to get him to confess.  After a while of double teaming him, Norman breaks down and confess to stolen the money.

My two cents 

It was a pretty decent episode.  Overall,  There was more office time then I expected.


George: What is the difference between a girl truck and a boy truck.

Ernie:  A girl truck has more chrome.

George:  Mrs. Swaggle, Can you tell us What Richard Dawson really like?

Kate: (Slightly embarrassed) George!

Truck Driver: Sorry about that

George: Don’t worry we get a lot of mileage.

Next Time 

We leave the world of dirt and dirt accessories, and enter a world of intrigue.  When George  is smitten for a beautiful woman who asks him for protection from dangerous men who is after a valuable stature.   Meanwhile, Kate gets jealous or annoyed you be the judge.