Season One:  Episode Six 

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In this episode,  We find out that love is blind and George can channel Humphrey Bogart.


Maureen O’Riley calls on Mathnet to help plan a exhibition of the infamous Maltese Pigeon and to protect it from dangerous men who will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.


The day starts normal with George talking about his little league team called “The Booteries” and going over batting averages with Kate.   A phone call comes in saying that a Ms. Maureen O’Riley is waiting to see them.  Kate tells them to send her in.   A few minutes later Maureen comes in.  George is automatically smitten by her to the point of being incoherent. Maureen has also taken a fancy to George.  Kate tries to bring them back to reality and ask Maureen to explain her situation.  Maureen tells them about the situation involving the Maltese Pigeon.  The Maltese Pigeon is a valuable stature that desperate men want to get a hold of for years.  She needs there help in setting up security for the exhibition of the bird.  They go over the viewing room and conclude that 600 people per hour should be a safe enough number.  Kate tells Maureen that she will place two guards at entrance and exit of the room.  Kate asks about the arrival time of the Maltese Pigeon. Maureen tells them tomorrow at 2pm and asks for security to ensure that nothing happens.  George readily volunteers his services without consideration of Kate.  Kate tells Maureen that she will be there as well.  Maureen and George shake hands reluctant to let go.  This was turning quickly into awkward morning for Kate.  Maureen leaves and George is still smitten by her.  The next day Kate and George goes to the Museum.  The Maltese Pigeon arrives in a moving truck.  The men take it out of the truck and move it into the building. Maureen scared that the men who were handling it would drop it takes over.  She places it on the stand.  After marveling at it Kate and George decides to leave and tell Maureen if she needs them to call them.  Later on, as the day at Mathnet was coming to a close George receives a call from Maureen. She tells him that the Pigeon is stolen.

At the crime scene, George question Sam who was guarding the room.  Sam tells George that no one could have entered the room.  Maureen protests that someone had to have entered and stole the bird.  Kate asks Maureen who could have stolen the bird. Maureen tell her that a man name Noel Sphinx and Japer Stoutman.  The two are desperate men that would stop at nothing to have the bird to themselves. Maureen also believes that it had to be them because they knew the true value of the bird.  At this point Steve comes in with a young boy who was snooping around the exhibition room.  Maureen knew the boy immediately.  The young boy’s name is Noel Sphinx Jr.  Noel tells them that he is continuing his father’s work.  Maureen tries to convince Noel to stop this quest.  Then her suspicion turns on Noel who she believes may have stolen it.  Noel tells her that he did not steal the bird.  Noel also tells them that Stoutman probably did it. Noel also tells them that he saw him pull off not too long ago and to make matters worse they have no way of tracking Stoutman, or do they?  Kate and George returns back to Mathnet to run a trace on the license number that Noel has given them.  Debbie tells them the address she has found by looking through the database of the “Department of Motor Vehicles”.   Kate and George along with Maureen go to the home of Jasper Stoutman.  They questioned Jasper about the bird.  Jaspers denies having the bird after Maureen confronted him about it. Jasper gets up to go to a meeting and tells them to search the house.  Maureen suspects that it is a meeting with Noel.  They search the house to avail and find nothing.  After, Kate and George drops off Maureen they head back Mathnet. The following morning, George receives a call from Jasper.  Jasper admits to George about having the bird but, now it is gone.

Kate and George returns to Jasper home to question him.  George tells him that he check all over the home looking for the bird and didn’t find it.  But, then again George didn’t think to open the book with the obvious writing title on it.  Maureen shows up for questioning. When ask about her whereabouts the previous night.  To George’s dismay Maureen went out with a guy friend to see Tchaikovsky’s “Peter and the Wolf “because it was raining.  The performance took place at the Hollywood bowl.  Steve brings in Noel who was sneaking around the house for questioning.  Noel tells them that the reason he was at Japer’s house was to confront him about the bird.  Kate asks Noel to come back to the station with them for further questioning.  Back at Mathnet, Noel admits to being an agent for the government of Malta.  His job like his father before him is to safely return the Maltese Pigeon back to Malta at all cost.  Noel also tells them that the reason why he didn’t let anybody know about his true Identity.  Noel tells them that He was scared that if they found out the thief would go back into hiding.  After he finishes the answering a couple of more questions Noel leaves. Noel tells them on his way out the door that “Peter and The wolf” was not written by Tchaikovsky it was written by Prokofiev.  A cast of doubt came into Kate and George’s mind about the true whereabouts of Maureen on the night the bird was stolen from Jasper.

George runs a background check via his wife Martha on the real author of “Peter and the Wolf”.  His wife tells him on the phone that the story was written by Prokofiev and also the background check on Noel turns out to be true. Noel is indeed a agent for the government of Malta. Debbie comes in with a report that Kate requested.  The report consisted of all the names that are in connection with the Maltese Pigeon.  Unfortunately, the only names that appeared were Jasper, Maureen and Noel. Debbie also tells them that she was going to see “Peter and the Wolf” But, it was postponed at the Hollywood bowl due to rain.  This puts a bigger hole in Maureen’s alibi.  Kate and George go to Maureen’s Catering Company and talks to a man named Arlie Rodin.  Arlie tells them that Maureen has sold the Catering Company.  Confused and Frustrated about what’s going on the team heads back to the crime scene to see if they are missing something.  What they find is that a heat lamp was placed over the stand where the Maltese Pigeon was sitting.

They return to Mathnet where Kate comes up with a plan that involves Noel Sphinx Jr.  The team stakeout Maureen’s home a few minutes later Maureen shows up.  Kate along with George goes to confront Maureen.  They go inside Kate sees Noel leaving with something that resemble Maltese Pigeon.  Kate goes after Noel while George is left behind with Maureen.  Maureen offers George something to drink and goes into the kitchen to fix it.  Maureen takes the real Maltese Pigeon just as she begins to Marvel at it.  George catches her; Maureen tries to convince George to join her.  She promises him that he will have half of the money.  George starts to channel Humphrey Bogart to trap Maureen and make her confess.  It seemed to have worked almost leaving George in permanent trance.  The Pigeon is safely return to Noel.

My Two Cents

If  there was a episode that closely resemble a soap opera this would be the one.  Seriously, the whole subplot of George falling head over heels for this woman is hilarious.  I guess the writers had forgotten that George is married for a split second.   I love shipping characters  in this episode  you have  two groups Kate/George and George/ Maureen.  The  Kate/George mainly place into the fact that Kate is slightly Jealous of George’s interactions with Maureen.   We see her mainly rolling her eyes at Maureen.  All the while George is oblivious to Kate’s reaction.   There is one scene where George is letting Maureen out the car and soon after he forgets Kate is still in the back so she has two let herself out.   George/ Maureen they seem to really like each other to the point that Maureen asked him to leave with her.   This is why I love the episode it doesn’t feel like a kid series at all.


Kate:  This is Maureen!

George:  Oh Really!

Maureen: No,  O’ Reilly

Sam: His name is..

Maureen: Noel Sphinx

Noel:  Junior

George: So this then means He has a father.

Noel: That was my father he died on his quest.

Maureen:  I am terribly sorry.

George:  My brother had a 72 quest  got bad mileage but, said it handle well.

Next Time 

On that very backward note. We leave the world of  dangerous jewelry to get acquainted with The Despair Diamond.  The season finale and the only episode that has a sequel.