Season One: Episode Seven

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In this episode,  We find out that diamonds are forever and cursed.  We also find out that you can’t always have it your way. Especially with a Hamburger made of oak.


Mrs.  Ballpeen calls upon Mathnet to find her missing husband.  But, that is not all that is missing when a cursed diamond is stolen from a eccentric millionaire.



Business as usual at Mathnet Headquarters until George receives a call from a woman who is claiming that her husband has been kidnapped.  They arrive at the home of Beulah Ballpeen, a recently married housewife.  Kate asks her if they had left a ransom behind.  Mrs. Ballpeen tells her yes and gives Kate the note.  The note says that they will return him when they are finish with him when he is finish using his special set of skills.  Mrs. Ballpeen said that she did notice that his car was gone. Kate asks if she remembered the driver’s license of the car.  George asks her can she remember anything about the car.  After a long memory jogging session, Kate and George returns to the lab to have Debbie run the information through the “Department of Motor Vehicles”.  Debbie tells them since the information is so broad it will take weeks to get the result not to mention the mistakes.  Debbie asks them about the special set of skills.  Kate tells her that they got side track with the car.  Kate and George decides to go back to ask about the skills.  The phone rings, George answers it.  It’s someone from the estate of Olsen Charles Kane.  They are having a problem moving an oak hamburger.   They ask Debbie to follow up with Mrs. Ballpeen.  Some minutes later they arrive at the estate where a big oak hamburger is awaiting them.  They are greeted by Kane’s valet Hives Bottomly. Hives ask them to calculate the weight so it can be place in Kane’s Museum.  They head back to Mathnet to calculate the measurements needed.  Kate called Hives to report the results.  The next day Kate comes into the office while George was out getting a half of cup of coffee. Debbie is who talked to Mrs. Ballpeen was given an album showing off Mr. Ballpeen special skills.  George comes in and asks about the APB; Debbie tells him that no words have come back yet.  George receives a phone call from Olsen Kane calls he tells George that “The Despair Diamond” has been stolen.  Kate and George head to the estate once there Olsen tells them that he never request the oak hamburger.  George inspects the hamburger closely and finds a secret compartment inside that is big enough to hide a human.

The next day Kate goes over the history of “The Despair Diamond”.  The diamond has been cursed for over 100 years and the owners have all had bad luck associated with it.  George pulls out cloth he has found at the crime scene.  The cloth has the word “ace “imprinted on it.   They go over a list of companies that have “ace” in their names. Until, they come to “Ace Balloon Rental Company”.  George tells Kate there could be a possibility that that’s how the thief escaped.  They pay a visit to the company and talk with Amelia Airlive. She tells them that no one of recent has rented a balloon from her company.  Amelia gives George a pamphlet and proceeds to go over how to set up a hot air balloon.  They found out that if the person tries to use a hot air balloon to escape; it would have alerted the guards because of how noisy it is.  Back at the headquarters,  George reads over the pamphlet Amelia has given him.  George notices a different type of balloon one that used helium.  George calls Amelia to find out if the helium ones are quieter.  Meanwhile Kate calls Debbie to get a weather report for the night of the robbery.  George gets off the phone with Amelia. He says the Helium ones are quieter.  Debbie comes in and they go over the report.  They found that the wind was 15 miles per hour enough to carry the balloon for a couple of days.  Amelia calls the headquarters and tells them that a balloon was found and that it was indeed hers.  It was and older balloon that was cut up into pieces and have been alter and it was abandon.

The next day Debbie comes in to report that Mr. Ballpeen has returned home.  Kate and George go to Mr. Ballpeen home to questioning him about his experience with the kidnapping. Mr. Ballpeen tells them that they wanted him to cut the diamond into seven pieces and then they released him.   He spent the next few days hiking back home.  Mr. Ballpeen tells them that he has a party to start planning for that night.   Back at Kane’s Estate Kate and George tells Olsen that his diamond was cut up into seven pieces.  Kate also tells him that because it was cut it will make it hard for them to trace it.  Olsen was not happy with this news and asks them to leave.  Outside the estate, George realized that Mr. Ballpeen was using Helium for the balloons that were for his party.

They return to headquarter to go over some facts about the case.  They come to the conclusion that Mr. Ballpeen story do not add up.   At, Mr. Ballpeen’s home Kate and George is greeted by Mrs. Ballpeen who fixes them some coffee.  George tells her to fix him just half a cup of coffee.  They confront him in his work room.   George notice diagrams of a diamond around his work space.  Mrs.Ballpeen comes in with the coffee. While Mr. Ballpeen slips the diamond into a cup of coffee.  Mr. Ballpeen entertains Kate and George with some cards tricks.  Until, George grabs a cup of coffee and notice that his coffee is full.  As he looks into the cup he sees the diamond and pulls it out.

My Two Cents

This was as pretty decent episode.   The under indulgence thing with George was kind of weak.   We are at (technically) the season finale of season one.  I think the whole thing just was used as way to get the diamond back.  It’s not one of my favorite episode.  I liked the second one better it had more depth to it, literally.

Companion Episode

George and Pat  plays  house to  protect the despair diamond from a handsome and charming thief who has the hots for Pat.  In this season four episode.

Next Time

We leave the world of cursed diamond to talking parrot with money and Kate’s new hair color.  This can only mean one thing we are now in one of the best seasons in Mathnet long but short history. That’s  right things are about to get a little  two real for Kate and George  in Season Two.