Season Two: Episode one

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In this episode  we learn that hunted mansion are real and Parrot’s with money is actually cool.  Side note:  This episode cannot be fully summarized due to limited resource.


Kate and George is called upon to investigate a hunted mansion who belong to Vaudeville and film legend Roscoe “Fatty” Tissue.

Summary ( taken from The Square One Television. Org)

A boy asks the Mathnetters to investigate a haunted mansion. Walter Treppling claims that he’s been hearing eerie moans coming from the mansion of his deceased friend, vaudeville and film star Roscoe “Fatty” Tissue, which is now owned by his talking parrot Little Louie. They assume it’s the wind, but the moans are heard even when the air is still. They find Norman Tedge hiding in an upstairs room making the noises and trying to find Tissue’s fortune. Little Louie keeps reciting “1, 1, 2, 3,” the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence, but the Mathnetters don’t catch on to it until Louie hides in the mansion’s gardens and reveals himself when they call out the sequence. This part of the sequence is represented on a painting in the mansion, and is the combination to the safe behind it. They find a tape recorder there,which leads them to a complicated Fibonacci-like tile pattern behind Tissue’s rose bushes. Little Louie turns up missing again, and after checking bird shops and taxidermists, he is found in Norman Tedge’s apartment. Meanwhile, George and Walter figure out the pattern by using modular arithmetic on Fibonacci’s sequence, and they all leave to see what’s behind the single incorrect tile on the wall.

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In this explosive episode,  Can Kate control her ego while trying to get to the bottom of  a spree of stolen vehicles? Meanwhile, George  life is put in danger when a plan goes horribly wrong.