Season Two: Episode Two 

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In this episode,  We learn that cases can be solve within two days and we also learn that George and Kate is not Fred and Ginger.


The robbery division ask for Kate and George help in trying find out why 20,000 car has been reported stolen within two month time frame.


Kate comes in to find George not in the office.  George comes in a few minutes later. George tells Kate that he can’t dance.  He also tells her that he took a dance lesson in attempt to learn how to dance for Martha.  George’s reason for taking the dance class is he doesn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of his wife on Wednesday night.  Kate offers to teach him some dance steps which created an awkward moment when Sgt. Bill Dietrich shows up.  Bill asks them to help with trying to figure out why there is an increase of cars being stolen in the last two months.  George and Kate go to see Debbie; they ask her to go over all the reports to find a pattern.  At this point, Debbie receives a phone call from Bill.  Bill wants Kate and George to meet him outside.  Once out there, Bill tells them that his car has been stolen.

George points out that Bill parked in a no parking zone.  Feeling slightly embarrassed Bill goes with George and Kate to the Impound.  While at the impound they meet a young teen named Li So.  Li so car was towed away by the LAPD.  Li said that it was her mother’s car and to make matters worse the police impound did not have any record of her car being towed. Li thinks otherwise and still believes that it is there.   George offers to help her find her mom’s car.  Back at the station, Li tells them the number of the tow truck.   Kate calls the impound they tell her that there is no tow truck by that number.  George reassures Li that they will find the car Li leaves the office.  A few minutes later Debbie comes into to go over some of the patterns she has found.  Debbie tells them that there is a huge increase of cars stolen day between 8-4.  She also tells them that they are stolen during the week not the weekend.  But, the bigger problem is that the total number of cars that have been stolen is 20,000 in the past 2 months with no record of recovery.

The next morning, Kate comes into find George using a dance mat to practice.  Li so comes in soon after to tell them that the tow truck number was misread due to the glare of the sun.  Kate checks the new number with the impound division.  They tell Kate that there is a tow truck with that number but it was in the shop that day for repairs. Disappointed with this information Li leaves.  George makes a hypothesis that the cars that are being taken is probably being sold to the car dealerships.  Kate suggests they check out the popular dealership called Art Fraud motors.  Kate and George perform the commercial creating another awkward moment for Debbie when she walks in.  Debbie tells them that the cars that are being stolen are models that are before 75 and after 84.  Kate and George pay a visit to Art Fraud motors.  They speak to the owner, Art Fraud himself.  Art tries to get fresh with Kate but it fails. They question him; Art tells them that there have been more buyers than sellers.  They also ask him about the type cars that were sold before 75 and after 84.  He tells them that they are heavier in weight.   Back at the station, Li returns to see if there was any new information.  Debbie comes into the office; George believes that a rogue cop might be involved.  Debbie tells him that she has run a background check on the people who worked at the police impound it came back clean.  Believing that this tow truck company is a separate company from the ones at LAPD impound.  Kate comes up with a plan involving all the tow trucks to be pulled off the streets for that day and the next.  Kate believes that if the trucks are with another company they would be able to catch them in the act.  The gang plays a session of “what do we know? “.   Steve calls in to tell Kate that they have spotted a LAPD tow truck pulling a limo.  Li asks to go with them but instead George tells her that they will drop her off at home.  As they were driving Li home, the tow truck that Steve reported to Kate earlier drives past them. George decides to follow it.

The chase leads them into stale traffic and the tow truck get away.  They decide to check the local airport where they find out that there were a few limos towed away from them recently.  Kate sets a trap involving a rental car and George being hidden in the back with only a homing device.  Steve and Sam is position to follow the rented car if it is tow away.  Kate heads back to the Station where Li is waiting on her.  Debbie comes in and tells them that the cars were being used to sell scrap metal and the heavier the car the more money they would bring in. Debbie also tells them about the crusher they used on the cars.   Steve calls in and tells them that the rental car is being towed.  But, the plan starts to take a deadly turn when Steve is unable to leave the garage due to a stale car.  Kate along with Debbie and Li goes to track down the tow truck.  They eventually follow it to a junkyard.   Where the rental car that George was in was being put into the crusher.  Kate, Debbie and Li get out and try to find a way into the junkyard.  Once in Kate watches helplessly as the crusher comes down on the car.  After crusher complete its round.  Kate goes over to pick up the license tag realizing that George is dead (or so she thinks).   A minute later, George comes out with the criminal. He tells Kate that once he found out what was in store for the car.  He got out.  Steve and Sam take the criminal away and Li finds her mother’s car in the junkyard.

My Two Cents 

If there was any episode where you wanted to tell Kate to slow her roll.  This would be the one.   This woman has abundance for self-confidence and  power that it makes you question her actions later on.   I mean how can she get the chief to agree to take all the tow trucks off the roads, even the ones that are not affiliated with LAPD.     I like this episode mainly because it brings Kate down a peg and it shows how far she would go to solve a case.  Poor George,  He was almost killed in the episode and probably had a near death experience  as well.    I found this episode pretty dark near the end of a kid shows and I bet there was alot children closing there eyes when that crusher came down on the car .

Next Time

George stops at nothing to get to  the bottom of why his favorite television show was on unjustifiably canceled.