Season Two: Episode Three 

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In this Episode,  George turns into a crazy, fanatic fan when one of his beloved television shows is taken off the air for no reason. We also get bored when we are taught random sampling threw the process of counting jelly beans.


George tries to get down to the bottom of why his favorite show “The Mike Pliers Show” was cancelled.


Kate comes into work where she is meet with a very disgruntle George.  George who is upset about his favorite television series called “The Mike Pliers Show” being cancelled.  George tells Kate that for the first time in life he made a fan call to The President of The Mike Pliers Fanclub and to Mike Pliers himself.  George tells Kate that they are meeting him in the office at any minute.  A call comes in they have arrived, Mike Pilers and the president of the fanclub Gerri Lynn comes into the office.  After awkward moment of silence Mike asks for the reason he was called down to the office.  George tells him that he want to know the reason why Ding Dong Broadcasting cancelled the series and then He wants it put back on the air.   Gerri tells them that they have been sending letters to the broadcasting station but, they have been ignoring them. Kate then ask mike what was the main reason behind the cancelation.  Mike tells them it was because of the ratings.  George tells them that it is impossible because it was popular.  George is surprised by the fact that Mike is taking the cancelation well. Mike tells him that he has accepted as part of the breaks.  Mike admitted that he was surprised at the fact within a two weeks period the ratings took a steep dive.  The management at Ding Dong Broadcasting said that his series was during fine. But, within two weeks the ratings started to decline and The Vicious Vinny show took his place.  Gerri wants to know who dictate what people watches.  Kate explains the function of the hoover rating service.  She tells her that they take a sample from a small group of people who watches television to decide what people are watching.  George goes on to explain random sampling. Mike gets a phone call telling him to get the rest of his stuff from the dressing room.

The next morning Kate tells George that she watched “The Vicious Vinny Show” she thought it was bad.  George tells her that he has arranged a meeting with the super secretive Hoover Rating Service.  They call the office to tell him that it will be at 10:30 that morning.  They leave to pick up Gerri Lynn while on the way to the Hoover Rating Service.  After a series of Security checks they meet with a representative name Wellworth Watching.  George asks to go over their way of sampling.  Wellworth go over their process of sampling using jellybeans.  Back at the Station, a call comes into have a secret meeting with Mr. Hoover.  Kate tells George that that Mr. Hoover believes that someone broke into his computer system and tampered with the ratings.

In an unknown garage they meet with the mysterious Mr. Hoover.  Mr. Hoover wanted them to review the data to see if it was tampered with and it happen 24 days ago.  The reason that he didn’t tell anyone is because He figured that he could figure out himself.  He gives them a box of record to go through to see if anything unusual can be found. He also tells them that only a select group of people had access to the password for the computer.   Back at the office they ask Debbie to help them analyze the records.  Meanwhile Kate and George interview the people who knew the password.  So far all the ones they interviewed had an alibi for the night in question. Since it was getting late in the night they decided to call it a night.  The next day Kate and George arrives at the same time to work.   They immediately go to Debbie office.  Debbie goes over what she has found.  Debbie found that the Vicious Vinny show, had increase in the rating around the time The Mike Pliers show decreased in ratings. Debbie also tells them that this happens around the same time the computer was broken into.

A call comes into meet with Mr. Hoover.  Kate asks Debbie to go and meet with Mr. Hoover and that they will be on after meet with the chief. At, the garage Debbie was finishing up going over her finding with Mr. Hoover.  Kate and George shows and Debbie tells them that 20% of the audience for Vicious Vinny is made up of people 50 and over.  Kate asks Mr. Hoover is there anyway that the person who broke into the computer could have gotten to the viewer used in the sampling.  Mr. Hoover tells them that they have installed a box in each of the sample homes.  The box is hook up to the computer system to when the television is on and what channel it is on.  George asks Mr. Hoover for a list of the families involved in the sampling. Mr. Hoover is reluctant to give away the names until Kate convinces him to.  They leave to interview the families most did not watched Vicious Vinny and was watching another show at that time. They finally arrived at the home of Myrna Breckenspan, she tells them that she has never watched “The Vicious Vinny Show” and that she used to watch “The Mike Pilers Show” until it went off the air.  Myrna also tells them that she is being harassed by one of Hoover’s Representative. George asks her to describe the person. After she is finished, George ask to see her television set.  George finds that Myrna’s television set has been tampered with and the ratings could have been altered.

Back at the office George receives a call from Martha asking him to ask Kate to dinner.  Kate accepts the invitation to Martha’s meatloaf with tomato surprise.  They go over the case and find out that none of the 8 families interviewed was watching Vicious Vinny.  George tells Kate that he has asked Sgt. Picasso to do a composite sketch using the information that Myrna has given him.  Kate had also asked Debbie to check the box from Myrna’s home.  Mike comes in with the composite sketch.  A short while afterwards Debbie comes in with the box.  She tells them that the electronic box has been rig to tune in to Vicious Vinny.  Kate goes over and fiddles with the composite sketch. Kate notice that the drawing looked like Wellworth Watching.  Kate and George along with Mike go to question Wellworth at his home. Meanwhile, Debbie goes to check the rest of the boxes taken from the sample families.  Kate and George along with Mike arrive at Wellworth home.  A nosy neighbor who also is a brain surgeon tells them that Wellworth is never at home around this time.  They go back to the lab; Debbie tells them that all the boxes are turned to Vicious Vinny.  Kate decides to pay the Vicious Vinny a visit.  Kate, George and Mike sneaks into the studio.  They all watched the horrible show for a minute until George is unable to control his temper runs over to the stage and attacks Vicious Vinny.   It is revealed that Wellworth is Vicious Vinny and it was all a scheme to get back at Ding Dong Broadcasting for canceling his show called “Add Them Up”.  As a result Mike get his show back.

My Two Cents

George has some serious issues. But, I love him he is a great character.    I wished that I could have been as off the wall as George maybe Mathnet would have been still on the air. It is the first time we really see George get passionate about something. The only other time we this is in the last season episode called “The case of The Bermuda Triangle”.   Dick Sargent was in this episode which was great.    I did find it odd that Kate and George appeared at the same time at work.  I believe that someone spent the night and sleep on the couch because it was to late to go home. Just saying!


George:  Well am not! when it comes to the important issues people have to stand up Kate!

Kate: George sit down!

George: (Sits down in his chair) and be counted!

Next time

Kate is laid up in her apartment with a bum knee spending much of  her time spying on her neighbor.  Meanwhile, George files solo as he plays a game of Cat and Mouse with  a bank pranker.