Season Two: Episode Five 

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In this Episode,  we learn about the radio business in a way that you don’t want learn about the radio business.


George and Kate investigates a series of robberies involving masked man who talk like a duck.


Kate comes into find George looking for his pencil under the desk.   In one of those moment where this can be easily answered in one word “Totally oblivious to anyone other than himself” (okay that’s more than one word.) Kate asks George “Why do you never ask me about my weekends, I ask you about yours?”  George apologizes and asks her about her weekends. George apologizes and asks her about her weekend.  Then he tells her about his trip to Disneyland and his amazement at someone wearing the Mickey Mouse costume for 50 years.  Bill drops by from the robbery division.   Kate tells George that the robbery division is short hand and they need their help.  Bill tells them there has been a series of holed up in the valley and there seems to be a pattern.  About three weeks ago somebody robbed three saw-dust burgers restaurant. Two weeks ago they robbed five hair salons and last week a chain of 10 to 4 stores was robbed.  Bill came to see them in hopes they would figure out if the robberies are somehow related to each other.  The phone rings, a robbery is reported by a gas station manager. George and Kate go to the crime scene. They interview a man named Boist Choice after a series of questions. Boist tells them that the robber spoke like a duck.

The next day Kate comes in to find Debbie and George laughing.  Debbie tells Kate that George was just asking about her weekend.  Kate starts to turn it into an awkward situation between Debbie and George and becomes slightly jealous.  Debbie quickly turns it around by saying they were looking into the robberies and she found that it was massive and that the total amount adds up to 100,000.  It seems like they robbed one type of store then move on to another type.  Kate asks Debbie to build up a database form the robbery reports.  Debbie leaves the room. Kate tells George that if it is one person they can expect another robbery.  Kate tells George that if it is one person they can expect another robbery. George tells Kate there were two in the valley that wasn’t robbed yet and they should stake them out.  Sam and Steve was assign to the Pasadena one and Kate and George went to the one that I can’t pronounce nor write.  While on stakeout, George and Kate notice two men in the middle of an argument.  Kate and George go over their believing that they have found the robber.  But, quickly found that the man wanted know more then to borrow a jackhammer.  Sam calls in on the radio he tells them that another 10-4 store has been robbed by a man who talks like a duck.

Back at the station, Kate talks to an angry chief.  The chief is not happy with the latest developments and wants the case to be solved.  Debbie comes in with the latest information she has found.   She found a pattern involving specific times the robberies occurred.  Kate still does not understand what all of it means.  Debbie tells them that they have to be more specific to get the results they want.  Debbie goes on to tell them that most of the victims with the exception of three identified the robber talking like a duck. Kate and George play a round of “What do we know?”  Debbie leaves to compile a more specific list.  Kate and George go over the locations of the robberies.  George wonders why only certain stores were being robbed and not the other stores.  While George tries to figure out a pattern, Kate leaves to speak with an actor union.  Kate talks to the representative she finds out that there are a lot of actors who can talk like a duck.  Kate goes back to the lab to speak with Debbie finds that each store shared the same uniform place and Coffee Vendor in the valley.   Kate does a follow-up with “Stay-Pressed Uni” she finds out that it is the only uniform company servicing the area.   George comes into the lab, Debbie goes over her findings.  She tells them that the stores that were robbed all advertise on “The Byle Dupe Show” and the stores pulled their advertisement before they were robbed.

George and Kate pay Byle Dupe a visit at K-Yuke.  He tells them that the stores who pulled out there ads where worms and the reason they pulled out was because he was too controversial. Kate believes that a man with his attitude would want to get back at them. Byle tell them that he was on the air during the time of the robberies.  George asks him how is know what time the robberies occurred?  Byle tells him that there has have been a robbery why else would they be here.  George and Kate start to get really suspicious after that.  Byle starts to insults them afterwards George and Kate leaves the room.  In the lobby, George notices the map on the wall it is the coverage area of the radio station.  It is similar to the robbery map.  The secretary gives George a map of the coverage area.  Kate ask her if Byle been away for the radio station at any time.  The receptionist says no Byle on leaves during his vacations to a bible retreat.  Kate and George returns to their office were Debbie come in and tell them that she has found something interesting that Byle used to be on a children’s show where he played a duck.

George notices something else on the map that there is a 10-4 store that hasn’t been robbed yet.  George is convinced that he has Byle, Kate doesn’t agree with that.  Bill comes trying see have they made any progressed.  Bill also tells them that he taped a segment for the 6’o clock news.  It dawns on George think that by prerecording his show Byle could have gotten away with it.   George calls the audio department and Kate arranges a stakeout with the manager of the 10-4 store.  At the store, George and Kate pose as store attendants. George turns on the radio to “The Byle Dupe Show” he realize that it is a repeat from last year.  Less than a second later Byle comes into robbed the store talking like a duck.  But, Kate and George trick him and Steve and Sam arrest him.  George ask him that why he talks like a duck. Byle tells him that his voice is so recognizable that he thought by changing it no one would know who he is.  Steve and Sam take him away.

My Two Cents

Its a decent episode. I like to consider this episode like a little break after the high intensity of the the other.  Still it seems like a common theme is to have Kate and George in life threatening position.  We start to in this episode a new phase in Kate and George relationship.   Kate wants George to know some part of her life.  When she confronts him about not asking her about her weekend.   A couple of scenes later we see her getting slightly jealous over his interaction with Debbie.  Which was interesting to see, Kate doesn’t strike me as a person to get jealous over little stuff.  But, like I mention earlier everything has changed.

Next Time

In this season finale, We leave the busy world of 10-4 stores to head out west to find buried treasure.