Season Two: Episode Four 

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In this high intense  episode,  We will learn that George is damn good detective. We will also see how far Kate paranoia will take her.


Kate is laid up with a bum knee for a week.  Meanwhile George with the help of Debbie engages in a cat and mouse game with a  bank prank.  But, What George comes to find out that an innocent series of Childish Pranks become a deadly game of revenge.


George arrives to work, His partner Kate Monday at home for a week due to a broken knee.   The only case George has been working on involves a series of harmless bank pranks.  George was still unsure about the motives behind the bank pranks.  As He comes into the office, the phone rings it is Kate. George tells Kate about Martha and him going to a costume party over the weekend. George asks Kate about how she hurt her knee. Kate refuses to tell him.  After talking with Kate, George plays a game called “What do I know?” until Debbie comes in.  George tells Debbie that five bank pranks have happen and none of them have made any sense. Debbie gives him a folder of important information that she has made to help him with the case. The phone ring and it is Kate, She asks for him to bring her model airplane.  George arrives at Kate’s apartment with flowers and the model airplane she requested.  As George sits down in the chair, He sits down on Kate’s Camera.  Kate tells him that she have just brought it as a hobby.  Kate and George go over Debbie’s information.  Debbie calls Kate’s apartment to inform George that another bank prank has happen and a man named Barney Woodward call about appointment at 11:30.  Kate figures out a pattern involving the assets of the banks that were prank.

George arrives at the office of infamous investigator reporter Barney Woodward.  Barney says that he had some information that could shed some light on the case.  Barney shows him a poem he received in the mail.  Barney tells him that he received them after every prank.  Finally he received another one today he figured by calling Mathnet, George could put a stop to it.  George tells him that the prank has already happened and if he receives another one of those poems to let him know.  George also requests the poems that Barney has received including the most recent one.  Back at the station, George comes in to a slew of messages from Kate.  A few minutes later, Debbie comes in and tells George that Kate has called.  Debbie tell him that Kate wanted her to get a list of the assets between 70-80 million and that might have an idea about the pattern.  Kate finally gets in contact with George.  There are 247 banks in the greater Los Angeles all of them could be the next victim.  Kate wants George to unrealistically stakeout all 247 banks or call of the managers at the banks.  George tells her in so many words that she has lost her mind.  George eventually tells her that she needs rest and that he can handle it.  George also tells Kate that he will come by later and help her with the model airplane. After the phone call end, Kate grabs her camera and starts to spy on her neighbor in the adjacent apartments.  George returns to the station to speak with Debbie.  Debbie found that after each prank, business went down for each bank.  A series of two calls comes in one from Barney who is waiting outside George’s office and another from Kate who say her neighbor has a bomb.

George along with Sam and Steve rushes to Kate’s apartment.  Kate tells them that she saw her neighbor Raymond Sticker is building a bomb using dynamite.  Kate tells Sam and Steve to go evaluate the adjacent buildings.  Kate insists that George goes over there and arrest him.  George looks over there with Kate’s Camera.  George sees Raymond putting up counterweights on his clock.  George tells her that she has been under a lot of stress. Debbie calls Kate’s apartment to tell George there has been another bank prank. He tells Kate that he will call her when he find out about the assets.  Everyone leave and Kate stares at her neighbor’s apartment.  The next morning George arrives at work, he has the newest poem on his desk.   Kate calls and asks about the assets and also to tell George that she has completed the model airplane.  George goes to see Debbie who has compiled a chart of the latest bank prank. The bank suffered a massive withdrawal of customers.  He asks Debbie to check and see where the customers are going to after they leave the banks. Maybe there is competitive bank that is trying to run these banks out of business. When George makes it back to the office Barney calls to see if George has received the latest poem. George goes over the 8 poems again to see if he has missed anything.  Until, he notice that they are written on deposit slips from the next banks to be pranked.  George decides to stakeout the safe enough bank.

The next day George comes into the office with a bag of produce (Don’t ask!).  Martha and Kate calls at the same time. Kate tells him that she might have found another pattern. George, Martha and Kate play phone tag for a bit.  Debbie comes in, George tells Kate and Debbie that about the deposit slips and he is planning on going undercover at The Safe Enough Bank.  At the bank, George poses as a loan officer when a time bomb of laughing gas is let loose inside the bank.  George goes over and grabs the laughing gas bomb and takes it back to the lab.  Debbie tell George that Kate had call and that all the banks that where pranked was owned by A. Holding Coe.  Debbie arranged for a meeting with A. Holding Coe for George.  Kate calls the lab, and tells Debbie that she has spotted another bomb and it is plastic.  George goes over to Kate’s apartment.  Kate tells George that she believes that Raymond is making a bomb using platique.  Kate tells George to take her broken clock to Raymond to get It fix and while try to find out what he is making.  George goes over and talks to Raymond. He returns to the apartment, George tells her that he has found nothing. George leaves the apartment. Kate looks over at Raymond’s apartment and he is staring at her.

George meets with a holding Coe to see if anyone wanted to do this to him.   He tells George no and that every bank have disgruntled employees.  A holding Coe tells George that his must leave for a celebration at his first bank.  George returns to find Barney and Debbie waiting for him in his office.  Barney shows him the latest poem.  They figured out that the next bank is the same one that A. Holding Coe is having the celebration at.  Just before George could run out of his office, Kate call saying that Raymond has rigged dynamite to her clock and is bring it over.  George and Kate have a heated argument.  George leaves to stop the bank prank.   At, the bank George runs into Raymond who is leaving out.  He goes over to the grandfather clock.  George notice that it the bust on top of the clock is the same one found in Raymond’s apartment.   He has Steve and Sam to catch Raymond while he evaluates the building.  He proceeds to disarm the bomb.  When Raymond comes back in and is arrested he tells George that he has one more boom.  George realizes that Kate’s life is in danger and leaves to save her.  Meanwhile at Kate’s apartment, she is tied up to her wheelchair and bomb that is rig to the door.  George arrives in a nick of time to save Kate by using her model airplane she created to knock down the bomb.  Creating enough slack to let George in and disarmed the bomb with 1 minute to spare.

 My Two Cents

Where can I start?   This one of my all time favorites ! It shows a different side of  George and Kate relationship.   Because, Kate suffers for being a workaholic and also her increasing paranoia.  It allowed us to see a  vulnerability  to her.  Kate is not in control.   This is also the first time we see George taken center stage.  We see him as more than a goofy odd ball character.   He actually proves his detective skills and shows off  some of his hidden abilities.   Also if you are a Kate/George shipper, you will see how loyal George is to Kate to the point he would risk his life for her.   The whole dynamic of their relationship has change because of the events that happen in this episode and  I have feeling the writers did as well.

Next Time

George and Kate investigates a string of robberies involving a masked man who sounds like a duck.