Season Two:  Episode Six 

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In this heart pounding season finale.  We head out west to find buried gold. While learning that George singing can be dangerous.


A young boy named Bronco ask George and Kate to help him decipher a centuries old map to find buried gold in the old west.


Kate comes in to George working on a crossword puzzle.  The phone rings someone named Bronco Guillermo Gomez is want to see them.  The young boy enters the office; Bronco introduces himself to George and Kate.  Bronco asks them for their help in find something.  Bronco goes on to tell them the story about Saddlesore Capone and how he hid his gold.  Kate and George calculate how much the gold is worth today.  Bronco knows where it is and shows them the map to the gold.  Bronco found the location by using the reflection on his canister.  But, there is one problem he does not know the exact spot within the location.  They decide to help Bronco.  The first thing they did was drop by Bronco’s parents’ house to ask for permission and His bedroll.  The amazingly lets him go with Kate and George, They also warned them about Bronco’s obsession with the gold.   Still unclear about the accuracy of Bronco’s map that he made.  They drop by a library that is located 20 miles away from their destination a ghost town named Mulch Gulch.   At the library, they are greeted by a librarian named Mr. Mutard.  George asks him for access to the archives of Mulch Gulch.  Mr. Mutard explains the complicated system of the Dewey Decimal system.  Mr. Mutard helps them finds the book they need.   Bronco tells Kate and George the only way to access Mulch Gulch is by horseback.  George makes a confession about horses hating him.  As they leave out of the library Mr. Mutard warns them about a man named Ronald.

They have arrived at Mulch Gulch at night.  In light of the fact that it was in the middle of the night, they decided to call it a night.   They set up a campsite on the outskirts of town.  Bronco and Kate tries to settle down for the night.  George provides some entertainment of them with a rather disturbing song about blood. When a blessing in disguise or not happens in the form of gunshots coming from the town.  Kate, George and Bronco decide to take a chance and check it out.   When they arrive back in the town they notice that the local saloon is active with lights on.   They start to head over there as George and Kate enters the saloon but the light quickly shuts off as if nothing happen.  Kate and Bronco leaves heads back to the campsite with George following behind them.  Kate and Bronco bedroll has been stolen except for George.  Kate believes that someone is trying to scare them away.

The next day the gang returns to town in hopes of finding out what happen last night.   Someone starts to shoot at them George scarred starts to run but trips over something in the ground.  Kate and Bronco rush over to help George.  Kate notices an electrical cord at the bottom of George’s foot.  Kate follows it to the local saloon where they meet Scappy.  Scappy rig the saloon to scare visitors away from the town.  His reason being is that he simply hates being near people.  During his conversation with them Scappy has a change of heart and wants to help them find the gold.  The team heads off to the location through the process of triangulation they are able to find the exact spot that is located on the map.  They start to dig and finally find a treasure chest.  George opens it and finds yet another map.

Later the same day, George reads the newly discovered map.  The map reads “C Myer” on it.  Kate and George try to decipher what it could possible means.  George decides to check the books that got from the library, Kate checks the local register of deeds and newspapers, and Bronco and Scappy goes to boot hill to look at graves.  After finding nothing in the books relating to C. Myer he returns to Kate.  George decides to leave town to use a pay phone to call Mr. Mutard to see if he has any information.  Bronco and Scappy returns without finding anything. Kate decides to call it quits after coming to a dead end.  Meanwhile, at the phone booth George talks to Mr. Mutard.  Mr. Mutard tells him that he is unable to find anything on that name.  George return to the town unable to find any new information.  Scappy decides to leave and return to his camp.  The remaining three goes over the map when, Bronco comes to the conclusion that the “C. Myer” might mean “See Mirror” they go over the mirror.  The reflection matches the map and it reveals a new phase “Hex marks the spot” which is the new digging spot.

By using triangulation they were able to find the exact spot to dig.  George and Bronco starts to dig and pulls out another treasure this time it was the gold.  The celebration is quickly dashed when Mr. Mutard decides to show up and take the money.  Kate and George are not armed so they were easily tied up with Bronco.  Mr. Mutard starts to contemplate what to do with them; He is then confronted by another man with a gun.  It is Scappy who apparently have been following them all along.  Kate, George and Bronco are untied.  Kate and George arrest Mr. Mutard with the help of Scappy.  Bronco gets his gold and the day is saved.

My Two Cents

This was a very exciting episode.  I especially liked the fact that it was set in the ghost town of the west.  With all that said there was something that was a little far fetch especially when it came to Bronco.   Either these parents  was tired of him or the trust level was way up.  Maybe its just me and the world I live in but, I wouldn’t feel comfortable in allowing my child at that age to go with two total strangers unless I was with them.  The parents really took a leap of faith with Kate and George taking over guardian role.   Bronco seems to be very intelligent for his age and mature.   I also liked the scene in which they were in the dirt for most of it and somehow the next scene they are  clean.  I am not going there with the hygiene issues and you know there was no…..okay I will stop.  But, then again the shipper side of me liked that.   All in All it was a great season finale.


Bronco:  It’s so dark  I can barely see my face.

George:  Maybe it’s not your face !

Next time

We are now at the half way mark of the series and sadly we are now in Kate’s final season.  But, that is on the back burner.  In this next episode we battle big hair and a earthquake. When Kate and George goes up against a cunning  psychic who can predict the weather.  Also, It has a ender that will change Kate and George lives forever.