Season Three: Episode One 

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In this season opener we fight against Kate’s big hair and odd placed makeup.  While trying to figure why this episode looks strange.


Kate and George face off against a Psychic that can predicts earthquakes and earthquake accessories.


Another regular day at Mathnet, Kate comes in with a new look and chats it up with George.  George asks her if she has heard of the psychic that has been in the newspapers lately.  George tells her about the prediction the psychic has made in the past.  Kate is skeptical about the psychic.  George tells her that the psychic actually predicted last night’s earthquake. The psychic’s name is Sybil Divine. Kate and George watch her on a talk show.  Kate believes that Sybil is a scammer.  They go over the probability of the accuracy of predicting another earthquake.  Asst. Chief Rosa Morales comes in, she want them to find out how Sybil is making those predictions and how accurate the predictions are.  Kate and George decide to get some background information on earthquakes.  They arrange a meeting with Dr.  Milton Miyasaki, but is sidetrack by Kate being hungry.  They stop at a local diner where George explains earthquake shifts using Kate’s hamburger.  Unable to finish her meal they decided to head over to the scientist building.  They talk with Dr. Miyasaki goes over how they track earthquakes and measure them.  After talking with him, they go back to the car where they receive a call on the CB radio.  They have a appointment to see Sybil at the press conference.

The next day George is playing with his seismograph a gift that Martha gave him on their sixth anniversary.  They go over The San Andreas Fault line and the probability of getting an accurate prediction.  They head off to the press conference where Sybil divine makes the claim that she will predict the smaller one for free and predict the next big earthquake for 10 million.  The major is thunderstruck by the claim.   After this drama Queen Sybil faints and the building starts to shake violently.

Mayor Quale calls Rosa, Kate and George into his office.  He feels that there is going to be a panic, if what happened there is release to the public.  If what happen there is released George and Kate tries to convince the major to whole off on giving Sybil his answer until 12’oclock tomorrow.  It would give them a chance to figure out what is going on.  Back at the office, they play “What do we know”.  Afterwards, George checks his Seismograph and finds out that there is no signs of an earthquake register on the device.   Kate checks to see if there was any construction going on in the area.  Debbie comes in, Kate wonders if there was any explosions being used George calls Sam and Steve to find out about it.  Debbie shows them an empty folder. She could not find any information on Sybil.  Debbie tells them about the place she used to work for.  The company has never heard of her, she only writes in through mail.  Debbie leave to look get information from the F.B.I.  Steve returns George phone call and tells him that he could not find anything.  Rosa comes in to a follow up; George reassures her that they will get to bottom of this and not to worry.  But, she tells them that she will worry about it and leaves the room.  Kate calls Dr. Miyasaki.  He tells them that there were no reported earthquakes in the area and city hall what the only building to shake.  Kate and George come to the realization that they are dealing with an earthquake that has never happened.

Kate and George meet with Sam and Steve at the diner.  Sam tells Kate that the maintenance man believes it was an earthquake at city hall.   Kate sends Steve and Sam to search City Hall. While her and George questions Sybil.  At Sybil’s apartment, Kate ask her about her background.  She tells them that her home is the universe.  George confuses the universe with the production studio which ticks Sybil off.  Kate asks her about her morals in using her powers for personal gain.  Sybil tells her that she is entitled to it after years of struggling on the streets.  George makes a wisecrack that sends Sybil over the edge. She asks them to leave.  Back at the office, Debbie comes in with the information she found with the F.B.I. on Sybil.  Sybil was a magician assistant who worked under the name if “Disappearing Wanda”.  Wanda along with the magician stole 50,000 from the circus company they worked for.  A week later they was caught and sent jail. During the past years Wanda was brought up on fraud and extortion charges 7 times but was never convicted. .  The phone rings, Kate picks up it is Steve wanting to meet with Fred C. Dobbs the maintenance man that works at City Hall on the roof.   Once there Fred tells them that He has found a vibration that is hooked up to a timer.  It is designed to test the stress on a building for earthquakes.  Fred goes on to tell them that it was not there on Monday.  Kate believes that it was put there in the middle of the night.  They return to the office and tell Debbie the story. George comes up with an ideal involving Sybil making on more prediction “To tell them the outcome of a game no one can possibly predicted.”

The next day at Major Quale office, George asks Sybil to make a prediction involving an upcoming college football game. The mayor tells her if she refuses to make the prediction the deal is off.  She writes the prediction on a piece of paper and George places it in the safe. .  They will keep the prediction in there until 6’oclock.  Kate and George returns to the office.  Kate is suspicious of George’s true intentions with the prediction.  He tells her that she should be more interested in sports.  Dick and Vern go over the scores, In George’s game Cal State won 24-21.  George tells Kate they have her and returns to city hall. Sybil believes that she has successfully predicted the outcome of the game.  Until, George tell her that is fake and that he ask some of his connections in the sport community to make up the score.  Kate and George also reveal her past as a magician assistant.  After a series of unique questioning, Sybil confesses and is taking away.  George and Kate high five each other but it is quickly interrupted when Rosa comes in with orders to go to New York City.  Kate and George boards a plane to New York to help out NYPD.

 My Two Cents

Okay, This is a very unique episode and my least favorite.  I couldn’t get into the earthquake thing.  It feels like it was rushed.  On top of that it also was filmed differently then all the other episodes so far.  Kate’s hair in this did not match any of the recaps openers.  Also the assistant chief  I didn’t care to much about.  The whole thing had a different feel to it.  It’s very hard to explain what direction they was going with this episode at the time.  Some people love this episode I just feel that it could have been done better.

Next Time

Kate and George arrives in New York City to go up against another Psychic that claims they can predict horse racing.  We also see what a date between George and Kate look like.