Season Three:  Episode Two

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In this episode,  Kate and George goes out for a night on the town! (or a date you decide) and we also learn that crossdressing doesn’t work for everyone.


Kate and George first assignment in “The Big Apple” is to investigate a series of scams involving retired lawyers.


It’s the first day in New York, Kate arrives at NYPD Headquarter. George is showing off his Fun Fur to Sgt.  Abruzzi.  George also so shows off fun far to Kate, Sgt. Abruzzi introduce himself to Kate.  A few minutes later their new boss Capt. Joe Greco who shows them to their new office.  They go over their new case involving four prominent people being scam by a swami.   Capt. Greco wishes them good luck and leaves the room.  The phone rings, George tries to assist a woman with a missing dog.  After the phone call, Kate tells George about the four victims they all have similarities.  The victims all received letters in the mail offering to tell them about a horse that is going to win in a race.  Benny comes into the office and introduces himself.  Benny is a “Taxi Driver” that is there to drive to Kate and George anywhere they need to go.  They decided to interview some of the victims.  Their first stop is at the home of F. Lee. Bully.  George asks him he sent a check to the Swami and He send the name of the horse.  The horse name is “why not”.   The reason why he put so much faith into the predictions is because the past predictions that the swami made has be correct.  Bully goes on to tell them that there is one thing that he wants is the return of his money.  Benny drives them to their next interview with a man named Ed Mire.  Ed has also suffered the same fate as the others.  They return to the office to go over the case they still cannot figure out a pattern until George notice something.  The victims all have a similar profession as a retired lawyer.  Kate points out that the fourth victim was a teacher this breaks the pattern.  Kate receives a phone call from Marvin Belly.  He arranges appointment to meet with them a 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.  Kate asks him about his profession is than hangs up.  Kate tells George about the appointment and that Morton Belly is a retired lawyer that teaches a class on law.

The next morning, they go to their 10’o clock appointment with Marvin Belly.  They arrive at Mr. Belly office.  Kate asks “What made him believe that they were good predictions?”  Mr. Belly gives Kate a file of prediction he had receive this past Wednesday.  They go over the folder Mr. Belly tells them that he wasn’t impress until the swami predicted the outcome of “The Scopes Case”.  The Scopes case was about a zookeeper giving a monkey mouthwash.  Mr. Belly started to believe the Swami and when the time came he sent a check for the races.  Mr. Belly gives them the P.O. Box number. Back at the office, George calls the other victims to see if their money was sent to same P.O. Box number.  Kate looked over the files to see if they have overlooked anything else.  George finishes up his call, He tells Kate that they all wrote checks to the Swami and they were all sent to P.O. Box 31313.  Kate tells them that all he prediction was mailed within New York City.  They decided to go to the post office to check on the number.  They find out a John Doe rented out the box number but, since then returned the box back to them. George asks them can the postal mistress could the letter be traced.  She tells him no.  They returned back to the office.  George tells Kate that none the extortion letters had stamps and they all went to the meter.  The meter number always has to be registered with the post office.

The next morning Kate comes in George tells Kate about his night at the theater and His plans to go back there tonight.  Kate asks “Do you want some company?”  George says “yes”. The phone rings, it is the post office doing a follow-up with George about the meters. George finds out they went through a company called “Interfacing Swine”. Kate calls the company; Benny comes in and tells George that he has had no luck on the race track. Meanwhile, on the phone, they tell Kate that the letter went through their meters but it is impossible to trace so many people.  Kate overhears Benny telling George about how he uses “The Racing Form” to get information the horses that are racing.  Kate hangs up and asks Benny to see if he can get a back issue that is talking about the beef stakes. Benny leaves the room to look for a copy.   A few minutes later Benny returns with a back issue that he found in his glove apartment.  Benny head out to a basketball game between The New York Nicks and The L.A. Laker.  Kate and Georges goes over the odds of the horses.  Kate calls “The Racing Form” to track down the winning horse.  She find out it is a Horse name “Gumlegs” won.  Kate calls Belmont Park to find out who was the person that won the winning money.  They figure that if the money that was won was big enough hit.  The person would have to sign a form with the IRS.  Kate finds out from the call that no one pick up the winnings yet.  Capt. Greco comes in with a list of the name of all the retired lawyers in the Manhattan area.  He also tells them that he did a random sample of 100 from the list and found that 19 % percent of them were contacted by The Swami.  He also found that when the number of letters goes up the number of people goes down.  Capt. Greco was able to contact all of them except one because his number was listed but, he was able to get the address.

They arrive at Mr. Percy Mason office.  He tells them that he once settled a divorce for a Mathematician. He goes onto tell them that he sent the money in for the tip but his horse was not able to race.  He went the bank to stop the check but, it was too late to cancel the check at the bank of Naomi.  George asks Mr. Mason of the check.  They decide to go to the Bank of Naomi and Have no luck there. They take a stroll around Central Park (Honestly I have no clue what’s going on with that).   They return to the office George suggest that a night out on the town will lift their sprits.  That night they go out to see “The Andersonville Trials”.  While waiting during intermission, George realizes something the play was getting a 50/50 review.  This could have also happen with The Swami and his predictions.  Victim that received the correct prediction went on to ask for the final tip.  While the others who didn’t receive the right prediction disregard as junk mail.  George wanted to return back to the office while Kate wanted to continue the night they had planned.  But, she reluctantly follows George back to the office.  Kate calls the lawyers that Capt. Greco had found for them.  The last letter each received has the wrong prediction.  Kate and George go over the events The Swami predicted.  For each event the number of letters that was sent out had to double.  George looks on his desk to find a message for Kate from a Homeward Dwidle.  The message was about a lady who just picked up the price winnings of 500,000 dollars ticket.  Kate and George decide to pay her a visit.  The arrived at the home of Elvira Elmira, they question her about the Swami.  Ms. Elmira denies knowing anything about The Swami and asks them to leave.  They take nice stroll around Central Park where they meet a boy who is selling pencils.  George offers to buy one for Kate.  The boy tells him that he is selling them for 50,000 each.   Kate realizes that the scam is not over and The Swami will be planning another call to Ms. Elmira.

The next day Kate and George tells Capt. Greco the news on Ms. Elmira.  Benny comes in and mess with George about the game.  The phone rings, Ms. Elmira has just received a phone call from The Swami. He plans to meet with her at 5 that evening.  They arrive at Ms. Elmira’s home.  Ms. Elmira apologizes for her behavior last night.  Kate and George devise a plan to trap The Swami.  George goes undercover as Ms. Elmira while Kate poses as the maid.  The Swami introduces himself as Swami River.  Swami makes an offer to George about a tip that is a sure win at the races. But, there is a catch to get this ticket it will cost 500,000 dollars. George does the exchange with Swami as he is fixing to leave out.  Kate stops him but, Swami has a gun and treating to shot them.  But, unbeknownst to him is that Benny is right behind him.  Benny reveals himself to Kate and George as a undercover cop.  Benny arrests Swami and the money is returned to Ms. Elmira.

My Two Cents

I am going to try not to get shippery with this one.  It was a great episode because we finally see the change that I have been talking about in the past episodes.   We meet some a  new team of characters which is good!   I love Benny, His character was armed.  Which was great to see and his character is a take charge character.  They who can get them out of  sticky situations.   Sgt. Abruzzi is just as inept as George is sometimes.  In later episodes we will see more of him.  Capt. Greco  a street wise captain who is involved with the cases.    This episode is probably best know of Kate and George night on the town.  It so strange in part four of this because there is a scene in which they suppose have went The Bank Of Naomi to check something.  It doesn’t show the bank it show them working though Central Park side by side.  It is so awkward to watch!  I do not know why this scene was put in.  Later, They are at the play and its intermission.  Kate does something that is so OOC ( Out of Character).  First all , We know that Kate is workaholic that established.  But, this episode when George decides to go back to the office. Kate is almost reluctant in going  back to the office.  She mention they was  going to go dancing  and go to Sardis’s.  She really was enjoying spending time with George.  Then the attempt to buy a pencil for Kate and Pencil was probably a rose.  There is one more moment near the end when Benny is taking them to Elvira Emira home.  When Benny ask them if they are paying attention to him?   It very possible something was going on and I know that one actor has debunked  and said that Kate was lonely.  But, I find that hard to believe because they have some tension between each other.  It was like the writers new about this pairing and decide to tease the Kate/George shippers out there with this. Okay, I have ramble on long enough

Next Time

Some crazy person took an axe gave the parking meter for 40 wracks… Meanwhile, George has to deal with a crazy person of his own when his apartment is robbed.