Season Three:  Episode Three 

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In this Episode,  We meet a woman who is the reincarnation of Lizzie Borden and learn that respecting the end two words of sentence can be fun and annoying.


A chain of  Parking Meter murders sends the Mathnet team on another cat and mouse chase through New York City.  Meanwhile, George’s apartment is robbed!


Kate comes into find George reading the newspaper (as usual).  George complains about the lack of funnies in the New York Time.  George (showing signs of acknowledgement that the world doesn’t always revolve around him.) brings up the past, particularly the time when Kate got mad at him for not asking her about her weekend.  George asks her about her weekend.  Kate tells him that it was “Peachy”.   George goes on to tell her about his weekend with Martha.  Capt. Greco come in and tells them that they are in the middle of a string of robberies involving the vandalism of Parking Meters.  There have been 200 robberies involving Parking Meters.  Capt. Greco gives them the robbery report they decided to check it out when Benny comes on them during the “synchronize calculator” thing.  Kate asks Benny could he give them a lift.  Benny says sure and starts to imitate them doing the “synchronize calculator” Kate and George is not amuse.  They arrive at the first set of parking meters where they speak with Fred Furd.   Fred is a retired manger of the New York Yankees.  He had woken up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a chainsaw.  He goes outside to find a man with a chainsaw cutting down a meter.  George asks him “Why he didn’t call the police?”  Fred thought it was not illegal to cut down parking meters.  George asks him for the license number, Fred did not get it.   Kate and George start to leave when George turns around and ask Fred about George Steinbrenner.  Fred has some very choice words about him.  George tells Fred that he have heard that about him.  Kate believes that this is a very bizarre case and requires more digging into it.  Back at the office, Kate talks to rather charming Lt. Frank Merriwell about parking meters.  Kate tells George that the parking meters does not whole a lot of money in them.  It also depends on the denomination of the coins.  Kate and George tries to calculate how much money is made from parking meters. George believes he has found a pattern and that the next target is located zone 113.  Kate and George decide to do night patrol of the area at night.  They head to Madison and 64th street where more parking meters have been vandalized.

The next day George has a call –in with DOT (Department of Transportation).  George shows Kate his new watch that he bought off a bootlegger.  The call from DOT comes in, George answer it.  George talks to DOT and then hangs up.  George tells Kate that the person is cutting down the meters when it is full.  Kate asks who would have the collection reports. George says there are people who work in collections.  Kate figures that the crime that is being committed is an inside job.  George tells Kate that he will have Sgt. York to run a background check on the people in Collections.  While Kate tries to find out when the next collections is schedule due.  George hands her the information.  Kate calls the captain gave her the go ahead to alert the people in the zones. They figure that this pattern couldn’t be beat.  George gets off the phone he tells her that Sgt. York will get back to them as quickly as he can.  The phone rings and George answers it. Martha calls George to tell him they were robbed while she was gone.  They also robbed 4 other apartments.  Kate and a very pissed off George heads to his apartment.  At George’s apartment Officer Krupke has George to signs some papers.  Kate wonders “Where Martha is?”  George tells her that a little robbery will not ruin Martha commitments to “The Save the Penguin”.  Meanwhile a reporter named Mike Malice who was worked for “The New York Pass” was checking things out.  George looks around to see what was taken when he find that his coin purse filled with valuable coins was taken.  Seeing this as a lead Mike leaves the room via the closet until George directs him out the correct door. Officer Krupke tells him that doorman spotted the person sending the stolen items down a laundry shoot and putting it into a blue van.   George ask why how the doorman came up with that idiotic conclusion.  Krupke tell them that the van had a sign on it saying van it was an appliance repair service so the doorman didn’t think much of it.  Krupke leaves the apartment.   Kate reassures George that they will find the crook who took his stuff.  The next day George makes the headlines because of his “Valuable coins” that was worth 1 million dollars.  Kate notices George damp shirt, George tells her that he didn’t have enough for the dryer.  George with Sgt. York all the backgrounds came back clean. Capt. Greco comes in someone knockout 300 meters in two zones with another schedule collection today.  Also, the collectors don’t know the schedule until the day of work.  The dispatch makes the schedule. Capt. Greco tells them that the dispatcher name is Edwin Moose.  Kate and George have Benny to tail Edwin Moose. George’s insurance adjuster comes in his name is Walter Premium.  He tells George that he not covered for insurance on his stolen items because they have depreciated overtime. Walter leaves and the phone rings George tells Kate that a man named Brons Moedock called and spotted the van and he has a description of the driver.

They visit a local dry cleaner to talk with Brons.  Brons tells him that he just finished reading the story about Robberies when a hour later the blue van shows.  A man comes out of the van and comes for change. Brons did not give him any change the man leaves the dry cleaner because he had forgotten he had change.   George asks Brons could he describe him.  Brons gives them a description of the guy.   The day Kate comes into finds Benny talking to George.  Benny has a report from him tailing Edwin Moose.  They go over what Edwin Moose there was nothing out of the ordinary.  They decided to visit Edwin Moose at his office.    Edwin set up the schedule and distributes them every morning.  George asks does he make the copies in his office.  Edwin tells him he makes his copies at Copy and Brew.  Edwin was just about to make the copies when Kate and George came in.  Kate asks could they tag alone and Edwin said yes.  They arrive at Copy and Brew where they meet Peter Pickwick.  He enjoys coping so much that he repeats himself.  As, Peter was finishing up Edwin’s copies George notices that the counter on the copier is 86 it is 87.  They leave and George tells Kate and Edwin about the extra copy. George believes that Peter Pickwick is the crook, is the crook (sorry).  So Kate puts a tail on him, puts a tail on him (Damn Peter Pickwick and his reparative words). They return back to the office, Kate calls Benny to set up a stakeout. George reads his messages. The van was spotted on W. 49th street at a coin dealer.  The man came in to do some business but when he leaves. He left two magnetic logos at the door.   They leave to tail Peter who heads to abandon building on his bicycle. Kate and George along with Benny apprehend Peter and find the parking meter along with the coins stolen. Benny arrests Peter.   Back at the office, George reads the newspaper when Kate comes in.  George tells her that Mike Malice printed that among the missing coin of 2 headed George Washington coin.  Kate wonders what made him think of that.  George smiles and tells her that he was putting Mike on.  Capt. Greco comes in and tells them that another parking meter has been knocked over.  He also believes that maybe they have gotten the wrong person.

They arrived at the scene of the crime to find the meter is busted open.  They also interview a young woman with a vivid imagination named Liza Borden.  Liza claims that the man pull up and took an axe gave parking meter forty wracks than left.  She gives them the license plate number.  They ran the number through the DMV.  They said that it was a blue van registered to the Ace Delivery Company.  They said that they would get back to them when they found something.  They visit the coin shop were they speak to Earnest Merchant. They show him the composite sketch of the man. Earnest identifies the man as the one that came in trying to pawn his coins. He told him that they were no value and He left.  Earnest tells George that he did leave a coin purse.  The coin purse had the initials G.E.F. inscribed on it.   Earnest give the coin purse to George.  They head back to the office, once there they review the new map that shows the routes of Ace Delivery Service driver Barney Oldmeal.  They check the recent strings of parking meter that has been hit. There was another robbery at a Chinese restaurant. They interview a woman name Siree. She tells them that a man came in and just wanted to look in her register and then left.  George and Kate realize that Barney was trying to find the double headed George Washington coin.

Back at the office, Benny, George, and Kate play “What do we know?”  Kate asks Benny to take the artist sketch to Liza and Siree to have them ID it.  Benny leaves the room.  Ace Delivery Services faxes them the address.  Benny calls them and tells that Liza and Siree both make a positive ID.  Kate receives another call about a parking meter getting knocked off.  They figured out that Barney M.O is to rob while he delivers.  George goes and checks the robbery division.  Benny brings in the last meter robbery report. George comes back and that all the address had at least one robbery that day.  Kate and George finds out that zone 3 is his next target and the meter outside the dry cleaners.  Kate and George sets up a stake out at the dry cleaner.  Benny goes and watches for the van outside.  A few minutes later Benny comes in and tells them that another parking meter in different area was attacked. Kate realizes that they have goofed.  Benny and George leaves to check out the other meter that was hit and will report back to Kate every 15 minutes.  Kate is left along until her notice a blue unmarked van pulls up.  She grabs a laundry basket and tries to give Barney the basket but fails.  Barney grabs his ax as he was about to strike the meter with Kate in the way. George and Benny shows up and stops it.  Barney tells them that he return to this meter to see if the valuable coin is in the meter.  Benny arrests him and Barney is taken away.

My Two Cents

This episode marks the first time we see Kate and George in their new navy blue suits ( Thanks Valen for pointing that out ).   It is a dark episode just because it is about a man who goes around cutting  parking meters  with an ax.  Some of you may know about “The Lizzie Borden Case”   the  little song that goes with this is “Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave mother 40 wracks, when she saw what she had done she gave her father 41.”  In this episode they have a character named Liza Borden who is dress similar to Lizzie.  That why I called this  episode dark.   I guess the writer didn’t think children would have gotten the reference or not.  It is a very violent episode.   Oh, Wayne Knight is in this and he is hilarious the repeating the words at end of sentence. I was LMAO at this.   Micheal Mcgrath,  a recent Tony award winner for ” Nice job if you can get it”.  He played the other villain.  He also the husband of Toni Di Buono ( Pat Tuesday).   If you are new to Mathnet.  Toni is in the last two series of Mathnet.  I am not going to give to much about how involved she is in the series.  But,  you might already know.  We are going to cross that bridge soon.   This episode marks  the halfway point of Season Three.  We have only three episodes remaining and the summaries are only going to get longer. lol

Next Time

Kate’s friend from collage Eve Adam comes by to visit Kate while performing in the Broadway show “Anything Went.”  But, thing go downhill when an over the hill diva who is also the lead becomes missing and Eve becomes prime suspect.  It is up to Kate and the team to clear Eve’s name and find the missing star of the show .   This is the first in the two musical episodes.