Yes, I couldn’t go to long without posting anything! To those who are following this blog.  I would like to take time out to say Thank You it means a lot.   I am currently working on “The Unkidnapping Summary” which should be up no later than the end of this week.   These next two weeks are going to be slightly hectic due to the fact that I am heading into my final for the class I am taking and I have to learn lines for a performance I am doing.  Hopefully after next week I am going to be back on schedule and I can get more reviews up.   We are  almost into The next era of the series.  Which I am excited about to be honest.  I think the only one that is missing is the “off the Record”  episode which is also the companion episode to this one coming up ( not story wise , But because it involves another math song) .  Yeah, that is the only one that I am going to have some trouble reviewing.  So, I thought I would y”all an update and once again since I have no review up yet!  Here is a song that I really like from “The Two Svengalis” and its sung by none other than Toni Di Buono. Enjoy!