Season Three: Episode Five 

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In this episode we learn a lot about the weather while trying to avoid stereotypes.


Kate and George is ask to lend their services to provide security for the unveiling of a powerful weather plane known as  Strategic Weather Initiative.  But, before the ceremony happens the plane is stolen.  Making Kate and George the governments last hope in retrieving the missing plane.


Kate and George are assigned to provide security for the unveiling of the F-13 Strategic Weather Initiative at The MacArthur Airport.  They arrive at the airport to meet with Congressman Folly, Lt. Col. South, and the inventor Spiro Gearloose. George asks them what the SWI is.  Spiro tells them that SWI has the ability to move the weather from one place to another in short it has the ability to control the weather.  George and Kate take a look at the plane.  Kate notices a big hair on it.  Everybody rushes into the hanger to find that it is only a projection of the Plane.  The real plane has become missing.  Lt. Col South tells them that it had 24 hour security ensuring that no one could get in or out without them noticing it.  Kate tells them that it rain last night.  Congressman Folly added that the rain stopped around 3am.  George says that it might have been stolen after 3.  They talk to the guard that was on duty his name is Willie Klodge.  They ask him did anything unusual happen on his watch. Willie tells them that a truck came into a hanger.  They question him further to find out that driver had an I.D. and remained in the hanger until 6 am.   Willie tells him that he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.  Kate and George looks at the tire tracks. They notice that one of the tire tracks heavier than the others.  Kate and George returns to the hanger bay.  George tells them to start over and build a new one.  Spiro tells George that it is impossible to start over because it took him 20 yrs. to complete the SWI.  To make matters worse they have no blueprints of it because they were afraid of it falling in the wrong hands.

Kate comes into the office with the specs form the truck. George tries to figure out how far away the truck has gotten by now.  Benny comes in and tells them that there is no way that the truck could have made it that far because of traffic.  Benny suggests calling the Department of Transportation to check on the traffic coming from the McArthur Airport and the surround areas.   Kate calls them; they tell her that it is very heavy traffic.  They come to the conclusion by playing “What If” that the truck used an abandon road so the plane could take off.  George calls NYPD operations to see what roads had construction on it. Lt. Col. South and Congressman Stuart come in wanting to know the status on finding the airplane.  Research calls in and tells them that there are 17 airports with a stretch of land that can support the F-13 taking off.  There is also only 1 road within the area that can use as a runway strip but it has construction on it.  Kate believes that the people who stole the plane are trapped within an 80 mile radius. They try to figure out a way to get the plane back.  Kate suggests they wait and hope that one of the outlets they set up will catch them.  Capt. Greco comes in with a message from Spiro.  The message reads “Kaboom”.  Kate calls Spiro to find out what “Kaboom” means.  Spiro tells Kate that the z-13 has a cooling mechanism. If the electronic system inside is not cool down it will cause the plane to explode from overheating.

George check with the airports to see have the plane been spotted.  The airports tell him no.  Kate checks the highway patrol they spotted and stopped 71 vehicles none of them was the driver. Spiro comes into the office. Kate tells George that she asked Spiro to come in to see if he could help them. George asks Spiro how long it would take before z-13 would blow up.  Spiro tells them they have 36 hrs. from now.  Spiro brought with him a remote radio that could help track the plane.  As Spiro works on setting it up.  George receives a so-called prank phone call and hangs up.   The caller calls back (only for George to realize what a boneheaded move he did earlier) it is the President calling him to give him some info and to check on the status of the plane.  George gets off the phone and tells Kate that he has spoken with the President. George tells Kate that the government has been contacted by group named Cartel who plans on selling the z-13 to the highest bidder.  Kate contacts Cartel and tries to warn them about the z-13.  But, the person that she was talking to laughs and puts her on hold, she hangs up.  Spiro gets a signal from the plane using the direction finder it tells him that the plane is 13 E of North. Kate plots the coordinate they head to a place called Sloatsburg. Spiro gets a reading 52 degrees E of North.  They go to Newvorish, Where the find the truck that was transporting the plane.  Kate and George investigate the truck and finds that the plane is not in there.

The next day George and Lt. Col. South (has a meeting of the minds) try to simulate a bomb hitting an airplane with paper airplanes one of them nearly hitting Kate as she walks through the door.  Then there is the return of the famous awkward moment of silence, the silence is broken when Lt. Col. South and George tells Kate what they were doing.  Lt. Col. South once again displays his unhealthy obsession with blowing things up.   George tells Kate that once in orbit the cooling system was reinstated.  Kate receives a call from Spiro asking them to come over.  The three of them leave the room with Lt. Col. South nearly knocking himself out on the door.  They arrive at the home of Spiro.  Spiro tells them that he have to radars with a special chip inside that can track any plane including z-13 while it is in orbit.  The only problem is that the plane is not on the radar and is still on the ground.  To their dismay the z-13 is a ticking time bomb and time is running out.  George tells them that the plane is still in the area because it hasn’t made to any of the checkpoints.  Kate and George goes back and search the truck again in impound.   While they were searching they come across a receipt for Yahoo Rentals.  Kate and George goes to Yahoo Rental were they tell them that the truck was a Special order and that it was picked up 8pm on Sunday night. George and Kate returns to the office to go over the mileage.  George comes up with an Idea that the plane may have been left in a warehouse. George calls the NYPD real estate squad to get a list of the warehouse addresses with the area.  Congressman Folley calls to tell Kate that the Plane has been sold for 10 million to a 4th world country called Do-De-Do-Do. Benny comes in with the list of addresses George requested.  George suggests that they call the managers, Benny tells him not to because the managers might be in on it.  The plan Kate would take to the managers while George and Benny looked for the plane.  When they finally made it to their last person Mr.Sludge, He was their final hope to find the plane. Unfortunately, for them Mr. Sludge did not have the plane.

They return to the office Spiro wonder when Do-De-Do-Do is going to take procession. Kate calls find out where the ambassador is.  She finds out that they are in the Umpire Hotel.  They decided to pay a visit; they have a meeting with ambassador to explain the situation. They arrange a plan to pose as the ambassador and his entourage in order to make an exchange for the plane.  They meet with Ronald Crump who shows them to the plane on an Aircraft Carrier in exchange for the 10 mil.  Kate, George and Spiro rushes over to get the plane lifted off with his remote radio.  Benny comes in and arrests Ronald Crump and his Entourage.  Spiro destroys the plane by making it blow up.  Spiro leaves talking about inventing burning trees. Kate and George  realizes that Spiro is one short of a brain cell.

 My Two Cents

Okay,  This episode was sort of good.   It was kind of laggy in some parts I know that  they spent one episode in the office the whole time.   I can’t say much about this episode.   I did like the ending of it. I know this episode have a little controversy behind it.  I know there has been discussion about the airing of this particular episode because of the ending or maybe subject matter.   I know this episode did not repeat as much as the others even when it was on Noggin.  I think the only time it was set to air it was the week during or after the tragic events of 9-11. I am sure one of the experts that visit this blog  will correct me if I am wrong about this.   You will have to be the judge of this.

 Next Time

Sadly, We have made it to final episode to ever feature the Lovely and Talented Beverly Leech in the role of  Kate Monday.   This is also the Season Three Finale.  After this episode we will open our arms to another fantastic actress and character that will be just as amazing.   But,  until then  We will journey into the world of wrestling  and mobsters.  In this exciting season finale.