Season Three:  Episode Six 

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In this episode, Kate and George goes up against a gang  of mobsters who wants to destroy a popular wrestlers career.  While avoiding getting killed in the ring.


Terri, the daughter of popular wrestler “The Masked Avenger” ask Kate and George to help her father out with a serious situation involving the mob.


Kate comes into the office to find George looking out the window at bugs on the window ceil.   Kate and George talk about their weekend.  Kate receives a phone call, a young girl named Terri come into the office with her dog Terhune.   Terri comes to Kate and George on behalf of her farther who wishes to remain anonymous.  Terri tells them that her father is “The Masked Avenger”.   George does not know who is “The Masked Avenger” is.  Kate who follows wrestling tells George about The Masked Avenger who is undefeated in wrestling.  The masked avenger is involved in a tournament for charity to see who will wrestle him for the title.  Kate asks Terri what is the problem?  Terri gives Kate a message from the mob that was sent to her dad, Kate and George question Terri about what happen on the night of March 13, 1968.  Terri tells them that her father will not tell her.  Kate tells Terri that without enough information they will be unable to help her.  Terri tell them that she will speak to her father and if he agrees he will send them a coded a message.  Benny comes in as Terri leaves out the room.  Benny asks who the young girl was.  They tell him that she is daughter of the masked avenger.   Benny has also heard about him.  Kate and Benny go over some of the masked avenger’s fights.  Benny hears a scratch on the door.  It is Terri’s dog Terhune, he has a message attracted to his collar.  George gets the note and hands it to Kate.  They decoded it to find out that the masked avenger want them to meet him on Park Bench at W 64th at noon.  They leave to meet the masked avenger.  Kate and George sit on a bench. Moments later the masked avenger shows up behind them.  He tells Kate and George about that fateful night in 1968.   Back then He used to wrestle under a different name “Puddin’Tame”.  On that night she was wrestling “The Flying Hun” after the match.  “The Flying Hun” collapsed and died soon after from apparent Heart attack.  It turns out that “The Flying Hun” has heart problems and He forged his medical records so he could continue to fight in the matches.  As a result of this, His reputation was tarnished and he had to quick wrestling for a while.  He found that it was hard to go cold turkey from wrestling, so he returned to it with a new name and gained massive popularity. The mob is now threatening him with releasing the information to the public unless he takes the dive.  Kate and George try to convince him to go public with the information because the fans will understand and that it is the honorable thing to do.  The Masked Avenger is reluctant to do so because it was such a painful experience.  He decides that his only option is to throw the fight.

The next day Kate comes in to find George has made a chart of all the contenders that are in the tournament.  George explains the chart to her.  Kate is so impressed by the fact that George took time out to make a chart like that for her.  Kate tells him “You are such a Sweetheart, George!”  Benny comes into tell them that The Masked Avenger is about to have a press conference.  They leave the office to head over to the press.  Once there, they come in to The Masked Avenger telling the press that He is going to stand up against the criminal elements. Kate, George and Benny escort him out of the conference room.  As they make their way towards the garage there is a loud explosion.  They rush out the door to find that The Masked Avengers Car has been bomb.

The next day Kate comes in to George updating the chart. George goes over the updated results with Kate.  Kate finds another coded message on her desk it read “Mob wants to meet with me or else, I said no” George suggest to use the phonebook to find The Masked Avenger number.  Kate begins to overwhelm George with the reality of trying to find the number in a phonebook.  George simply (This only happens to George) goes directly to the page and finds the number.  Kate is in shock by this.  George calls the number and leaves a message telling him to arrange the meeting the next time they contact him afterwards get back in contact with him.  George gets off the phone, just as he was about to reveal his master plan.  Terri rushes in and tells them that a so-called dog catcher has taken Terhune. He has also ordered Terri to tell The Masked Avenger to set up the meeting or Terhune will never be seen again.  He also tells her to call back at one.  Benni comes in, Kate tells Benni what happen. The gang tries to figure out how far “The Dog Catcher” could have gotten.  Terri calls to set up the meeting with the mob.  They tell her to have The Masked Avenger meet them at Dock Ferry, Brooklyn at 10:00. George comes up with a plan to pose as The Masked Avenger to get the information from the mob.

George appears at the dock dressed as The Masked Avenger.  Kate is doing surveillance from a van nearby the dock.  George is wired with a hidden camera and an earpiece to communicate with Kate.   The mobster tries to set up a deal with George (The Masked Avenger) to throw the fight.  George tells them that he is not going to throw the fight.  The mobsters try to make a bribe by giving him 100,000.  When George refuse for a second time they up the bribe money to 250,000, George still refuses the money.  The mobsters threaten to take Terri away from him.  But, Kate tells George to tell them that Terri is surrounded by cops.  The mobsters threaten George with death if he doesn’t throw the fight.  The mobster leaves the dock and George returns to Kate.  The next day George and Kate goes over the updated tournament fights.  When George realizes that maybe the mob is fixing the fights through Dr. Snooze (who is one of the opponents in the tournament).  They decide to confront him; Terri comes in with another note form the mob.  They have kidnapped The Real Masked Avenger in the dressing room.  George and Kate do not believe that given how good of a fighter Masked Avenger is.  The phone rings Masked Avenger calls but all of suddenly hangs up.  Things are about get real of Kate and George.

The next day Kate and George tries to figure out what the mob hopes to gain by kidnapping The Masked Avenger.  Dr.  Snooze has taken out most of the competition in a very suspicious way.  Kate and George realize that if Masked Avenger does on fight in tonight final match, he will risk a forfeit.  Kate and George try to figure out the exact location of the kidnappers, when the phone rings.  Kate answers it, It is the computer department they give Kate the information on she requested on Dr. Snooze.  Kate tells George that Dr. Snooze real name is Sydney Septum.  He used to be a professor in Chemical Research at Michigan State University.  He was looking for a compound that would kept athletes awake during practice. Dr. Snooze resigned a year ago to become a wrestler.  Benny comes in; they come up with the idea that the kidnappers are keeping The Masked Avenger and Terhune in a pet store.  Kate goes to check how many pet stores in the area.  George believes that Dr. Snooze has found something that can be concealed in a ring.  Kate finishes her investigation. She found that there are three in the area and that one is a bird store which leaves two left.  Terri comes in; Kate takes Terri with her to investigate the reminding pet stores.  Since it was time for the match George goes undercover again as the Masked Avengers to stall for time during the fight.  During the match, George is beating senseless by Dr. Snooze.  He successfully lasted two rounds winning both.  Midway in during the third round George (after being thrown to the floor) is switched out with The Real Masked Avenger leading to win against Dr. Snooze.  Once the match is over, Kate arrests Dr. Snooze and the mobsters.  Back at the office, Kate explains how she found the masked Avenger and Terhune to George.  In one of their trademark hi-five George is unable to fully give it her because he is in pain.

My Two Cents

This is the final episode of Season Three and This officially brings “The Kate Monday Era” sadly to an end.   I liked Kate, She has really grown on me.   I can now see why people was very distraught at the fact that Kate did not make to the four season.   It would have been interesting to see what would have happen  and  how some of the shows would have played out.   I am going to miss her very much.  I guess it is do to the awesomely amazingly job of Beverly Leech.   We also see the first appearance of Steven Marcus in the series.  He goes on later to reappear as “Miles Reed”  in Final season episode “The case of Mystery Weekend”.  He is such a great actor.    I am a wrestling fan I grew up watch Mid-South Wrestling and then WCW and later on WWF.   It was great to see Kate like Wrestling.  I don’t think it was odd that she didn’t like other sports but she loved Wrestling.  I am the same way so it is not uncommon.   I love Joe Howard as George in this.   George is just got his butt handed to him in the ring and the fight that he wins around by telling lame jokes.  And where was Captain Greco in this episode in this.   I just found it strange that he was on where to be found.   This is one of those high-profile cases that involved some very dangerous moments especially the car bomb scene.   I love this episode it kept me on the edge of my seat .  I love the action sequences in the ring.   I can go on forever.

Next Time

We move forward in time and we start a new chapter in Mathnet History.  In this  Forth season opener, we are introduced to George’s New Partner Sgt. Pat Tuesday and We will also hear the word “Fetish” used in not the correct form.