So, I was debating for a while whether to do a post on “Shipping” or not since this a relatively obscure fandom.  Since we are in between switching the eras.  I thought that this post would be a good fit.  Those of you who do not know what Shipping is with Fandom.

Mathnet Pairings

Kate and George 

The first pairing I would like to talk about is Kate and George.   I think it is only fitting to talk about them first.   We have just went through 3 mind blowing seasons.  Here is my theory,  that sometime between “The case of the Rearview  Terrace” and “The case of  The Swami Scam”  the relationship  changed.   You can sense that there is a change between them.    In “The case of The Missing Air”  Kate asks George “Why you never ask me about my weekends?”  I think at this point Kate wants George to know about some parts of her life.  Let’s be honest she almost killed him by this point too and then later they both several times nearly meet their demise.  There are several incidents that points to  a secret relationship between them.  I am fully aware that George is married to Martha.   But, Let’s face it Martha seemed to be very neglectful  at times towards George.   I know that some people believe that they consummated there relationship the same night they went to see “The Andersonville Trials’.   Because, it seemed to me that they were on a real date.  They had a lot of stuff they was going to do on that night and Kate seemed to me very disappointed that they didn’t finish the night up and later on he tries the buy the pencil (roses) for Kate and the boy tries to scam him.  If they were going do something it would have been between the time they first showed up in New York and Martha’s arrival.  This is just a theory and since then one for the main actors debunked this claim.   But, I am going to stick to it.

Pat and George 

Okay,  I am guilty of this pairing.  I do admit this is a very odd pairing.   But, to me it makes sense they are awesome together.  I think what really bring it home to me.  Is when in “The Unnatural”  George brings Pat a hockey puck instead of  Meatloaf.   I believe that Martha did this intentionally for some reason.  I do not believe that George is that off the wall to mistake meatloaf  for an hockey puck.  But, I think if the series lasted for another couple of seasons.  It would have been more clearly ( I know  I am not making a good defense for this pairing at all ).   I do believe that if they were going to do something  it would have been in Monterrey.

George and Maureen 

This is the  most apparent in your face pairing in the history of the show.  This pairing only lasted for 5 episodes ( Original 15 minute format ).    I find this pairing interesting because of the way it is played out in “The case of The  Maltese Pigeon” and The fact that this episode was the first one to be recorded.   George falls head over heels for this beautiful museum chick that has a valuable bird that worth over a million dollars.   Meanwhile, Kate is seen to be jealous over this interaction and at no point reminds George that he is married.  He likes Maureen alot and Maureen likes him to.  At one point in this story, Maureen allegedly goes out on date with another man. George reaction is almost priceless. Not to mention, Kate’s reaction is too!   Also, Maureen was willing to split the money with George if he join her.   That says a lot.

Pat and Miles 

This pairing is the main reason that I am in this fandom to day.   One day I was looking up stuff specifically on Mathnet and came across and interesting find.  I came across  Jill The Pill’s  ( Who I give all the credit to for this pairing.)   have this incredible site dedicated to Mathnet.   One part of this site is dedicated to the Pat/Miles pairing.   She did a massive researched on this and came up with this awesome theory.    During the final season episode “The Mystery Weekend”.   Pat meets a young musician named Miles Reed.   They hit it off automatically.  I don’t want to give to much of it away.  A few cases down the line..Pat starts to have mood swings more then she usually do.  George also starts to notice a change.  Pat during the middle of a case leaves out for some sort of secret appointment that takes over 2hrs.  Everyone including George is in the dark about.  Jill’s theory is that she was indeed pregnant by Miles at this point.   I read somewhere that their was a rumor that they Pat and Miles did it in the billiard room.   I don’t personally see it happening in that room because George plays pool and that room was probably occupied most of the time.  If you want to find out more about this pairing click here.

Pat and Archie 

And for those of you that are adventurous and also feel that Pat was more suited with the charming theft Archie Leech.  Then this might be the pairing for you!  It is also another apparent pairing also.   Archie didn’t hide how he felt for Pat or Nora ( in this case).  Only if this was HBO we would have seen a totally different ending to this episode which would involved some type of entrapment.   In which,  Pat occupy Archie’s time by other ways while George searched the house.   I believe under very different circumstances this relationship would have worked.

Other Ships

Kate/ Sgt. Abruzzi


Kate/and that man that she talk to on the phone once.



Pat/Sgt. Abruzzi

Here is the pairings in this series.  I hope you all enjoy this!  Feel free to comment!  I know this is a very strange topic and out of the normal.