Season Four: Episode One 


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In this episode we are properly introduced to George’s new partner Sgt. Patrica “Pat” Tuesday, while trying to figure out what happen to Kate Monday.


Pat and George is called on by the CIA to protect a young boy who is the “King of Calpurnia”.  But, quickly finds out that there are some shady business going on involving Calpurnia’s economy.


Time has passed at Mathnet headquarters.  Kate Monday has suddenly disappeared and George has been resigned a new partner her name is “Sgt. Patricia “Pat” Tuesday”…….

Pat enters the office to find George and Benny playing a game of “Wheel of Jeopardy”.  They go over the random number generator and how it is used in the game.  Capt. Greco (Oh, Hi Captain nice of you to join us in this episode) comes in and tell Pat and George that they have been loan to the CIA via the White House.  Pat asks Capt. Greco how they can help.  Capt. Greco tells them that he is not for sure and the only thing he knows is that it had something to do with the death of a king.  Capt. Greco tells them that they are to meet Agt. Orviz across the street from the United Nations and that he will find them. The code word is “Chuck Berry”.  George asks could he finish the game, this lead to an argument about who is winning with Benny.  The argument becomes heated until Pat intervenes.  Pat and George arrive at designated spot to meet Orviz to their surprise Orviz is dressed in a disguise as an old lady.  Orviz escort them to where the CIA has their secret headquarters.  Orviz tells them about the situation in Calpurnia involving the death of their king in an automobile accident and his son who is the current king. Orviz tells them that their job is protecting the king while he is in New York.  The finance advisor Sylvia Sherwood comes in to show them to the King.   They come into another room where the king whose full name is King Family Christmas Special the third (Chris for short) is playing a round of “Wheel of Jeopardy”.  Chris talks like a game show host because he wants to become a game show host when he grows up.  After the introductions, Chris asks Pat and George could they take him on a tour of New York.  Sylvia tells Chris there is not enough time but, reluctantly let him go.  When everyone is going out of the room George notices the eyes moving on a painting. He goes over to investigate the painting until Pat beckons him to leave.  They show Chris around New York including passing game show host extraordinaire Monte Carlo begging for an audience.  They finally arrive at central park.  Chris runs off to explore the park while Pat and George talks to Sylvia.  Since, it was getting nearly time to go Sylvia looks around the area and finds that Chris has disappeared.

George, Pat and Sylvia break up to look around the park for Chris.  George eventually finds Chris in the Chess area of the park playing WOJ with a strange man.  George and Chris go over the computerized version of the game until Pat and Sylvia show up.  George tries to defend Chris by telling an embarrassing and morbid story from his childhood.  It was about how his mother used to tie a lease to his garders and tie him to a pole while she was in the store.  Apparently Martha has the lease that was given to her by his mother as wedding present.  Pat ends up trying to apologize for the story to her embarrassment (insert face palm here).  After that they head back to the embassy, as Chris was in his meeting.  George, Pat and Sylvia have chuckberry Tea in the sitting room. Sylvia tells them about How Capurnia is the largest producer of chuckberries in the world.  Chris is in negotiation for the share of this year crops.  The sale of the crops is going to B.L.T (Buy It, Loot It, and Trash It). The corporation is headed by a shrewd Wall Street trader named Carl Iconmeister.  Chris comes in to the room looking depressed.  He reveals that this is the last payment to make matters worse none of the other companies are interested because what they have read in “The New England Journal of Berry Biz” about chuckberries being the cause of acme. Because of this Calpurnia is now at risk for an economic depression.

The next morning Benny comes in to find Pat playing a one on one game of WOJ.  After getting Benny gets her attention. Pat tells him that the game controller has the ability to shut off repeated numbers.  George comes in with a message from Sgt. Abruzzi.  Pat read the message.  George, Benny and Pat heads to Central Park to meet with Orviz who is disguise as a dog this time.  Orviz did some research on B.L.T. He tells them that it seems to be a phony company that is in everyone’s business.  Pat asks him about what he knows about Carl Iconmeister? Orviz tells them that he is the frontman but other than that they don’t know who the real person behind this is.  Orviz goes on to tell them that when B.L.T buys the chuckberries they pay 100,000 million down in cash and the rest in monthly payments in Kugels (The current currency of the state of Calpurnia. One Kugel is worth 50c in US money).  Back at the office, Pat returns from checking with Chris who is still depressed.  George talks to Martha on the phone about buying wine of a friend she has invited over.  Martha ends up hanging up in George’s face because he refused to buy a very expensive wine.  George shows Pat a chart he made of people who have acme from eating chuckberries vs. the people who don’t eat chuckberries.  George notice in the sample that the age of the people who eat chuckberries was between the ages of 12-15.  While, the people who didn’t eat chuckberries at all were 50 and over, Pat still doesn’t get the reason why the survey was taken like that.  They rationalize that the research has to be a phony. Pat looks at the magazine and notice that there is no page number on the chuckberry article.  George tells Pat that it is probably a tip-in (a tip-in is when advertisers want to buy just a certain amount of a page in a magazine.)  Pat comes up with an Idea she calls “New England Journal of Berry Biz”.  The person on the phone tells them how much they love the show (Reality Television right here!).  Pat asks them if they are planning to run an article on chuckberries.  They tell her that they have never heard of the article.

Benny and George during their break play an intense game of “The Dollar Game”. When Pat comes in, George and Benny explains how the game works.  Orviz calls and tells Pat that 200 million kugel was in circulation in Calpurnia.  They wonder how B.L.T was able to come up with 100 million to pay Calpurnia. Benny thinks the money is counterfeit.  They play a game of “What do we know?”  They decide to pay a visit to Chris at the embassy to look at some of their kugels.  At the embassy, Sylvia believes that he money is not counterfeit because it has an bird engrave on it making it nearly impossible to duplicate.  The money is also printed in New York by company called Indelible Inc. every 2 years.   Pat holds on to a couple of kugels to investigate it farther. Pat and George go to talk to Orviz.  Meanwhile Chris tries to sneak out of Embassy until Benny catches him.  Benny and Chris have a heart to heart about making tough decisions.  Pat and George returns to Benny with information from Orviz.  The manager of indelible Inc. a Mr. Guttenburg tells them that the kugel cannot be printed with authorization and the engravers are kept in a vault.  They returned to the office to wait, when the phone rings.  George answers it but it is not who he thinks.  George continues to pace around the room. Pat sensing that George is restless suggests they play “The Dollar Game”.  Since George used the dollars in an earlier game they used kugels instead.  After three rounds of Pat beating him, they notice that he serial numbers has no repeated digits.  George pulls out a paper with those types of probabilities.  Pat asks why is carrying that around with him.  George tells her that she would surprise how much they come up at dinner parties.   Pat and George go over the probabilities of repeated numbers showing up in the kugels serial number.  George ends up going to into state of shock over the fact that the kugels had six digits serial numbers without repeated numbers.   The phone rings Orviz want them on a stakeout at Indelible Inc.  Early Thursday morning Pat, George and Benny stakes out the plant.  They spot someone coming out the building and putting something in the van.  Not long after the van pulls, Sylvia comes out of the building in the process of leaving she drops something on the ground.  They get out of the car and goes over to the building.  George picks up a flyer for “Kaboom Town”.

Later that day, they question Chris about “Kaboom Town “.  He tells them that he has never heard of “Kaboom Town” or “KP limited”.   George asks about Sylvia. Chris tells him that she is in a power meeting.  George asks him to Chris to tell Sylvia to call them ASAP.  Chris gives them a message saying that Orviz wants to meet them at the zoo.  At the zoo, Orviz disguise as a llama tells Pat and George that B.L.T is owned by Kaboom Pickins and Indelible Inc. is owned by Carl Iconmeister through B.L.T.    George tells Orviz about Sylvia and the counterfeit money.  Pat and George believe that someone is trying to destroy Calpurnia’s economy by building a theme park.   Pat and George returns to the office to do some deep thinking. When Chris comes in along with Benny, Chris tells them that Kaboom Pickins is planning on buying Calpurni for one billion Kugels.  Pat comes up with a plan. She tells Chris to setup a meeting with Kaboom and tell him that there is a second party who is interested in buying Calpurnia.  Pat calls agent Orviz to get a real supply of Kugels.  The next day Pat and George camp it up. They eventually trap Kaboom in “The Dollar Game’.  Because his hand did not have any repeated numbers which prove it was counterfeit.  Kaboom admits to using the WOJ computerized controller to set the money to no repeated digits.  Killing the dream for George and Chris who actually had a “fetish” (as Pat called it during her voiceover) for the game.  Sylvia comes in and tells them that she was at Indelible Inc. that night to see who was giving authorization to make the money without her permission.  Kaboom is eventually arrested.

My Two Cents

Pat’s first episode, why did I choose this one!  Because she literally introduces herself in this episode.   I think this a pretty decent episode.  The character of Pat Tuesday has a maternal feel to her in this episode especially with George.  I don’ t think she is quite used to the way that George operates like Kate was near the end.   She is more of  take charge person.  We see that she is a very intelligent person.  I did notice that she is more book smart then Kate was.   George why do you keep telling these off the wall stories and farther making your new partner believe that you need to be lock away.    Later,  we will see more of Pat’s personality.   The scene in the park when Chris runs off.  You mean to tell me that their are three adults and no one was watching him.   They even saw him run off  and no one bothered to keep an eye on him.   I just blame it on the constant cliffhangers its looking like they just put that scene for just that purpose.

Next Time

We  now return you to your regularly schedule programming .  In their next case  Pat and George  leaves the world of Kings and Queens and Journey  into the world of baseball and science fiction.