Season Four: Episode Two 

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In this episode,  We explore the world of Baseball, while learning about robotics and why they are dangerous.


Babs Bangels comes by Mathnet to enlist the help of Pat and George.  Babs hopes that they can get to the bottom of why her friend Roy “lefty” Cobbs is sending her strange number sequences.

Author’s Note:  This summary is based off of the 1 hour special.  Due to limited resources. 


Pat comes into another argument between George and Benny over baseball Stats.  Pat also comes in to her office being painted.  George tells Pat that he was trying to point out to Benny that the player’s slugging averages can never be lower than that of the player’s batting average but it can be higher.  George shows Pat how to calculate batting averages.  They go on to tell her about Roy “Lefty” Cobbs an over the hill Journeyman minor league baseball player who is on a hot streak who has a higher than normal batting average.  George goes onto tell Pat about Roy’s major success in the last 6 weeks and who is averaging 716.  Pat calculates how many games he played by continuing fractions and the fact that she were reading the mathematician’s bible.  George is amazed by how quickly she came up with the answer.  Pat notices a message on her desk a person named Babs is coming to the office.  Babs comes in.  Babs hopes that George and Pat can help her with a situation involving her friend.  Babs tells them that her and her friend was playing a game involving number sequences. The game was going well until a couple of week ago. Babs friend started to send her strange number patterns that didn’t make sense.  Babs shows them an example of the number pattern her friend sent her.  Babs was at a lost as to what to do so she came to Pat and George in hope that they could make sense of it.  Pat asks who is her friend Babs tells them that her friend is none other than Roy “Lefty” Cobbs.

The next day Pat and George arrives at the practice work out for “The River Veil Rowdies”.  Babs comes over to Pat and George. Babs tell them that she is a ballgirl (Apparently, George wished that he was a ballgirl when he was younger.).  Babs introduce them to her grandfather who is the manager.  His name is Casey Bangels.  They have an interesting conversation which soon turns into two way conversation that only George and Casey knows about.  Roy comes up with his douchebag agent Frank N. Steinbrenner on the field. Babs goes over to talk with Roy but Frank becomes a real jerk to her and asks Babs to leave.  Roy begins to show off his hitting skills to some major leagues scouts.  George is so impressed by the skill of Roy (or #13 this is what Casey calls him) that he gives the old bat a try and nearly gets knock out by Roy.  Pat and George used a Speedometer to see how fast Roy pitches.  They find that it is around 100 miles per hour.  Babs show them the locker room as they are about to leave.  Babs notice that Roy’s locker is glowing from the inside.

The next day George talks to Babs.  Babs tell him that Roy has started to repeat himself and becoming weirder.  Pat comes into the office; George gives her some of Martha’s old left overs which end up being a hockey puck.  George apologizes to Pat for the mixed up.  Benny comes in with information on Frank.  He tells them that Frank went to Michigan Aquiculture and that he was able to get the address of his old coach.  George suggest that they go buy bus to West Lansing Michigan (Pat nightmare is about to become real).   They arrive at the home of coach Cotch. They question him about Frank.  The coach tells them that Frank was a lousy athlete who was kicked off the team for gambling.  He goes on to tell them that Frank majored in several subjects including Hotel Management and Animal Husbandry.  Coach Cotch was having trouble remembering the last one.  Once back at the office, Babs give them another number sequence that she received from Roy.  Pat asked her if she ever did an alpha numeric sequence with him.  Babs tells her that they did that occasionally. George suggests that she sends a coded message to Roy and see if that help him come out of it.  Babs tells George that she will try it and see.  Benny comes while Babs is leaving out.  He has a newspaper in hand.  Benny tells them that Frank is holding an auction to sell Roy off for 100 million.  They realize that Frank owns Roy (Undercover Slavery) and he plans to do this trade off before “The River Veil Rowdies” can make it to the minor league world series.   “The River Veil Rowdies” does not stand a chance without Roy.  Benny does this inspiring speech about overcoming adversity in the face of defeat.  Giving Pat and George plus the painter some ray of hope in their lives until Benny bust there bubbles as tell them that the team doesn’t stand a chance.

The next morning, a phone call from Babs brings Pat and George to an eatery where they finally get a chance to speak with Roy.  Babs has convinced him to stay until after they make to the minor World Series.  The conversation slowly starts to turn odd and at that moment Frank comes in mad and in his usual Jerky mood.  He tells them that his owns Roy and that he will be sold on Friday.  Frank leaves with Roy.  Babs apologizes to Pat and George.  She tells them that they have two tickets waiting for them at the game.  While at the game, George nearly gives his ass handed to him when constantly spills food all over a man that he was passing to get to his seat.  Babs gives them Roy’s reply to the coded message.  They headed back to the office; Pat starts to decode the sequence while George starts to watch the game on television.  Pat comes to realize that the coded message that Roy sent is telling her that He has been kidnapped.  Pat tells George but, George do not believe her because he just seen Roy on television wining a very important game.  The phone rings, Coach Cotch comes in to tell them that he has remembered what Frank final Major in Collage it is robotics.  Pat still believes that Roy is kidnapped.

The next day Babs comes in, Pat and George is still tries to make sense of the code.  Babs helps them decipher it.  The code reveals that Roy is being held in apartment.  Benny along with Babs, Pat and George arrives at the apartment to be greeted by a unarm henchman.  Roy is found in a back room of the apartment.  Roy tells Pat about Franks plans to use the android version of him for personal gain.  George realizes that the auction is about to start.  Benny, Pat and George head to the auction.  They are too late by the time they arrive the fake Roy has been already sold.  As the fake Roy starts his speech it malfunctions, Pat reveals the real Roy to the public.   Frank is then arrested.  Later on Pat and George tells Benny about how they found The Real Roy.  Benny calls to check on the minor World Series game.  Benny tells them that Roy was up to bat but at the last minute was pulled out by Casey.

My Two Cents

I love how they dibble into Science fiction with the Android.   I also like that Paul Dooley was in the episode how they got away with one joke was brilliant.   I did notice that there was no Capt. Greco in this episode.  Which was odd.   The character of Frank in this.  Is a guy that I would like to punch in the face for just being a general jerk to everyone.  Pat and George I don’t know how you didn’t know earlier that something was seriously wrong with the fake Roy’s behavior.   A  slap on the hand to both of them.   The glowing locker gave it away.  Other than that It was a solid episode.

Next Time

In the next episode, we learn that Pat does not get her groove back.  We also learn that cursed Diamonds are forever.  In this second part of a two parter.