Season Four: Episode Three 

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In this episode,  We learn that Pat attracts the wrong type of men.  We also learn that being on boats in rough water caused sea sickness.


The Despair Diamond ( last seen in the season one episode “The case of The Trojan Hamburger“) rears  its cursed head again.  When Pat and George goes undercover in Monteray to catch a handsome and charming thief  who has his eyes set on the Diamond and also Pat.


Pat comes in barely missing the rain. George is looking out the window wondering how much it will take the rain to switch direction.  George tells Pat about his weekend; Martha and George went to see an exhibit featuring the works of Salvador Deli featuring his price piece called “Hold the Mustard”.  Pat thinks George has now officially went crazy and suggests that one day that the men with the net are going to come and take him away.  The phone rings, Capt. Greco tells them that Chief Green is on the phone.  Chief Green tells them that they have been ordered to report to Monteray Bay to prevent The Despair Diamond from being stolen.  Chief Green also tells them that he has cleared it with Capt. Greco and that he is faxing over the information on the background.  On the flight, George becomes nervous about Pat missing her flight.  After, chatting it up with the Captain.  Pat arrives late because of picking up dry cleaning.   Unable to relax due to George trying to her with his knowledge for the plane, Pat and George goes over the case.   The case involves them to go undercover to protect the Diamond.  After, a layover in San Francisco, They arrive in Monteray Bay, California.  They are greeted by the local Sheriff Mooney Rooney.  He takes theme to the hotel where the change into their undercover clothes.  Pat and George emerges as Nick and Nora Chuck a married couple who specialize in growing choice beef in Omaha, Nebraska.  Sheriff Rooney drops them off at the estate of Lady Astute where a pre showing is being held for “The save the outer doors” fund.  Lady Astute introduces them to a charming man named Archie Leech.  Who immediately tries to hit on Pat, Archie suggests that Pat join him for golfing.  Archie leaves shortly afterward.  After a while Gun shots is heard in the home everyone ducks.

George notices that the diamond is missing.  Everyone rushes to the back of the estate.  Once outside Pat notice a tape recorder in the trash can.  The security guard also notices Archie leaving by motor boat.  Pat and George heads out along with Sheriff Mooney to the pier.  Along the way, the receive call saying that Archie’s boat has capsized.  Pat and George joins the Coast Guard incognito, they bring Archie on to the boat. Once back at the pier, Sheriff Rooney and Archie exchanges a few choice words.  Pat believes that the Despair Diamond is in the Ocean.  The next morning, Pat and George starts to interview people who may have seen the accident.  They were having no luck until they found a young girl on the docks.  Through the process of Triangulation they are able to plot there first point.  The second point proves to be more difficult because they need and second witness.  After searching, They decide to take a walk on the beach to clear their head.   They come across an older gentleman name John Steenbeck and his dog Job.  John tells them that he witness the accident giving them there second and final point.  Pat and George rent a boat and travel to the spot they mapped out.   Dressed in deep sea driving gear Pat and George was ready to explore the great deep in hopes of finding the diamond.

Pat and George Journey into the deep unknown by finds nothing.  Resurfacing, they notice Archie was diving as well.  They return to the peer, they run into Archie who claims that he was trying to find his missing watch.  Archie invites Pat and George to his get together later on that evening.  He also reminds Pat about their golfing date.   Pat and George returns to the beach to once again clear their heads when they run into John with Job.  While talking George realizes something they might have missed.  George rushes Pat back to the hotel.  Poolside George tells Pat they missed calculating the currents.  Pat and George time a stone with the similar weight as the diamond to see how long it takes to sink to the bottom of the pool.  They return to the rented boat to test this experiment with a tennis ball that drifts for the same amount time as it took the stone to sink.  The tennis ball marks the new position to dive for the diamond.  Pat and George dives once again and find nothing.  They return to the pier where they talk with Sheriff Rooney.  They discuss they general failure with finding the diamond and progress with the investigation.  Later that afternoon, at Archie’s party the find out that Archie could have control the tape recorder found at Estate by receiver remotely.  After the party, George and Pat walk the beach they run into John. They go over the current effect on objects in the water.  George asks if there is a way that the current can be measured.  John suggests MBARI.

Taking in John into their strictest confidence, John in return takes them to meet with a friend that works at MBARI (Monteray Bay Aquarium Research Institute).  The mission of MBARI is to do unique marine studies. John used work with them until he retired a couple of years ago. George and Pat almost blow their cover with him.  They explain to John’s friend about finding a watch (diamond) at see that they lost.  George asks about how fast the current is moving on Monday.  Pat and George finds out they was diving close to the shore when they should have been diving away from the shore.  Pat and George returns to the sea for the third time and this time prove to be successful for them.   While diving they find a pair of divider and a pair of pliers with Archie’s Initials on them.  This was a sign that the diamond was near.  But, it was too deep to explore further and they was quickly running out of air.  They return to the hotel to go over what they have found.  Since the items were found in a line they believed that the diamond was between the dividers and Pliers.  Pat tells a reluctant George that they might have do a forth dive.  Pat receives a call from John who tells her that he has something important to tell them.  They meet John at the local aquarium; He tells them that Archie has been watching them dive. He also tells them that Job (His dog) found a shoe that belongs to Archie on the beach.   John leaves and George investigates the shoe.  They find that the shoe has a false heel but nothing is in it.  Pat suggests that they go to the Coast Guard and look to see if Archie had the other shoe on when he was rescued.  Pat and George visits the Coast Guard. They go over the pictures that were taken of Archie after the rescue.  They notice that he did have the other shoe on his feet.  George tells Pat that he is going to get a warrant and search his house.  While, Pat take up Archie offer for a round of golf on the links.

The next day Pat and Archie have an early morning golf outing.  Archie tires to once again get fresh with Pat.  But, that comes to an end when George shows up and gives him the shoe that was found on the beach.  Archie leaves abruptly leaving Pat and George along. George tells Pat that they have found nothing at his house.  George thinks that the diamond might have been in his pocket when the boat capsizes.  They return to MBARI, where they go over the map.  They find out that the diamond could landed somewhere in an underwater canyon that is 200 fathoms down.  This creates another problem for them because no human is capable of swimming that deep. But, they realize that MBARI and their little submarine can.  Pat and George boards the Point Logus. Despite the rough seas, the little submarine was able to find the diamond in Archie’s cummerbund pocket.  They return to the pier to find Sheriff Rooney waiting on them.  He tells them that Archie has been surveying the beach looking for something.   George comes up with a trap for him on the beach.  Archie falls for the trap and is taking to jail.

My Two Cents

I just want to say I really liked this episode/movie.   I also understand from a recent interview that this is Toni Dibuono’s  favorite episode.   It was great to have them back in California.  Although half of the episode consisted of  them being in the water most of the time.  Beside that It was fun to see Pat and George pose as a married couple.   This is what I consider a definitive Pat Tuesday episode.  Because, by this time in the game the viewer should gotten over the fact Kate is no longer there.  You see this bolder character emerging.  You also see a fifty/ fifty partnership with George taking charge half of time.  George is emerging as very good problem solver in this episode.   I still find it very odd that Chief Green would know anything about Pat  and the fact that George suggested that there hometown was Los Angeles.  Unless, Pat was the replacement for Kate in L.A until she was called to New York and another thing Pat would have not known much about the first despair diamond case.  But, these question will probably never be answered.

Next time

Pat has been a very bad girl and only George along with Benny can set things right.  When a evil dictator accuses Pat of stealing a valuable bracelet   It seems like history is repeating itself, again.