Season Four: Episode Four 

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In this Episode,  We learn that history repeats itself.  We also learn that George is a undercover lawyer.


Pat is accused by a dangerous dictator of stealing a valuable piece of jewelry.


Capt. Greco comes into Mathnet HQ to get George assistance in a search warrant George and Capt. Greco leaves out on the way. Capt. Greco tells George that someone has rip-off a bracelet from a dictator name Hestor Festor and they are going to search for it.  They arrive at the apartment complex.  Once inside they meet O.Dean Middlemum, the owner of a jewelry salon.  George immediately notices that Pat lives in the apartment complex.  The three men arrive at apartment 313.  A woman comes to the door it is Pat.  Cpt. Greco is almost reluctant to tell Pat who he was.  Pat opens the door in nothing but a robe and lets them in.  Cpt. Greco questions Pat about the events that happen at the Jewelers last Saturday when she bump into Hestor.  Pat tells them that she was in the salon looking at Jewelry because she makes costume jewelry.    They proceed to tell her about Hestor and her missing bracelet.  Cpt. Greco shows her the search warrant and begins to search her apartment. Meanwhile, George asks Pat about her “Junk Jewelry”.  Cpt. Greco returns with Pat’s coat.  He searches the pockets and pulls out a gold bracelet in the shape of a dodecahedron.  Pat can’t explain how it got into her pocket.  Back at HQ, Hestor Festor and Her bodyguard Marion “Mad Dog” Fist shows up at the office.  Hestor wants to see Pat put to death.  But, Capt. Greco tells her that it is not allowed in this country.  George and Mad Dog exchanges words.  Hestor and Mad Dog leave telling them that they will see her at the trial.   Pat asks Cpt. Greco why the trial is set for the next day.  He tells her that Hestor has to be back in her country for a celebration and that she is very powerful.  George reassures her that they will find a way to prove that she is innocent.  Since Hestor has bought charges against Pat, Cpt. Greco is arrests Pat.

The next day George and Benny goes over the security tape from that day.  Cpt. Greco comes in, George tells him about his theory of what happen with Pat and Hestor. He believes that when Pat bump into Hestor the bracelet felled into Pat’s pocket by accident.  Pat comes into the office (release on bail with help of George, Benny and Capt. Greco posting it on her behalf and is also under suspension from the force.)  Benny tells her that they have been working on her defense and George tells her that he will be representing her during her trial.  George tells her his theory even though the chances are very slim of it happening like that.  Later that day, Pat’s trial has begun under Judge Kidney-Bean who is known as the hanging judge.  Hestor is put on the stand where she identifies Pat as the thief.  George goes on to prove Pat innocence by demonstrating how easy it is for the bracelet to have drop into Pat’s pocket.  This revelation leads to a recess and hopefully Pat is found not guilty.  But, something unexpected O.Dean Middlemum is placed on the stand.  The prosecutor questions him about a phone call he received during the break.   Middlemum tells the court that some told him that a missing gem will be found in Pat’s apartment.   In a rare decision, The Judge moves the trial to Pat’s apartment.   Capt. Greco goes over the Jewelry and finds the gem and leading Pat once again to be proving guilty.

The next day, George and Cpt. Greco goes Pat’s case.  They both believe that Pat is innocent. But, is still amazed at how fast the jury came up with a verdict.  Pat come into the office, George receives a call from Louie Jerris, He works for O. Dean Middlemum at the Jewelers.  Pat, George and Benny visit Louis. He tells them that a bunch of Jewelry has been switch with paste (Fake Jewelry) unfortunately the gem that Pat was supposed to have stolen was not switch.  Back at HQ, Cpt. Greco asks about Louie. George tells him that Louis background check came up clean.  Cpt. Greco asks about Mad Dog.  George tells him that he has requested a background check from Interpol but hasn’t received it yet.   Benny comes in while Cpt. Greco comes out.  George show Benny he replica of the bracelet he has made.  But, he still cannot figure out what he letter stand for.  Pat comes in from her research.  She talks with the owner of the Jewelers that had a gem worth 3 million stolen from them.  She found out that just 4 day earlier Hestor paid a visit.  She looked at the footage from the security tape.  The only thing Pat could find is that Hestor had a coughing attack.   George goes over to the computer and search though the last month robbery reports the find nothing.  The fax comes in from Interpol; it reveals that Mad Dog was a military man who was promoted by Nestor Festor (Hector’s late husband) to Aide De Camp.  Benny realizes something about the robbery reports, maybe the owners does not know that they have been robbed.  Pat calls Louie to Mathnet.  They get a list of the entire jeweler that Hestor has shopped with over the past months and gave it to Louis.  Louie will check with each owner that Hestor was considering for purchase that has have gems switched.  Cpt. Greco comes in with a credit check on Hestor it reveals that she is flat broke.

George is on the phone when Pat comes in.  George gives her a present from Martha that nearly takes out her front teeth.  George tells her that they have turn down his appeal due to no new evidence or legal transgression.  They go to a meeting with A. Tad. Bland.  They go over the history of Mondo Yucky  a group of Islands that is under the dictatorship of Hestor.  They discuss the economic turmoil that is under Hestor reign.  The Festor’s has been in powered for 300 years.  Each Island export and import with each other that was until a few years ago when the current dictators switch all goods to come to the main island.  George asks about the dodecahedron.  Bland tells them that their icon has not been seen until last year when the calendar congress passed a law that it would be displayed to draw tourism to their country.   Back the Mathnet, Louis is making a chart; He tells George that 11 jewels was rip-off the same way.  Louis leaves and George makes a phone call.  Pat comes in after talking to with Cpt. Greco. Pat and George go over the replica of the dodecahedron and come up with nothing.  Pat notices the birth stoned on the chart. The letters on the dodecahedron stand for a month. Pat and George realize that the current month they are in is missing.  The jewel for that month is the Pearl.

Pat and George play a game of “What do we know?” Benny comes in with some blow up pictures of Mad Dog.  Benny finds out that Mad Dog was wearing a camera and taking pictures of the gem on the first visit to the Jewelry shop.  On the second visit the camera is not there anymore.  The pictures were sent off so they could hire someone to make a copy and by the second visit they would switch out the Gem with the fake one.   Benny notices something else as well that there was always an incident with Hestor.  It leads the owner having to leave the room for a couple of minutes.  George comes up with a possibility that gems are being used to replace the missing ones from the Icon that is being put on display.  George calls Bland to verify this.  Bland tells him that Hestor is the only one who has full access to the Icon in the underground tomb.   Louis rushes into the office with news of Hestor coming back to view a large pearl at a Jewelry salon.   They come up with a trap for Hestor.  The next morning in a last attempt to prove Pat innocence before her sentencing, Benny and Louis posed as salesman at the Jewelry shop.  Pat and George hides in the back.  Hestor and Mad Dog come in and pull another distraction, having Benny and Louie leave the room, Just enough time for Mad Dog and Hestor to switch the Jewelry.  Benny and Louis return to the room.  Hestor and Mad Dog try to leave but are stop by Benny at gunpoint. They are made to watch the security footage which reveals nothing.  They try to leave again but, George notices the Mad Dog hat has an extra piece of Jewelry that wasn’t there before.  This proves that it was Hestor along and Pat was innocent.  The next day, Pat returns to work and the guys give her present.  It is a gold bracelet that has a dodecahedron on it.

My Two Cents

This my favorite episode! I absolutely love this episode.   This is another one of the those darker episode.  You meet a criminal that is sadistic and violent.  Pat’s life is literally in danger.  Hestor was out to literally destroy Pat for no reason but, a simple accident.  George has improve his lawyer skills a lot.  It think I read somewhere that he actually took the bar and passed it without going law school.   I really wished they could have written it as a high profile case., so we could see a lot more inside the court room.   Toni’s acting in this was very good. I remember as a child nearly coming to tears when they arrested her.   I saw more humanity in Pat in this episode.  We even got a glimpse in to her personal life.   Now,  I was going to do the next episode “The Case of The Poconos Paradise” first.   Because of one thing I have noticed, In this episode they have there computer already and in the next episode the receive the brand new computers.  There is a continuity error in this.   But, I decided just to stick with order it is in.   Another thing both this one and the despair diamond deals with people trying to steal jewelry or accused of  stealing  jewelry.    We had a back to back theme here which was strange and awesome at the same time.

Companion Episode

Pat is not the only one who wrongfully ends up on the wrong side of the law.   In this first season episode, George is put on trial for crime he didn’t commit.  It is up to Kate to prove George innocence in a truly bizarre case.

Next Episode

 Paradise is not Paradise! When Pat and George investigate a spree of robberies that seem to happen during the time the victims is out the Poconos.