Season Four: Episode Five 

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In this episode,  We learn that Pat and George use Slap Stick to fight criminals.  They also get a new computer after they used it in the previous episode.  Confused,  You still will be after this episode.


A crime wave involving a direct mail campaign is sweeping the precincts and It is up to Pat and George to catch the thief.


Pat comes in to find George looking at a globe with nothing on it.  George bought the globe for fifty buck off the streets.  Cpt. Greco comes in to the office with a bunch of reports.  Cpt. Greco informs them that they are getting their new computers in the office and he has set up classes for them to take.  Cpt. Greco tells them that there have been a significant numbers of robberies happening in the 19th precinct and they need their help in finding the robber.  The phone ring, George talks to a detective Tracy from the 19th precinct.  He tells George that he has found a pattern in the item that was stolen.  The items that are being stolen are unusual appliance.  Pat checking threw the reports notice the same thing. They also notice that the stuff that was stolen was weird.  Pat and George heads out to interview a couple of the victims.  The victims have something in common they all were out of the weekend when their apartments were broken in to.  Pat and George returns to the office to find Cpt. Greco has set-up and installed their new office computer.  George tells him that they have found out that all the victims were Y.O.G.U.R.Ts (Young Overbearing Greedy Upwardly- Mobile Twerps). Cpt. Greco tells them that the burglary reports are being transferred over to disc.  Pat continues to look for patterns while George plays on the computer.  Sgt. Abruzzi comes in to drop off the disc and notices George using the computer.  They go over how a database works.  After, Sgt. Abruzzi leaves the room.  Pat finds another pattern after calling another round of victims.  She finds out that they were all out of town in the Poconos that weekend.  The victims were invited there by mail to a weekend getaway called “Poconos Paradise”. Pat tells George that she think she might have uncovered a scam involving the owner ripping off the apartments while the people were away.  She also believes that this case is close before it is even open.

The next day Pat comes in to find that George is dressing similar attire.  Capt. Greco comes in; Pat tells him that they are going to be out for the day because they have a hunch about the owner in the Poconos.  George tells him that he have found a pattern in the database.  The apartment was not forcibly broken into and the victims live in the same area code. Cpt. Greco tells them he has found out that same thing.  Pat and George leaves for the Poconos to speak with J. Turlow Muck.  The pose as a somewhat confused married couple name Adam and Eve Gideon.  George tells him that they found out about “The Poconos Paradise” through the mail.  They notice that Thurlow could look through his database to find the name of the person who reserved the invitation.  Thurlow sets up a getaway for Pat and George this Saturday.  They use George’s address as a contact for Thurlow.  Thurlow tells them that he does not work on the weekends and they will be help by someone else. Back at the office, they plan to have George’s apartment stakeout the catch Thurlow in the act.  Cpt. Greco comes in and tells them that they were wrong about all the victims being at the Poconos during the robberies. He tells them that some of the victims were in Atlantic City and they were M.A.R.P (Middle Age Rich People). Cpt. Greco gives them a disc with the information on it. Pat and George go over the disc. George calls more victims.  Benny come in Pat ask him to check on J. Thurlow Muck to see if he has a criminal record.  George checks with 4 more victims who was in Atlantic City they also received an invitation in the mail.  Benny leaves the room as Cpt. Greco comes in.  Cpt. Greco frustrated tells them that the Mayor is on his case because the Mayor’s son was one of the latest victims and the Mayor wants answers.  Pat and George reassure him that they are working on it.  Cpt. Greco leaves the room when Benny returns.  Benny tells them that he ran the check Pat requested on Thurlow.  He tells them that his record is clean.

The next day Pat and George go over the chart that George made, they found out that 7precents has the same pattern.  Benny returns from interviewing more victims. One pattern still holds true that all the victims were out for the weekend.  They play a game of “What do We Know?” George finds out that they all use the same mailing service.  The mailing company is called Car R T Sort located in Bayonne NJ.  They travel to Bayonne to meet with I.O. Privacy, She tells them that she sends out the invitation per company request and that she is the only one that has access to the master list.   Pat and George now with that information believe that I.O is their main suspect.

The same day I.O. Privacy was being interrogated by NYPD finest.  While Pat and George tries to find another case to work on.  George tries to figure out why I.O. Privacy did it. Pat warns him about jumping to conclusions.  Cpt. Greco comes in saying that I.O. Privacy has escaped.  Meanwhile I.O. posing as a janitor tries to sneak in the office but see Cpt. Greco and turns around.   Sgt. Abruzzi comes as Cpt. Greco leaves out.  Sgt. Abruzzi comes in and tells Pat and George that he has been demoted to Corporal due to the fact that he just let I.O walk out. He gives them another set of disc and leaves.  I.O comes into the office and bumps into George who immediately notices her.  She pleads with them not to turn her in.  She tells them that she can help them by going through the database.  Cpt. Greco noticing someone else in the room passing by asks who that is.  Pat and George block her from his sight and they tell him that there was a glitch and that they are working on the computer.  Cpt. Greco continues down the hall.  They go over the database they find out that all the victims have similar interest and leave close to each other. Pat calls Benny to ask him to interview the employees at Car RT Sort.   They found one more pattern the victims were all rich.   I.O checks the database and finds that there is an event tonight.   Pat and George organized a stakeout in one of the next victim’s apartment.   After a while of waiting I.O, Pat, George and Benny sees the burglar shows up. (Cue Benny Hill music) Benny is pushed to ground.  Pat tries to stop him with her badge; he throws a blanket on her, and tosses her on the couch.  George tries to block him but is tricked into tying his shoelace and is thrown to the floor (notice the pattern here and it’s not even on a disc.).  Finally, after everyone else embarrassed themselves I.O trips the robber and Benny takes him in.  Pat and George with their new found over confidence calls Cpt. Greco to report the news that they finally have solved the case.

The next morning Pat comes to George having a big breakfast. Pat tells him that the main they have caught last night was acting on order from someone else and being paid through the mail.  Pat asked Corp. Abruzzi to bring the thug in.  The thug tells them basically the same thing about being paid to rob the homes.  They receive a phone call from I.O who has found something interesting that she wanted to show them.   Once there I.O tells them that she looked at the master list and found that someone hacked into the computer a couple of hours before the robbery.  George calls the number found on the list and it is “The Poconos Paradise”.   Everyone leaves to confront and arrest Thurlow.  Once there they do a series of questions Thurlow tells them that he was working during time of the crimes.  As they were getting ready to arrest him, I.O slips up.   Apparently, she knows the exact number of robber that was taken on that night of the attempted robbery.  This was privilege information and it wasn’t made public.  I.O then confesses her crimes and eventually is arrested.   On her way out George ask her what is her real name, she tell him that her name is Invasion of Privacy.

My Two Cents

It was a pretty decent episode.  It is not as strong as the other ones was unfortunately. I did like the undercover scene and the Benny Hill like fight sequence.  This was shown out of sequence for some reason.  The dead giveaway was Pat and George receiving the computer for the first time but in “The Galling Stone”  the computer was already in use.  I don’t know the reason why this so.   The ending is pretty good also.   I did also notice that the same undercover clothes was also worn in “The Despair Diamond“.

The Next Time

We leave the world of Scams,  just to encounter another scam involving insurance.  In this Season Four Finale of Mathnet.