Season Four: Episode Six  

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In this season finale, we delve into the world of insurance scams.  We also wonder what’s going on with Pat’s hair and How fast does Johnny speak.


The Metropolitan Insurance Company calls on Pat and George to find out why there is a certain rise insurance claims.


Pat comes into the office, to find George playing a game of darts.  When pat says hello, George ends up throwing the dart outside the window.  George tells pat about his weekend with Martha.  George asks pat about her weekend, she tells him that she did nothing but laundry the whole weekend.  The phone rings, pat answer it.  It is Captain Greco; he tells them that he has a new case for them.  Benni comes into the room looking for one of his students.  The students name is Stanley Schwinn.  Benny asks pat and George would it be ok for Stanley to follow them for a newspaper report for school.  Captain Greco comes in with the case files for an insurance company named metropolitan insurance company.  He tells them that the insurance company has been taking a lot of payouts.  Captain Greco gives pat and George THE case files.  He tells them that they have an appointment with Catherine Wilcall.  Benny asks about the missing dart.  George claims that he did not know what happen to the missing dart.  A few minutes later, Stanley comes into The Room.  Pat and George invite Stanley to come along with them.  Pat, George, Benny, and Stanley leave the room and heads over to the metropolitan insurance company to meet with Catherine Wilcall.  On the way there, Stanley tells them that his bicycle race is being sponsored by the metropolitan insurance company.  A few minutes later, they were in the office of Catherine Wilcall.  She tells them that the company has been losing money in one area.  The most money that has been lost was in auto insurance.  She goes on to tell them that sales have increased by 2%, while claims have increased by 3%.  This should have been good news but, the increased in claims was worrying her.  Pat asks her if was there any unusual patterns.  She tells them that there has been some activity in Greenwich Village according to Johnny dollar.  Johnny dollar is supposed to be a top insurance investigator.  Pat and George tell Catherine that if they find anything they will keep in touch.  Catherine gives them a disk so they can search it.  Johnny dollar bust into the room.  Catherine tells Johnny that Pat and George will be helping him on the case.  They all leave the room and walk down the hallway with Johnny.  Johnny tells Pat and George that he doesn’t want them involved in this case.  But, he had no choice in the matter and will cooperate with them.  Stanley ask a question about insurance.  Johnny tries to explain to Stanley about the way insurance work (it in a very fast way).  In the end, He leaves Stanley more confused when he first started.  Outside the building, Johnny shows off his car.  Johnny’s cat Sheba was sitting in the back seat.  George started to have an allergy attack due to the fact that he is allergic to cats.  Pat tells Johnny that they will keep in touch.  Back at the office, Stanley comes in and tells them that His Bike is missing.

The next morning, George comes into the office to find Pat working on the computer.  George tells pat about his evening.  He tells her that he and Martha spent an evening listening to James Earl Jones read a telephone book.  Pat looks through the data that Catherine given her.  About six weeks ago policies started to rise above 2%.  They check the claims and found out that it also has gone over 3% this happen around four weeks ago.  They investigate the damages reported and found that there was no difference.  Pat and George figured that car thefts must be the problem.  They looked at the data and found that the number of claims was due to car thefts.  George is surprised that Johnny did not notice the pattern in the data.  Pat believes that the Greenwich Village has something to do with it.  Pat calls Johnny and asks him to meet them there.  Stanley comes into the office looking depressed, George ask Stanley about his bike.  Stanley tells George that says his bike was not insured there was no way of getting it back.  George tells him that there is always next year.  Benny comes in, George tells Benny about Stanley missing bike.  Benny asks Stanley have he reported it.  Pat suggests that Benny shows Stanley how to report a bike.  Meanwhile, Pat and George heads off to speak with Johnny dollar.  After going through different charts they found out that the Greenwich Village office had a slow recovery rate.  Back at the office, Pat checks the database again.  Pat while checking discovers that Johnny missed another pattern.  The pattern he missed was that all new cars were reported missing.  The new cars were all expensive cars.  Benny leaves to take Stanley home.  They found out that all the cars that were stolen were not from a garage but off the streets.  Johnny claims that 75% of the cars reported stolen was found.  But, when Pat checked the Greenwich Village office, they reported that all have not been accounted for.  Leaving them with a bigger question then what they started with.

The next morning, Pat comes Into the Office to find George, Benny and Stanley trying to reconstruct a new bike.  Stanley hopes that by reconstructing a new bike he will be able to enter the bike show.  Captain Greco comes in with a message saying that Catherine called.  George (putting his foot in his mouth again) tells Captain Greco that the dim bulb that took the message did not get the number.  Captain Greco informed him that he was the one that took the number making George look stupid in the process.  A few minutes later, Catherine called again.  Pat answers the phone; she talks to Catherine and then hangs up.  She tells George that yesterday she requested some more data on the Greenwich Village office and that Johnny dollar was bringing it.  Johnny comes into the office and delivers the disc.  They look through the data on the computer.  They found out that all the cars that were stolen had a policy under the name of Floosh.  Pat and George believe that Floosh had a scam going with the expensive cars.  Johnny tries to defend Floosh, by saying that he was an honorable man.  George believes that they should and talk with Floosh.  Pat believes that this could be a first for them solving the case before Friday.  They go to the offices of Caspar Floosh, Caspar goes over with them have to acquire insurance.  He goes on to tell them that it seems after the insured motorists leaves the car is jack.  Caspar tells them that his boss is not happy with him because of this.  Pat and George starts to asks him about different questions in which none of them he can answer further incriminating him to the crime.  Getting nowhere with the line of questioning Pat and George leaves.  While walking back to their car, George gets a strange feeling about Floosh.  He believes that somehow Floosh is involved.  Pat tells George that she is going to call Catherine and request to look at the actual documents of the claims.  It seems that the moment they get close to solving the case the further it seems that they are away.

Pat and George return to the office and finds Captain Greco, Benny, and Stanley working on the new bike.  In another case of covering up a failed joke, George and Pat try to give a little history behind the Wright Brothers but fails miserably.  Captain Greco tells them that Johnny dollar is waiting to see them.  Johnny comes in and George says to “What’s New?”  Johnny confuses “new” with “snow” and goes on to make George look dumb.  Captain Greco after hearing all of this decides to leave because he has had enough.  Johnny gives George the files that she has requested from Catherine.  Pat tells Johnny that she has talked with Caspar Floosh.  Pat asks Johnny does he have any suspicions about this case.  Johnny tells her that when he is working on a criminal case he always starts at the top.  Johnny leaves the room.  They go over the documents to find another pattern.  Stanley comes over and finds that one person is getting paid by looking at the handwriting.  They ask Captain Greco to go over the signatures to see if it was indeed the same person.  Benny and Stanley went to check out the car owners.  While Pat and George went to check out the car dealers.  The car dealers that Pat and George checked out were not car dealers they all had different professions.  They return to the office and tell Benny and Stanley that none of the car dealers exist.  Benny and Stanley tell Pat that the car owners did not exist.  George asks Benny to check on Captain Greco with the Handwriting and also see give Caspar Floosh signature matches any of the handwriting on the documents.  Meanwhile, Pat and George get the evidence from Captain Greco and check out the banks.  Pat and George go to the chase Manhattan bank where the associate told them that a man come in and made out a check to a charity called “Save the Moosdica Domestica Fund”.  They return back to the office and find Stanley and Benny continuing to work on the bike.  They play a game of “What do we know?”  Stanley tells them that charity does not exist because he has never heard of charity being dedicated to the common house fly.  Captain Greco comes in and tells them that Signatures did not match Casper Floosh or Catherine Willcall.  Stanley goes over there and looks at the file.  He asks Captain Greco if he check the handwriting style of Johnny Dollar.   Stanley notices the way Johnny crosses his t’s on the investigation report.  Captain Greco takes a look at the file and notices the same thing.  Johnny Dollar is their prime suspect.   Pat comes up with an idea to nail Johnny. Pat calls Johnny to arrange a meeting with him. Everything was going according to plan until Johnny decided to speed up.  Eventually, Tragedy strikes and Johnny loses control of his car and ends up going into the Hudson River.  Pat and the rest of the team who was listening to this on the speaker to witness his demise are in shock over the events.

A few hours later, at the accident George, Captain Greco, and Benny tries to reassure Pat that it wasn’t her fault in causing the accident.  Pat leaves the scene feeling that she was responsible for killing Johnny Dollar. The next morning, George comes into the office.  Stanley asks about Pat, George tell him that she is going to be okay. Captain Greco comes and gives George a search warrant for Johnny Dollar home.  Benny, George and Stanley go and search the home (In a rare occasion George does the voiceover in Pat’s absence.).   George believes that if Pat was there she would have found something. As he was leaving the apartment George starts to have another sneezing attack because of the cat’s bowl that was outside of the house.  After leaving Johnny’s home they stopped by metropolitan insurance company to give Catherine they final report.  In Catherine’s office she was joined my Casper Floosh.  They go over the finding on the case.  Catherine tells them that Johnny Dollar took out insurance on himself just 13 days ago in the amount of 500,000 dollars that doubled upon his untimely death.  The check is to be delivered to his next of kin which is his mother.  Pat comes into the office and request that she delivered the money to his mother out of the guilt of being indirectly or directly involved in his death. Pat and George heads over to Johnny’s mother house Stella Dollar.   They arrive at the home they set at chat a little awhile with Stella until George has one of his sneezing attacks.  This leads to him find a very alive and well Sheba (Johnny’s Cat).  Pat realizes that Stella is not Johnny’s mother but is Johnny Dollar himself who had faked his own death to collect the insurance money.  Benny comes in and takes him away. Before they could do their signature high-five Pat and George looks at the time and realize that the bike show that Stanley is in just started.  At the Wimpus bike show, Stanley shows off his trophy for the bike that they created at HQ.  He also tells them that they have found his bike and that he found a dart in his bike tire.  Everyone looks at George and Laughs.

My Two Cents

If you have been playing along you will notice that this is actually the first episode to be tape.  A dead give away is that Toni’s hairstyle in this very different from any other episode so far and she has also confirmed this in an interview.  So, if any of the you good folks was wondering then there you go.  I did notice something in this episode that Pat directly caused George to throw the dart outside the window and Later on she caused (even though is turned out fake in the end) she caused a accident or a fake one .  I don’t know if this was meant to be foreshadowing but, it just could have been me looking to far into it.  Also we have the fast talking John Moschitta as Johnny Dollar in this.  He was hilarious in this.   I feel that this season is more darker then I remembered it to be.   Pat has come out as stronger character give or take.  As we will see in the final season.  The Pat Tuesday character had a  chance to be strong character. George is more subtle in this season then He was a couple of seasons ago.  He still has his quirky way about him but he now in some respects a serious detective. George is now becoming more then a funny man.   Not, to mention the dynamic of the Pat and George relationship is that of an equal playing field now.  Which, I am loving it.


This one  quote single quote that George deliver in this episode is hilarious.   I think it is due to how brilliant Joe Howard is.  This is one of my favorite quote from the series and this also proves that George knew much more than what he was letting on.

George ( to Stellar Dollar):  1 million with not bring your son back but, it will get him a heck of a lot closer.

Next Time

We have made to the grand finale of sorts.  The final season of “Mathnet”.  In this season we will start it off with a bang with one of the most anticipated episodes in Mathnet and is in the top 5 of the best episodes from the series.   When we  talk about a definitive ” Pat Tuesday” episode I would like to think that this one would come into the minds of many fans.   In this episode Pat takes the place of Martha and accompanies George on a fun filled mystery weekend.  But, at Wits End the game becomes very real for Pat and George.  We also see a glimpse into Pat’s future with a certain jazz musician.