Season Five: Episode One 

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In this final Season opener,  Pat gets an new hairstyle and is invited to a mystery weekend with George.  But, quickly finds out that it is anything but.


Pat and George doing a severe thunderstorm makes a wrong turn and gets involved in a dangerous real life mystery.


Pat comes into the office; she sees George sees at the table.  He is read in a Brochure for a mystery weekend at the Qualms.  Pat inquires about the Brochure.  George tells her that he has a favor to ask her.  He tells her that his wife Martha cannot attend the mystery weekend because she has a test in school.  George asks Pat can she come along in Martha’s place. George also tells her that he was going as Sherlock Condo (Modern Day) and Martha was going as Dr. Whatit. Pat reluctantly agrees, and tells George that she has to move around some things.  George takes out a map and along with Pat they see how long it would take them to get there.  After they have finish, George gives her a costume that belonged to Martha.  Later that day, pat and George drives out of town in a beat up car that he had rented.  While driving they end up in a thunderstorm.  When they were almost near their final turn the direction sign change direction.  The direction signs pointed to a place called “Wit’s end”.  George not being able to see turns in that direction.  They arrive at the manor in character where they are greeted by the butler named “Peeved”.  George makes an awful joke behind this but; Peeve is not amused by this.   Peeve escorts George and Pat into the drawing room to meet the other guest, George who is the Captain of the mystery weekend introduces Pat and Himself as their counterparts.  One of the guests asks George “Why are they here?”  Con. Ashby Wiggins introduces himself to George and Pat.  Wiggins tells them that he served in the army and is now retired.  Pat notices the British Accent and asks him about it.  Wiggins tells them that the reason he has the British accent is because he was captured.  The next one they meet is Miles Reed and he blow (Jazz Musician and get your minds out the gutter).   George asks Pat to hand him the envelope that contains the information about the mystery.   George tells them that one of them is responsible for the disappearance of the host and their job is to find out whodunit.   Everyone is now more confused about this situation, until one of them ask “What does it mean?”  She introduces herself as Amanda Plonk , who happen to be a professional game show contestant.   The next one to introduce themself is Kitty Feline a dentist who like teeth and won the noble tooth prize for flossing ( How nice!) .   A few minutes later Peeve reappears and escorts everyone to their rooms using a color chart and tells them to be in the dining room in 15 minutes.   During dinner, Pat notices that Kitty is missing soon after there is a scream from upstairs.  Everyone rushes out of the room to check on Kitty.

A few minutes later in Kitty’s room, George investigates her room.   George finds a newspaper clipping it reads “Kitty Kat was found innocent”.  Another guest tells George that she thought she heard say her name was “Kitty Feline”.  George goes on to read the rest of the clipping.  It basically said that she was proven innocent of her crime and released at 8:00a.m.   They also find another note on the clipping saying “Justice will be done”.   While looking around Miles also finds the blind justice stature.   George suggests that they all return to the dinner room and ask a few questions.   Everyone starts to leave heading back to the dinner room expect for Pat and George.  Pat is starting to feel that something is wrong.  George reassures her that it is all part of the game.  Back, at the dinner room Wiggins suggests that they call the police, Amanda agrees along with one other guest named Walley Wallaby.  Wally is an ex-Children’s television presenter.  George asks Wally why he would want to harm Kitty.  Wally answer him by saying he would never do anything like that he just wants people to be his friend.  Pat asks Miles the same question He tells her in so many words that he didn’t do it.  The last person to get introduced is a soap opera actress by the name of Sally Storm.  George tells Sally that actress always have something to hide.  He asks her if Barton Biggs the missing host in the game was trying to blackmail her.  Sally slightly offended ends the conversation by saying that she doesn’t know he is talking about.  She excuses herself from the dinner table to go to bed.   George suggests everyone do the same and they will start again tomorrow.  Later that night, as everyone was getting settle in for bed there is another scream.  Everyone rushes out of their rooms to find out that Col. Wiggins has been kidnapped in the orange room.  Everyone goes to Col. Wiggin’s room to find that another clipping with his real name Ashby Wiggston and the time he was released at 10:03 and a stature of blind Justice.   George complains about Wiggston closet being bigger than his.  Pat starts to ask some questions everyone account for each other except for George.  It seems that nobody saw George.  The other guest starts to question George whereabouts until Pat intervenes.  She tells them that George is the captain of the mystery weekend.   The remaining guest knows nothing about a mystery weekend and returns to bed.  As they leave the room Pat tells them to lock their rooms.  Pat convinces George to call the cops in hopes that they would be able to help them find the missing people.   When George tries to call the phone line is dead, leaving Pat and George with no way to get help.

George leaves the manor in hopes of being able to start his car.  (In the book only:  George nearly gets killed when the bridge caves in (I could be wrong about this).  George returns to the manor with no luck of getting in car started.  Pat is nervously pacing through the billiard room wondering where George is.  George comes through the back entrance of the billiard room soaking wet.  Pat relieved asks him where he has been all this time.  George tells her about his ordeal with the car and that the bridge is out.  During their conversation, Peeve shows up.  George asks Peeve about the mystery weekend at the Qualms.  Peeve tells him that this is not the Qualms it is in fact Wit’s End.  After another line of questioning, Peeve goes on to tell them that he has been the sole server at Wit’s end for 15 years and that the owner is a reclusive person who only communicates with him through written note.   Pat asks him what his instruction for this weekend was. He tells them that he was to prepare the house for six guests.  The owner was to arrive at noon but it is unlikely due to the storm.  George asks him about secret rooms and basement that are in the house.  Peeve tells him no to all of them. George then asks about the blind justice stature.  Peeve tells them that there have been six statures on that wall ever since he has worked here.  Peeve leaves the room leaving Pat and George with more questions than answers.  Pat and George go over the color chart again to find any patterns.  A few minutes later, another scream can be heard from upstairs.  Pat and George rushes upstairs to find Sally, Miles and Amanda outside their rooms.  Pat and George enter the room of Wally to find the same situation, a news clipping and the stature of the blind justice. The clipping reads “Wally Waffle walks” he was found innocent at 11:03 a.m.  They return to the sitting room, where George tells them that he has searched the rooms and found nothing.  Miles asked if he had check under the beds because some Cats hide under them (Pat has a real winner with this one).  George suggests that they stick together, everyone agrees.  Miles compliments Pat on being associated with Mathnet (apparently, he has seen the series and liked it).  George tells them that they are in a great deal of danger.  Amanda tells them that she can take care of herself.  Pat asks for Amanda, Miles and Sally’s invitations.   She finds out that their real names are Miles Toogo, Sally Stoop and Amanda Wine.  Pat decides to play “What do they know?”  Pat and George found out that the reason they showed up at the manor is because the invitation was sent to a name they haven’t used in years.  Sally, Amanda, and Miles wanted to also find out who found out about them.  Pat asks them if they were accused of a crime they did not commit, found innocent and was tried under their real name.  Sally, Miles and Amanda all answered yes.  Pat also found out that all of them change their names to protect their careers.  Pat and George could not find any other pattern in their cases.  George starts to believe that Peeve knows a lot more than he is telling them.  Sally leaves the room to find Peeve and ask him to make tea.  A few minutes later, there is a scream coming from the kitchen.  Sally rushes out of the kitchen and tells them that something has happen to Peeve.  Everyone gets up and heads towards the kitchen.  When George opens the door, he finds Sally looking over the body of Peeve.  Pat and George go over to investigate Peeve’s body.  George notices that he has been knocked out cold.

Pat plays a game of 3-D tic Tac toe, George returns and tells Pat that Peeve has been put to bed.  Miles wants to know who knock out Peeve.  Amanda accuses Sally of being the one who did it.  Sally decides that she has had enough and wants to return to her room.   Pat suggests that she should stay with them.  Amanda continues to accuse Sally until George tells them it is not a wise idea.   Sally, Miles and Amanda decide to return to their rooms. Leaving Pat and George once again along, they return to the billiard room and try to figure out some things.  George teaches Pat how to play Color Pool.  Somehow George make the white ball hit the other ball aligned to coincide with the color and time of each missing person creating a pattern.  By looking at this pattern they find out that the next person to be taken is Amanda.  George realizes that it could be a time pattern as well.  Pat notices another blind Justice Statue is missing.  Not so long after this, the woman’s screams.  Pat and George go to the green room and finds that Amanda has switch rooms with Miles.  Miles also believed that Amanda was next so he switched out with Amanda in hopes of catching whoever was during this.  They head over to the blue room and find the same as before.  A news clipping and a blind justice statue, the clipping said that Amanda was set free at 12:07p.m.  Sally comes in and tells them that she cannot take any more of this. George ask Sally and Miles what time they was released.  Miles tells them sometime around 1:00 p.m. and Sally tells them she was released at 12:45 p.m.  They head some stairs to drink some coffee.  George asks Miles why he playing only one part of “Over the Rainbow” over and over again. Miles tells him that he can’t remember the other part to it.  Pat and George are conflicted about which pattern to go by.  If the color pattern is true Miles is next.  But, if the time pattern is true Sally is next. They decided to split up to keep an eye on Sally and Miles.  Miles heads to bed.  George follows him pretending that he is going to be as well. Meanwhile, Sally stays downstairs and read a book.   Pat pretends to go to bed but, hide behind some fake flower plants to watch Sally.  After a while of watching Pat hears a scream from upstairs and George hears a scream from downstairs.  The both run into each other on the way the rooms.  They both claim to have heard a scream.  Pat and George check both of the rooms and find another newspaper clipping and a blind justice statue leaving on Pat and George left.

Early that morning, George figures out why the closets are so big except his. Pat and George checks the closets to reveal that there is a possibility of a secret pathway that connect each room.  In the billiard room Pat and George notice the return of two blind justice statues.  It sends a deadly reminder that the kidnapper is still around.  They go over the color chart again trying to find another pattern.  The phone rings, Pat goes to answer it while George checks on Peeve.  Pat tells the operator that they need help and then she hangs up.  She goes to find George in Peeve’s room but he is not there.  Pat continues to wonder if George has become missing.  Pat starts to play “What do I know?” until She fell someone behind her, she turns around It is not George! But, It is the butler Peeve who is in a pissed off mode.   A chase begins; Pat is trying to find her way through the mansion to find an exit to getaway.  Peeve tells her that he has planned the whole thing and Because of his hatred for all thing math (Why not?).  He plans to serve out his own brand of justice. Because, the guest was found innocent through the power of mathematics and set free.  Peeve also tells Pat that he was a court stenographer.  Pat finally makes her way to the dining room.  She searches for away when finally some grabs from the back and pulls into a secret passageway.  George tells her that he have been listening to the whole conversation and been following them throughout the house.  George shows Pat intercom system that is rigged to play a woman scream and a male scream.   They follow the pathway to a cellar room where peeve has everyone that was missing alive in a cage.  Peeve starts to pass to judgment on them.  Pat and George devise a plan.   Pat grabs the gravel from the podium and puts the handle in Peeve’s back mimicking a gun and the guest is freed.  A few minute later in the sitting room, George is tying peeve to the car until the cops come.  Miles is playing the one part to “Over the Rainbow” without the bridge.  George nearly fed up with this ask if he is ever going to learn the bridge.  The sirens of the police car can be heard in the distance.  This triggers Miles memory of the song and now he starts to play the whole song including the bridge.  (From the book:  Pat and George and the rest of the guest decide to stay another day at the manor)

 My Two Cents

I know a lot of you happy people out there has been waiting for me to review this episode.  So, let’s roll!  This is one of my favorite episodes in season five and quite possibly the whole series.   I believe by this time Pat has been established as a character now.  I have to admit her haircut in this season messed me up for couple of years I always thought that this season was season four. I was so wrong.   Another thing we meet Miles will eventually play a bigger role in Pat’s life.  Pat and Miles is a major pairing in this fandom if you want to know more about them check out Mathnet: Pairings   for further information on them.  I think what was more interesting to me was the interaction between Amanda and George .  They make me laugh everytime I see that scene when she does that karate move on George.  I finally figured out who the person that Toni was talking about in the interview ( You should check out that interview its interesting.)   There are some plot hole in this and one of the biggest is How did peeve manage to effectively kidnapped two people at the same time? It just boggle my mind because Pat was and let’s be honest was in the vicinity she would have heard Sally Struggling at some point.  Peeved was not able back then to pull a Dexter on anyone.  I believe there was a mole or a second person working with him.  Who was it I don’t know.  I don’t care how good you are there is no way two people could disappear willing at the same time with no sign of  a struggle.   I think what make this episode for me is the confrontation between Pat and Peeved near the end.  I remember I was on the edge or my seat when I first saw this as a child. I was hoping that Pat found someway out or attempted to knock the living daylights out of Peeve.  I would like to think that if this wasn’t geared towards kids. Pat would have kick his butt or attempted to with the pool poles.    This is also Joe Howard’s favorite episode which is awesome!  All and All this was a strong opener for there final season.  I like that it wasn’t a regular case.  I also like that it wasn’t math strong in this one.  I do wished that they used the entire house because there is a pool in the back.  That I can think of quite few scenes that would have been great.

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Since all the guest has had a lot in common with Pat and George when it came to being accused and eventually proven innocent through Math.  Check out these episodes to see how it all went down in Pat and George’s trials.

Next Time

We leave the world of crazy Butlers who hate math and math accessories.  Only to  enter the world of ventriloquism and We also find out that dummies can also be a smart ass to George as well.