Season Five: Episode Two

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In this episode we learn about the shady side of Counterfeit while discovering a possible rival for Pat.


A Ventriloquist act of Charlie and Edgar calls on Pat and George to help them find their missing partner Lolly.  While investigating the one million dollars found in Edgar’s bag.


Here is a quick overview of Part’s one and two.  Pat comes into work to find George yapping it up with a dummy Charlie and with his ventriloquist partner Charlie.  They enlist the help of Pat and George to recover their lost friend and fellow dummy Lolly Pop.  The bag that she was in was switched with another bag containing over 1 million dollars.  Pat calls TWM to see if someone has reported the bag but finds out that no one has reported the bag to the airport.  They go back to the office to examine the claim checks to try to match a possible route for the bag.  It didn’t help locate the possible owner.  If the money is illegal Charlie and Edgar’s life is in danger.   George calls Charlie and Edgar and tells them to lock the doors, and not to open it until the come.  Pat and George leave the office and heads to Charlie and Edgar’s apartment but, when they approached the door to the apartment an explosion happens.

Pat and George come in to find Charlie holding a rifle aimed at the door.  George goes over and takes the gun away from Charlie. Pat and George warn them about someone who is possibly coming after them for the money.  Charlie suggests speaking with their talent agent Broadway Annie Rose to see if anyone has come by looking for them.    Pat and George arrive at the talent office to speak with Annie about disappearance of Lolly. Annie tells them that no one has asked about them.  Annie tells them that she is their 10 percent-er .  Pat thinks it is unfair for Annie to be taken that much of their money. “Do I detect Sass? (from Pat never)”   Annie goes on to explain the reason why she is taking 10% and why it is important for her to so.   Anne shows Pat and George the Itinerary from Charlie and Edgar’s last tour.  Pat asks her how much they made on the tour.  Annie tells her 75,000 in which she paid very little from it.  Annie goes on to them another story about a foot juggler that you can get athletes hand from.  She goes to say that it is very difficult to make a lot of money because of different circumstances that surrounds different talent, which leads to Pat changing her mind about Annie.  Back at the office, Pat recounts the money.  They find out that the money was taken from banks in the city that Charlie and Edgar did a show in.

The next morning Pat comes in to find Cpt. Greco was going over with George the information that he had found out from each police station in each city.  Cpt. Greco tells them that there were a couple of bank robberies in a few of those cities.  The phone rings, It is a call from the district attorney she wants to speak with Pat and George about the case.  D.A. Wofford tells Pat and George during their high-charged meeting that Charlie and Edgar have been identified as the robbers and that she has a strong cased against them.   She also with delicious glee tells them that she has put Charlie and Edgar in jail.  On their way George tells Pat about how he had to spend one day in jail at Mathnet University.   This requirement had change by the time Pat went to the university.   At, the jail Charlie tells them that they are innocent.  George tells them that they were seen in Minneapolis.  Charlie tells them that were never in Minneapolis because they were snowed in.  They were stuck in Des Moines and the show in Minneapolis was cancelled so they had to ship that city and move on to the next.  Back at the office, Cpt. Greco tells them that Charlie’s story checked out and they are released from jail.  Cpt. Greco uses a Hamiltonian Circuit to chart the exact route of Charlie and Edgar.  George suggests that the bag might have been following them.   Cpt. Greco tells them while leaving out that he has some people trying to find out if there were other ventriloquists during show around the same time.  D.A. Wofford comes in upset that Charlie and Edgar was released on a technicality. George tells her that he didn’t want to see her involved in miscarriage of justice.  D.A Wofford storms out of the room as Cpt. Greco returns to the room the only act he could find was at a mall opening.  The name of the act was called “Nosebleed and Snerd.”  Charlie and Edgar come into the office newly released on bail.  Pat asks them about “Nosebleed and Snerd”. Charlie did not know anything about them.  Pat calls Annie to find out more about the act.  George tells him that he believes that someone has set them up.  Pat finishes her phone call and tells them that Snerd is Jealous and she calls them a brunch of losers.  D.A Wooford comes back and tells them that the money is counterfeit and threatens to put Charlie and Edgar in jail for counterfeiting.

Pat and George go to see an informant name Blinky.  He tells them how to tell if money is counterfeit.  They return to the office, they figure out that Snerd went to some of the same region as Charlie but, different regions.  Cpt. Greco comes with an unsavory landlord who claim Floyd Snerd paid rent with Counterfeit money. The landlord tells him that Snerd has left for Costa Rica.  Charlie and Edgar come in and invite Pat and George to ASFAS (Award Show for the Award Shows).   They decline the offer and continue to work on the case.  They figure out that Merlin and the Munches is not the real thing and that Snerd set it all up.  Pat and George go to the award show.   Merlin and the munchkins is performing when Merlin is about to saw Lola (dummy) in half.  Charlie recognizes her voice.  This also brings Edgar out of his comatose state.  They all go up on stage and stop the performance saving Lolly.  Snerd is arrested.

My Two Cents

This episode was pretty good!  I must say I like the dress Pat wore at the end it was very classy.  It was standard episode I could only see the last three parts of due to limited resources.  I like the D.A in this I thought she would have made a great rival for Pat.   Pat calling Snerd a loser was funny.   Another thing I notice in this episode that they call George a Jackass by using the mule sound effect right after he tells Annie you could just call the them. This is one of the reasons I like this series because you never know when they are going to try to get away with something.  There was also a reference to The Mystery of Maltese Pigeon .  When Charlie say “Oh, Really”  and George response to him was ” No, O’ Riley”.  To get this reference you need to see that episode.  I was surprised that it was used as a  reference.  I wouldn’t think no one would get it if they have not seen the episode in the first run of it.  I know by that time Kate Monday episodes  was few and far between.

Next Episode

In this next episode we leave the world of Dummies and Dummy accessories to enter the music world.  We also learn that a one hit wonder about math can take you long way. We also learn that George has a whatttttttttt?   We also see can I acquire this elusive episode or go screaming in the night.   This is also part two of the musical episodes.