Season Five: Episode Four

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In this episode we try to uncover a sunken ship somewhere in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. While trying to figure the real mystery about Pat’s appointment.


Trudy Eppitide seeks out Pat and George ‘s help in finding her Gramps Epptide sunken ship and hopefully clearing his name in the process.


Pat and George is ask to go on a television talk show called “Donnaway” to promote “Math Awareness Week”. Donnaway, the talk show host, is probably the most ill inform person Pat and George has ever met. During this interview they talk about the importance of having a strong mathematical background. Donnaway still does not get the point and starts to crack jokes at their expense. George having just about enough of the way Donnaway was acting does this powerful speech about how math is affecting the children. This causes an audience uproar that leads to Donnaway calming them down. Donnaway goes on to introduce his next guest Capt. Philip Francis Bogey Queeg who has just come back for an expedition involving old b-rated sci-fi monsters and the Bermuda Triangle. Eventually, this sends George over the edge leading Pat and George to be kick off of Donnaway’s show. Once back stage they receive a phone call from Trudy Eppitide requesting a meeting and accusing Capt. Queeg of being a liar.

In Central Park, Pat and George meet with Trudy. Trudy tells them about her model ship that is a replica of the one that Capt. Queeg and she was looking for. Trudy also tells them the ship was commission in 1776. The ship was carrying supplies for the British. Trudy’s Great – Great- Great- Great- Grandfather was onboard and was the Captain. The ship’s name is called the H.M.S Twain. Trudy goes on to tell them that she wants to clear her Great – Great- Great- Great- Grandfather’s name. The British was going to hang him for being a traitor. Even though he left journals and stuff no one has been able to find the exact the location the sunken ship and that it was in codes until Trudy decoded them. Trudy invites Pat and George over to her apartment to show them her findings. At, Trudy’s apartment they look at map that say “Dig Deeper and Tri-Tri again “. After, she decoded Trudy tries another solution Involving Hamilton 70 and Jackson 60. She used triangulation to find the other point. She figured that her Great – Great- Great- Great- Grandfather buried the treasure there. Trudy went to the site and asks permission to dig. After digging a big giant hole in the ground they found nothing. The next solution leads her to Hamilton, Bermuda. Trudy requested a grant from the National Historical Society to try to recover the ship but, the money ran out. Pat asks Trudy about her involvement with Queeg. Trudy tells her that Queeg has a savage company and also that he was the only one willing to go into the Bermuda Triangle. Pat asks Trudy about the reason the ship was near Hamilton. Trudy tells them that because of a storm they had to reroute through the Bermuda Triangle. The ship eventually went into a hurricane and shipwrecked her Great Grandfather. He was eventually brought to trial and tried for sedition. He was going to be hang but, he escape. Pat comments on how exciting Trudy’s family is. George also comments by saying that his Great – Great- Great- Great- Grandfather met Jessie James “He told him the location of the Well Fargo office”. Trudy tells them that she used sonar to sweep the area and found the ship. Before they could investigate the area Queeg backs out. Trudy hopes by entering the boat race to raise some more money to go back to site. Pat asks Trudy, why did she call them? Trudy tells her that she wanted to let them know that they was right about Queeg . She also wanted them to arrest him for lying on television. Back at the office, Trudy comes by and ask Pat and George for a favor. She has found someone who is willing to sail back out there. She was wondering if Pat and George could accompany her to Bermuda. Pat and George leave the office to convince Capt. Greco let them have a day off to go with Trudy to Bermuda.

In Hamilton, Bermuda Trudy, Pat, George and Benny meets Capt. Long John Silverplate at a restaurant named “The Lair”. They talk for a little while until Queeg shows up with the sonar. They head off to Long John’s ship. Queeg sets up the sonar when it gets close to the site. The magnetic compass starts to go crazy along with moans being heard throughout the ship. Long John fearing that the ship and everyone in it was in danger decides to turn it head back to shore. Once back at pier, Queeg warns them about the Bermuda Triangle and tells them that he is not going back there and they should do the same. After that disappointing let down, Pat calls Capt. Greco who tells them to come back and not to ask for permission to Bermuda ever again. Back at the office, Benny rigged an experiment involving a magnetic compass. Pat concluded that Queeg could have concealed a Magnetic Compass with a switch. The moans that were heard could have been coming from a tape recorder that was also hidden. Trudy comes in with her model ship of the HMS Twain. She has won the boat race and was awarded the 1000 dollars. The money will help her return with Long John to investigate the ship. Long John calls the office and tells Trudy that Queeg has filed for savage rights blocking Trudy’s attempt investigate the ship. Trudy heartbroken tears the check for the 1000 in half.

Trudy goes on the “Donnaway” show to discredit him. Queeg also appears on the show and tells Donnaway that excavated the ship and found nothing. Trudy still believes that there was something on that ship. Trudy decides that she will have to start over again. Back at the office, Pat and George are watching the show. They are still under decided if Queeg is telling the truth. George believes that he has nothing to gain since he has the salvage rights. A few minutes later, Pat looks at her watch and tells George that she is late for an appointment. Leaving George along for a couple of hours and slightly irritated. When Pat comes back to the office, George starts to question her but, the phone rings, Trudy’s apartment. Pat and George arrive at the apartment Trudy is okay. But, her apartment is ransack the burglars was after something and there was a sweet smell in there to. They take copies of her Great- Grandfather paper. She made two copies from the original. Trudy shows them an old paper that was found in a bottle by her Great Grandfather. This paper has the inscription “Alas mas think not Attitude 1236” which is an anagram for “Sank at Hamilton Latitude 32 degrees 16 minutes”. Trudy decides to keep searching despite the minor setback. Pat and George decide to continue the search with Trudy. They request the second copy of her Great- Grandfather’s Journals. They return to the office and go over the Journal. Pat in the middle of this and says that “She will be back”. George catches her on this and tells her not to take 2 hours like last time. Benny comes in, Benny and George goes over the possibly that the bottle was drop near the coast of the united states in order for it to have made it to Nova Scotia. Benny decided to check on it and Pat returns to the office. George tells Pat about the message that goes “What a duo! What a Pair! They are a couple beyond compare! What a twosome! What a Duet, With a Twin like her I am sorry we met!” Pat figure that her Great Grand was into twains. The HMS Twain has a Twain in it. The phone rings and it is Trudy. Trudy tells them that she has found something but, before she could tell Pat, she is kidnapped. The last thing Pat hears is “Blame Earl”.

The search continues for Trudy who is now in dangerous hands. Pat just got through talking to lab on the phone. They didn’t find anything but Sgt. Abruzzi found something and is bringing it over. Pat and George go over the document again. They are now starting to believe that HMS Twain had another ship. George places a call to The British Maritime to get information on the HMS Twine and a possible sister ship. Sgt. Abruzzi comes in with his usual flirting self. He gives her a marble found at Trudy’s apartment. Sgt. Abruzzi tells Pat that he has “Prettier Marbles at his house” (Pat is not interested in the content of you Marbles). Sgt. Abruzzi leaves the room with his pride bruise a little bit more. The marble that was found was the same one that Queeg carries around for relieving stress. Benny returns to the office, they speak with a representative from the British Maritime. He conforms that there was indeed a second ship. Through using Triangulation they find the coordinate to the actual ship. Benny, Pat, and George along with Capt. Long John plan a deep sea diving mission to find the treasure at the sunken ship. On the boat, George is sent down to search for the treasure. But, things go horribly wrong when Queeg (with mask like someone was not going to notice him) shows up along with a Kidnapped Trudy (at gun point) and a couple of henchmen. Queeg order the Henchmen to cut George’s airline. But, is stopped by Capt. Greco who is also armed with a bunch of Cops, in one final attempt Queeg goes over and successfully cuts off George’s Airline. Pat goes over to the line as Queeg is being arrested. George hollows over at Pat who sees George on another boat with the treasure in hand. Trudy recognizes the sweet smell that she notices in her apartment. It turns out that it is not Queeg but Donnaway (a moment that even Scooby-Doo would have been proud of this moment.). Yeah, confusion has set in on everyone. Donnaway’s motive was simple he wanted the treasure to himself just at the expense of a potentially dead Detective. Back at the office, Pat and George tells Trudy that Her Great Grandfather to the 4th power sunk the ship himself in order to protect the colonies. Trudy says that the British was right to try to hang him he was traitor for the Americans thank goodness!

My Two Cents

Trudy must have been the very few high-schoolers that I know that is a independent minor ( there is a word of this I just can’t think of it ) who have a lot of time and money to go to Bermuda with total strangers in search of her ancestor boat. I am pretty sure that this a 20 year old playing this role. It just strikes me as odd that there is no mention of a parent and the fact that she is able to leave on her own. Even during her disappearance at the hands of Donnaway. There was still no mention of a parent or current relatives. As, I child I didn’t pay much attention to this episode I was just hoping for the Friday’s episode to come around. It seemed like that I always missed the ending to this episode. Okay, I know this what most of you are waiting for Pat’s Appointment. I have a couple of theories. I believe that it might have been three things one of them being the least likely.

Pregnancy Appointment

We all know or at least some of us know that Pat and Miles ( someone else completely) are in the scheme of thing may have at this point have started a full relationship or a one night stand at wit’s end. There was some time between The case of the Mystery Weekend and The case of The Bermuda Triangle. This was brought to my attention on Jill’s awesome site. She is very moody in this episode especially to George. George seems very caught of guard by this more so with this appointment. George does attempt to confronts her about the appointment but fails when the phone rings. She also had to leave out for a second time. I can only speculate that it was the results of the pregnancy test.

Well Woman Exams

I am going to spare the details of this type of exam. I will just say that this is full blown and varies in time. There is one part of the exam that you will be getting results for but that takes up to a couple of weeks to get back.

Afternoon Delight

Well, she is a woman and she has needs. Truly, if this is the case I would be so happy for her. Because being around George can take its toll on a person. I do have my doubts about this one the account that it does not require to leave a second time.

Out of all of these possibilities it is safe to say that Number One is most likely. I do wonder was this going to be part of a new story line for the series or was there talk about moving to it ABC that early on. Sadly, There is only one person left who would know that answer behind the appointment. This is one of the many questions that will hopefully be answered one day. Moving on, We are introduced to another type of uniform. Full uniform with short pants. I wished they would have been in regular clothes it just seemed to hot for all that. The Mable Joke is classic. I have to repeat Sgt. Abruzzi for his relentless efforts in trying to make Pat his. I just want to say to him “Give it Up, Pat does not have any interest in you.” He would probably say ” Oh, she just playing hard to get”.

The Next Time

After five seasons, we have finally made to series final. In this serious and heartwarming episode Emmy Kelly, daughter of one Pat’s Friends Emit Kelly. Seeks out Pat’s help to clear her Father’s name in a embezzlement crime.