Hi, Guys!

I know that  some of you great people are wondering when I am going to post the series finale.  It is going to be in the near future ( I promise you).  I am going to be honest with you for the moment.  Out of all the episode this one annoys the hell out of me.  It’s not because of the plot. I do think even though it had its light moments in it , it was a very serious episode.  It was just one single thing in this episode that Pat does and I believe George does this as well.  It’s a phase that they used repeatedly in this “ATM or Automated Teller Machine” .  It cannot be one or the other it has to be both.  I know its silly for me to get urk by this. I remember as a little girl this really irritated me. I wanted to say ” Please, shut up, we have gotten it after the sixth time you said it.  I really think it was just me.  I just wanted to give an update.  I am going to post a few more video of  different aspects of there careers outside of Mathnet.  It will give people a chance to see these great actor in other shows or productions.  So that’s all for now! Bye!