Yeah, you probably wondering from this misleading title.  What is going on “Did I really get fired?”.   Rest to sure that I haven’t been fired from anything yet!  “I got fired!” is a musical written by Ken Varney and Starring him.   I am trying to expose other works that my favorite actors have done over a period time.  This site is geared predominantly towards Mathnet and to a lesser extent Square One Television.  It great to look at some of the the other works they have done since Mathnet.  Back, to the musical,   This musical is set  in mainly a office setting.  It just tells the general b.s that happens in this office space.  It has some really great song in this musical.  Especially, the one that  Toni Dibuono sing in this is great.  The cast is great in this as well. Unfortunate, I didn’t this it originally ran.  I wasn’t aware of it at the time until it was to late.   The clip I am going to show is another gem from youtube.  This video taken at a awards show in Korea.  The musical won a couple awards.  The second one is from a Korean news program.  But, it does features Toni that song I like and There is a nice interview with Ken Varney.  It  awesome and it is great to see like this.

And here is the second clip.