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October 2012

That Awkward Moment!

Hello, Everyone

It has been very quiet around here, I know. Since, I have completed the full series of Mathnet. I haven’t been updating as much. The main reason being that I have been very busy with School and outside project for my classes. My plans of the upcoming months for this blog is two a massive re-do on all the posts mostly for any spelling or grammar errors. I am also going to move all the videos concerning cast members into there own post under their bios. I am also going to hopefully be able to have completed bio in the future.

I am also planning on doing a Vlog for this blog (Like, someone would ever want to know about my life) It is mainly for me to look back and say what the hell did I just do. It mostly going to be about my time working in the theater department. There is nothing much going on as far as anything. So yeah just stay tuned! Bye

Fanart that I have made

I thought I would move this to the main page for a bit.  Since this seriously over looked.  Enjoy!

Pat and George during what they do best!

Mathnet: The Case of The Piggy Banker (Series Final)

Season Five: Episode Five 

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In this heartwarming episode Season Final.  The stakes our high for Pat’s friend Emit Kelly when he is accused of Embezzlement at the bank he works for.  We finally learn “Where In the world is Carman Sandiago?” and Why is she an he?

Author’s Note: Due to limited resources.  The summary of this episode was taken from” The Square one Television.Org” site and all the credit goes to them for the summary.


Emmy Kelly, One of Pat’s good friends comes to Mathnet in hopes that Pat and George can clear her farther’s name before it’s to late.

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Commenting Update!

It has been brought to my attention that there has been a situation with the commenting aspect of the WordPress!  I have check to see if there is a way for people who do not have a WordPress account to comment on my various articles.  There are two ways for you to comment  through email and or Facebook account.  I am seriously thinking about adding a couple of  fellow admin on here.   In the future I have plans for expanding this website.   I love a good discussion especially on Mathnet.  So, please feel free to comment.  I know that some of you are already jumping in and I would like to thank you.   If you guys are having an  more problems let me know!  You can email me at

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