Season Five: Episode Five 

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In this heartwarming episode Season Final.  The stakes our high for Pat’s friend Emit Kelly when he is accused of Embezzlement at the bank he works for.  We finally learn “Where In the world is Carman Sandiago?” and Why is she an he?

Author’s Note: Due to limited resources.  The summary of this episode was taken from” The Square one Television.Org” site and all the credit goes to them for the summary.


Emmy Kelly, One of Pat’s good friends comes to Mathnet in hopes that Pat and George can clear her farther’s name before it’s to late.


Pat’s friend Emmy Kelly’s father is accused of embezzlement at the Bank of Legume. Emit Kelly and his daughter Emmy are clowns who put on birthday parties for children whose families can’t afford them. Simon Legume shows them that the pattern of branch embezzlements matches Kelly’s branch assignments. Meanwhile, Kelly is jailed but tries to console Emmy. The money was stolen from ATMs, or automatic teller machines, and the security cameras show a clown. They investigate other clowns. The Mathnetters, with Emmy, notice that the missing money is always a multiple of nine, because all of the digits add up to a multiple of nine. Bank embezzlement occurs, which frees Emit from jail. They determine that $100 bills were loaded into the slots for $10 bills and activated by a special account number. Thus, each bill withdrawn resulted in a $90 profit. They stake out an ATM to catch the real thief, and the clowns throw a birthday party for Michelle at Mathnet HQ.

My Final Two Cents

When I started this attempt at doing  a Mathnet summary/review few months ago.  I honestly didn’t believe that I could commit myself to complete all the episodes. We have been on this crazy rollercoaster of a ride.   Now, sadly it has all come to a end.  What would have happen? If this series was told on a different network.  Would the format of this show had change? or If it stayed on PBS for another series, Would the we have seen the mystery of  Pat’s appointment come to life.  The only people who can really answer this questions are sadly no longer with us.  Maybe one day,  One of the greats actors of this series will drop by and answer a few questions.  Just to give a little insight into what might have been from their perspective.  I think that this episode is a perfect ending to the series.   It leaves you wondering what is next for Pat and George.    I have to admit there are a lot of  unanswered questions in the series as a whole.   It has been great fun doing this.

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