Happy New year to everyone out there!

It is amazing that less than seven months ago.  I started this blog with nothing more than concept and goal.  As I looked back at the many blessing of the pass year.  I can look forward with a fantastic optimistic view of the year to come.  My goal of completing the summary with for the Mathnet Series is completed.

The thought process behind that was the continue selling out of a certain video posting site that will remain nameless.  This site known  for taken down stuff that other wise cannot be found anywhere else and can be helpful to others especially with math.  I thought it would cool to do a full complete summary in a complete episode format. So that is what I did for three months going though this



to this


It was a wild ride! Since I was truly not a Kate fan. This was until I set back and watched the full season.  By the end of her era I found myself missing her.   During this time I made a life decision to to become a lighting designer for theater.  Yay Me!   Also last year two amazing people entered my life Jill and Brian without them I probably wouldn’t been inspired to go on with this.  Thank You so much.   To my followers you rock thanks for being there and going along for the ride.

A Side note 

If  Mathnet was ever to be rebooted going strictly off what doctor who did during there “Wilderness Years” .  I was thinking George and Pat will be longest running Mathnet Agents to date.   George and Pat 18 Years as of now since the show ended.  I am still hopeful that this is a wilderness stage for them.  I am crossing my finger that someone will do a reunion show.  One can dream!

What’s Next

As we enter 2013,  I will be adding more stuff to this site.  Hopefully soon.