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June 2013

My Current Household (The Sims 3 June)

This is my current  household for June. I know I haven’t one of these in a while! I hope you all enjoy this!

Biography update!

I have recently added the interviews from Annals of Spacetime to the actors page.  The reason I have decided to add it.  Is mainly because it is such a well done interview and It answers alot of question about the series.  I have also updated the Sims 3 page.  I will be adding a temporary gallery to this site as well.


Remembering Square One Via Mental Floss

For all you Square One TV fans out there.  Mental Floss has posted a awesome article focusing on Square One TV.  Which I am very happy about because it is about a damn time that someone recognizes the awesomeness of this series.  So, Sit back and enjoy the read.

The “Something’s Out There” page has been update.

Yes,  after along debate and impatience I decide to update this page.  It has updated revisions and screen captures of  the scripts. This is just an archival base only.  This is  purely for entertainment purposes only. But, one can dream a little dream.

1st Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to this wonderful blog!  

Yes, who would have thought that I would be sitting here typing this at this moment.  A year later,  I am still up and running.  I would like to take time out to thank all my followers and friends who have support me through this wonderful Journey.  I know this was short and sweet but,  I will save the retrospect for the 5 year mark of this blog.  My goal for the upcoming  year is to create a community on here and get some interviews in before the year is out.   But, first thing is first working on the blog.  I want to add more contributors to this site since I am having trouble with Ideas right now.  A second Moderator would work.  This is my plans so far for the future.   I want to say thank you all again for your support!

So without farther adieu! Here is some videos I have made from The Mathnet Series! It still need a little work!   Most of the videos that was used was off youtube! I hope that you all enjoy it!

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