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This is a blog to chronicle the random and wonderful things that happens in my life.

George’s Profile


Since, this is more adult content in certain parts.  I have moved the profile over to this site.  I really like this profile and is proud of it. The profile still needs some work. I hope you all enjoy it.

George Profile

Site Update!

If  anyone have any suggesting’s on how to improve this site.  Please let me know.  I am trying to decided on what to do next.


New Mathnet Game!( No Longer Available)  

Source: New Mathnet Game

This link no longer works and I think the site might have changed also.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting this site! It really means a lot to me.  I do plan to start revamping this site soon.


The Man, The Myth, and The Legend!

jcsmovieA lot has happened since I last updated this blog. About two weeks ago I had to the pleasure of attending a 40th anniversary screening of Jesus Christ Superstar Movie.  It starred The Magnificent Ted Neeley and The great Carl Anderson.  It also starred Barry Dennen and Yvonne Elliman.  The screening was held in Richardson, Texas.  It is not that far from me when traffic is not bad.  So my friend and I decided to go.  The day of the adventure, Everything went smoothly.  We left on time and made it to Dallas.  To make a long story short. We was in traffic for longer than we expected.  We made it there with only two minutes to spare. By the time we got to the event the previews was just about done! Sigh, We didn’t missed anything.

The Q&A

He discussed the process behind the making of JCS.  Ted was joined by two other cast members.  Larry Marshall (Simon) and Kurt Yajin (Annas).  There was trivia question and as a result I won a free CD so that was cool.

The Movie

It was great watching it on the big screen and It was almost unreal that the actual star was watching it as well.  Now, afterwards was the meet and greet.  Where I got a chance to meet Ted Neeley. He is a kind and generous man and He gave me so much advice.

Overall, It was a good experience.

New Mathnet Game!

So,  This is a new game I made on UsvsThem it is loosely based off  2048 and highly addictive.  Enjoy!


This is a preview of the game!

Here is the link–edition-2/


Happy Second Anniversary!!!

It has been a while since I have posted any new stuff.  Sorry about that my life has been very busy as of late.  Two years ago, I started this blog to show my appreciation for a series that I watched when I was young.  I would never have thought that is blog would have last this long.   I am very excited about the future and hope that this blog will grow into something special. I would like thank follower and viewers.  I could not have done this without you all.


My Current Household for July ( The Sims 3)

RIP Quxxn And Talia



Today I found out that a great youtube star/Simmer Quxxn has passed away.  I would like to  send my heartfelt condolences to her family.  I started watching her channel about a year ago.  I loved how she played The Sims as a clean game ( No Cheats).   She was a funny, talented person your ending to each episode “Have an super fantastic, splendid amazing day” will live on forever.  This was a great lost to the simming community. Quxxn ( even though I didn’t know her) she was an inspiration for me and countless others.  Though her videos I saw a new and exciting way for playing this wonderful game.  She will be truly missed. The link to her wonderful Sim Series can be found here   . Also this weekend another Youtube star  Talia Joy Castellano  known for her amazing inspiration has passed away after a  6 year battle with cancer.  May flights of angels receive her into heaven.  May we keep her family in our thoughts.

This has been a sad weekend we have lost two amazingly talented young women.  RIP Quxxn and Talia

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