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Joe Howard

The Pinch

We have looked at some of the works of  Beverly Leech and Toni Dibuono.  Now,  I think it is only fitting to look at the awesome work of Joe Howard.  This Video comes from Youtube.

The Pinch

This was written by Joe Howard.  It is awesome, when I first saw this it reminded of  George.   I like that this character he is playing  is more subtle.   I ended up using this version as a bases for my character profile on George. Enough about that!  Enjoy!

Mathnet Song: “The Broadway Song”

Okay, This also should have been posted with the original story.  But,  I could not post  the last one without sharing this one!  I do understand this is the more popular one out of the two. This is not mine a nice person posted on YT with the lyrics. This song is from “The unkidnapping”  Enjoy!

Mathnet Song: “Without Math” Or “Don’t Leave, Just Stay, I’ll Go”

Okay, I should have done this with “Off The Record”.  I have decided to do something incredibly risky and instead of during lyrics with the last one. I decided to do the video version instead.  So I hope that everyone enjoys this! I did this because you all are awesome and this is rare! I wanted to share this with you all.   It also shows off some amazing talent in this one.

You might want to turn the volume down on this one it is a bit loud.

Mathnet: The Case of “Off The Record”

Season Five: Episode Three 

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Author’s Note:  I would like to take time out to thank a very awesome person, Brian .  I don’t believe that this episode review would have not been possible without his help. Dear Visitor if you have time take a minute and to Brian’s site “Square One. Org” ( found in the links section of this blog )  .  It was an inspiration to me and without it I think I wouldn’t have came this far.  Once again thank you for your kind Generosity.

In this music filled episode, we learn that Gerbil’s have personality and We also learn that learn that “Without Math” is a love song!?


A formal Mathnet University alumni Carol Devillbis  calls on Pat and George to look into a possible Payola scam involving the record company “Off the Record”.

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Mathnet: The Case of The Mystery Weekend

Season Five: Episode One 

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In this final Season opener,  Pat gets an new hairstyle and is invited to a mystery weekend with George.  But, quickly finds out that it is anything but.


Pat and George doing a severe thunderstorm makes a wrong turn and gets involved in a dangerous real life mystery.

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