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Site update

Biography update!

I have recently added the interviews from Annals of Spacetime to the actors page.  The reason I have decided to add it.  Is mainly because it is such a well done interview and It answers alot of question about the series.  I have also updated the Sims 3 page.  I will be adding a temporary gallery to this site as well.


The “Something’s Out There” page has been update.

Yes,  after along debate and impatience I decide to update this page.  It has updated revisions and screen captures of  the scripts. This is just an archival base only.  This is  purely for entertainment purposes only. But, one can dream a little dream.

Back in the Habit ( sort of )

So, Everyone out there that is viewing this right now.  I just wanted to drop by and say hi.  Since I haven’t updated this in a while.   The last few months  have been very busy for me in terms of working on my very first production as a ALD ( Assistant Lighting Designer).   It was a wild ride and I have enjoyed every minute of it.    It was a blessing to work with so many talented people.  It was also quite the learning experience for me.  “Picasso at Lapine Agile”  was  a great production the actors embodied characters they played and made it their own.  The crew was also awesome in this from stage to lighting and sound.  It was an well old machine.  I can literally go on and on about how great this was.

2013-03-19 08.26.46
This is the name plates that I designed for this production.

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A New Year!

Happy New year to everyone out there!

It is amazing that less than seven months ago.  I started this blog with nothing more than concept and goal.  As I looked back at the many blessing of the pass year.  I can look forward with a fantastic optimistic view of the year to come.  My goal of completing the summary with for the Mathnet Series is completed.

The thought process behind that was the continue selling out of a certain video posting site that will remain nameless.  This site known  for taken down stuff that other wise cannot be found anywhere else and can be helpful to others especially with math.  I thought it would cool to do a full complete summary in a complete episode format. So that is what I did for three months going though this



to this


It was a wild ride! Since I was truly not a Kate fan. This was until I set back and watched the full season.  By the end of her era I found myself missing her.   During this time I made a life decision to to become a lighting designer for theater.  Yay Me!   Also last year two amazing people entered my life Jill and Brian without them I probably wouldn’t been inspired to go on with this.  Thank You so much.   To my followers you rock thanks for being there and going along for the ride.

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What’s been going on?

Well, I see everyone has actually survived the 21st.  So, I guess that there will not be  “Armageddon week” on the history channel this year.  Oh, wait they did it for twenty one days this year.  Nevertheless, We are here and that is something to be thankful about.  So what is my plans for this site in 2013.  Honestly, I have no clue as of yet!  Since the main purpose of this site was to bring awareness to “Mathnet”.  I actually have no ideal of how to promote this.   I have been looking back at the various older posts from different episodes.  I am honestly astounded that  somehow I made it through the whole series.   This site will probably eventually move on to a full blown website in the future.

In other news…..

I have been looking at a couple older projects one is a mini series I am writing called “The Messiah”.   Which is shaping up to be good I think.  I am still trying to figure out how “Something’s out there” ( working title) is going to come along.  Since it is attempt at a reboot.  I must treat as such.  I want to leave some of the original in without it being exactly like the original.   If that makes any sense.   I  have also decided to become a lighting designer and hopefully Theatrical Electrician.   It is time that I stick with something and not constantly switch around.


So, I hope that everyone is having a great holiday.  I will try to update more often since I have time.

After Thanksgiving post

I hope that everyone is have a great Thanksgiving break.  I know that it has been quiet lately around here.   I have been very busy with collage.  I have also started working on a production of “Picasso at the Lapine Agile” which I am very excited about.  I get to play with lights. I am so thankful that I have one of the best Lighting Designer in the Theater world teaching me.    I am still planning on doing the bios during the Christmas break. I know that a lot of you are wondering what is  the  ” Something’s out there ” Section of my blog is about.   Well,  I guess I can talk about this a little.   I  have been fortunate to be working with the talented amazing  Jillthepill on this little project.  It is basically a reboot of “Mathnet” minus the Math.   I just feel that it was time to try to do a final gesture with.  I do want to also thank  Brian for taking time out to read the first revisions of the scripts.   The plan is to make six scripts total.  I don’t have an end game for this script yet but I am just taking it day by day.  So we will see what is going to happen.

I hope that everyone is safe and Have a great Thanksgiving holiday . Until next time.

That Awkward Moment!

Hello, Everyone

It has been very quiet around here, I know. Since, I have completed the full series of Mathnet. I haven’t been updating as much. The main reason being that I have been very busy with School and outside project for my classes. My plans of the upcoming months for this blog is two a massive re-do on all the posts mostly for any spelling or grammar errors. I am also going to move all the videos concerning cast members into there own post under their bios. I am also going to hopefully be able to have completed bio in the future.

I am also planning on doing a Vlog for this blog (Like, someone would ever want to know about my life) It is mainly for me to look back and say what the hell did I just do. It mostly going to be about my time working in the theater department. There is nothing much going on as far as anything. So yeah just stay tuned! Bye

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