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The Sims 3

My Current Household for July ( The Sims 3)

RIP Quxxn And Talia



Today I found out that a great youtube star/Simmer Quxxn has passed away.  I would like to  send my heartfelt condolences to her family.  I started watching her channel about a year ago.  I loved how she played The Sims as a clean game ( No Cheats).   She was a funny, talented person your ending to each episode “Have an super fantastic, splendid amazing day” will live on forever.  This was a great lost to the simming community. Quxxn ( even though I didn’t know her) she was an inspiration for me and countless others.  Though her videos I saw a new and exciting way for playing this wonderful game.  She will be truly missed. The link to her wonderful Sim Series can be found here   . Also this weekend another Youtube star  Talia Joy Castellano  known for her amazing inspiration has passed away after a  6 year battle with cancer.  May flights of angels receive her into heaven.  May we keep her family in our thoughts.

This has been a sad weekend we have lost two amazingly talented young women.  RIP Quxxn and Talia

The Sims 3: My Current Household

I wanted to change it up a little so I made a current house video of the family that I am currently playing .  Yes,  you hear my voice unfortunately! I hope you enjoy this!

The Sims 3 seasons!

Oh, yes you are reading it right.   After years of waiting  the most anticipated expansion pack  for The Sims 3 franchise is finally here!    Earlier today EA released the trailer for the next expansion pack that is due after Supernatural.   This is expansion pack is going to be awesome.   I am so ready for my future fairy sim to become a snow boarder.  Some of the things you will be allowed to do in this expansion pack  includes Kissing at a booth and swimming in the ocean.   Another bonus is the return of Aliens ( So hide your sims and lock the doors).   I am so excited.

Here is the trailer for Seasons!


If you want to know more about “Seasons” check their webpage.


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