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New Mathnet Game!( No Longer Available)  

Source: New Mathnet Game

This link no longer works and I think the site might have changed also.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting this site! It really means a lot to me.  I do plan to start revamping this site soon.


The Man, The Myth, and The Legend!

jcsmovieA lot has happened since I last updated this blog. About two weeks ago I had to the pleasure of attending a 40th anniversary screening of Jesus Christ Superstar Movie.  It starred The Magnificent Ted Neeley and The great Carl Anderson.  It also starred Barry Dennen and Yvonne Elliman.  The screening was held in Richardson, Texas.  It is not that far from me when traffic is not bad.  So my friend and I decided to go.  The day of the adventure, Everything went smoothly.  We left on time and made it to Dallas.  To make a long story short. We was in traffic for longer than we expected.  We made it there with only two minutes to spare. By the time we got to the event the previews was just about done! Sigh, We didn’t missed anything.

The Q&A

He discussed the process behind the making of JCS.  Ted was joined by two other cast members.  Larry Marshall (Simon) and Kurt Yajin (Annas).  There was trivia question and as a result I won a free CD so that was cool.

The Movie

It was great watching it on the big screen and It was almost unreal that the actual star was watching it as well.  Now, afterwards was the meet and greet.  Where I got a chance to meet Ted Neeley. He is a kind and generous man and He gave me so much advice.

Overall, It was a good experience.

Happy Second Anniversary!!!

It has been a while since I have posted any new stuff.  Sorry about that my life has been very busy as of late.  Two years ago, I started this blog to show my appreciation for a series that I watched when I was young.  I would never have thought that is blog would have last this long.   I am very excited about the future and hope that this blog will grow into something special. I would like thank follower and viewers.  I could not have done this without you all.


My Current Household (The Sims 3 June)

This is my current  household for June. I know I haven’t one of these in a while! I hope you all enjoy this!

Remembering Square One Via Mental Floss

For all you Square One TV fans out there.  Mental Floss has posted a awesome article focusing on Square One TV.  Which I am very happy about because it is about a damn time that someone recognizes the awesomeness of this series.  So, Sit back and enjoy the read.

The Lucky Springs

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So, today I buckle down and purchase the new world for “The Sims 3” called “Lucky Palms”.   I have played it a little bit today and I absolutely love it.  The main two features of this new world  is “The Lucky Simoleon Casino”  and “The Wishing Well”  ( I will be your wishing well, kiss and tell).  I am sorry I don’t know why that song pop in my head just than.  I will try to stay on topic, The Lucky Simoleon Casino can be brought separately or together with this world.  I believe that this Casino was made for “Lucky Palms”  specifically which is a added bonus.   The Wishing Well is great if you don’t have Showtime.  Some of the interaction are similar to the genie.   The wishing well comes with three interaction fish, steal coins, or wish.   Apparently, there is a lucky coin you can grab from the well that can help you at the casino.  All and All this will eventually become one of my favorite worlds to play in.

Happy Birthday!

I want to say Happy Birthday to Atari! Who is turning 40 years younger today! This system brought me into the world of gaming and my life has never been the same since. Here’s to forty more years of reminding  this gamer to “Never Forget”.

My Favorite Doctor!

Yeah,  So for my next post!  I have decided to share my love for Doctor Who!  I am Classic Doctor who fan!  I do occasionally watch the new series and have grown to love David Tennent’s performance as Ten.  But,  This post is going to be dedicated to a unsung hero of the Doctors.   A man who was so misunderstood that it took audio series to bring him back to glory.   The Man I am talking about is no other then The Sixth Doctor.  Even though this Doctor  looks like he have come out of an explosion in a rainbow factory.  He still holds a special place in my heart…

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As you can see I am obsessed with changing that coat!  I could go on and tell you the rather unpleasant history of what happen during The Sixth Doctor era.  But, I am sure that there is enough web pages on the internet that will go over the behind the scenes history of that period.  If you pick up “The Trial of A Time Lord”  there is a special dedicated to that time in the shows history.  I love watching it!  I do believe that Colin Baker did not get a fair run during his time as  The Doctor.  He was a wonderful Doctor and I believe that over time he would have mellowed like we saw in “Trial of A Time Lord”.    The doctor was flawed and that probably why I like him out of all of them.

“No one is beyond redemption”  I am glad that The Sixth Doctor has been redeemed through “Big Finish”.  Well, I can go on all night about this doctor.  Enjoy the photos they are just fan art that I have done!  Except for the Head shot thats from another source.

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