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If you are a fan or just curious then you have come to right place.   I was a huge fan of this series when I was growing up. It’s is a shame that this series is not on DVD yet.   I created this page to show some love and hopefully bring some awareness also.   This page will also have subsections dedicated to the actors and a fanart page.  I will also update this page often.   Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the ride!

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Mathnet is part of a thirty-minute  daily series called Square one Television.   Square One Television was developed by the  late great Jim Thurman and David D. Cornell.   Square One Television main goal was to combated a somewhat worrying “Math Crisis” that was growing in the public schools at the time ( taken from Wikipedia).   The series ran for five seasons from 1986- 1994 on PBS .  The format of Square One Television was similar to another series that aired around that time a science show called 3-2-1 contact.   But, it was also different , by mimicking what you would find on a regular network.  The first half was a sketch show/game show/cartoon series./MTV style videos that was all geared toward Math.  This portion starred the talented Reg. E. Cathey, Beverly Mickins, Arthur Howard, Larry Ceder, Lusia Leschin, Cynthia Darlow  and Cris Franco.  The second half  was a crime drama loosely based off of the 60’s series “Dragnet”.


Mathnet told the story of  two Mathematicians that work for LAPD and later NYPD who solve various off the wall crime by using Mathematics .    Mathnet was set in two different cities Mathnet L.A  and Mathnet N.Y  the latter was  a result of reduced funding  that force the show to move production to New York.  Mathnet also brought together some of the best actors ranging from film , television and theater lending their talents to bring to life  some what larger than life characters.

Mathnet L.A.

This version of Mathnet ran for two seasons and Starred James Earl Jones ( Chief Thad Green) , Joe Howard ( Det. George Frankly)  , Beverly Leech (Sgt. Kate Monday)  and Mary Watson ( Sgt. Debbie Williams).

Mathnet N.Y.

This version of Mathnet ran for three seasons and Starred Joe Howard ( Det.George Frankly),  Beverly Leech ( Sgt Kate Monday, Season Three only),  Toni Dibuono ( Sgt. Pat Tuesday, Season Four and Five), Emilo Del Pozo ( Capt. Joe Greco), Bari K. Willerford (Benny Pill) .

Mathnet ended it’s run with only 30 episodes total.  It reaired for a brief period on the cable channel Noggin through 1999-2003.   Now, I am reviewing  and writing a summary for each episode of the series for archival purposes check my main page to see what episode I am on.  I hope you have enjoyed this brief history of the Mathnet series.

Episode Guide 

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