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Sgt. Kate Muriel Monday,  To some she is a talented mathematician, To some she is the original, and To the adolescent boys that was growing up during  the time,she is the blonde bombshell that help them come of age.   Whatever she is to whoever that maybe.  Kate’s time with Mathnet will forever be overshadowed with the biggest cliffhanger  since who shot J.R.   Her sudden disappearance!

 What Do We Know?

Kate’s history is hidden in secrecy.  We  know very little on her childhood and early adulthood.   We do know at some point she attended university before going to Mathnet.   Her major in collage was probably Accounting.  She also studied  The Merle Fish case.  Kate is also a fan of Broadway and Wrestling.


Unknown,  I find this to be odd but given the focus of this series there wasn’t much time to get into person stuff.  She does tells us that she grew up as  tomboy.  Which is not saying much!



Det. George Frankly


Chief . Thad Green ( Los Angeles), Asst Chief.  Rosa Morales  ( Los Angeles), Capt. Joe Grecco ( New York)

Partners  Against Crime

Gennie Carlson ( Los Angeles Pilot only),  Debra Wilson ( Los Angeles ) ,  Steve and Sam ( Los Angeles),  Bennie Pill ( New York),  Sgt. Abruzzi ( New York )

Kate over the years at Mathnet went though a genesis of sorts.  Starting out as a straight laced sergeant to a easy going detective was not a easy transition.   With the help of George with his strange but brilliant ways  and  near-death experience at the hands of a crazy clock maker made Kate see things a little bit differently.  Also, She saw George in a new light as well that in someways took their relationship in a whole different direction.  As we the viewer was getting to see this new side of Kate in the New York episodes.  Kate disappears by season four without no explanation.   It  seemed also that sometime has passed we find George with a new partner and it is business as usual.  We could only hope that Kate was reassigned and nothing else.

Episode I recommend

Here  is some of the best “Kate” episodes I recommend 

Music that I feel best describes Kate…….