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After the sudden departure of  Kate under unknown circumstance.    Mathnet sends George a new partner her name is Sgt. Pat Tuesday.

What do we know?

Pat is another one that we have little information on.  She is very brilliant and can calculate almost anything off the top of her head with ease.  We do know that she’s  a costume Jewelry designer on her off  time.   Pat can come off as very sarcastic at times.   She’s is not afraid to speak her mind neither.


Pat went to Mathnet university where she had to do a paper on Hamilton Circuits.  It is not known if she had any other formal training.


Pat has a Sister and a “brother” who she is not on good terms with.



George Frankly


Capt. Joe Grecco ( New York) ,  Capt. Thad Green ( Despair in Monteray only)

Partners against Crime 

Bennie Pill ( New York),  Sgt. Abruzzi ( New York )

Pat only real problem while working with Mathnet was when she was falsely accursed of stealing jewelry from a evil dictator. Near the end  she was no longer the “New Partner”  but someone we all wanted to get to know especially after that appointment.

Episodes I recommend

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