jcsmovieA lot has happened since I last updated this blog. About two weeks ago I had to the pleasure of attending a 40th anniversary screening of Jesus Christ Superstar Movie.  It starred The Magnificent Ted Neeley and The great Carl Anderson.  It also starred Barry Dennen and Yvonne Elliman.  The screening was held in Richardson, Texas.  It is not that far from me when traffic is not bad.  So my friend and I decided to go.  The day of the adventure, Everything went smoothly.  We left on time and made it to Dallas.  To make a long story short. We was in traffic for longer than we expected.  We made it there with only two minutes to spare. By the time we got to the event the previews was just about done! Sigh, We didn’t missed anything.

The Q&A

He discussed the process behind the making of JCS.  Ted was joined by two other cast members.  Larry Marshall (Simon) and Kurt Yajin (Annas).  There was trivia question and as a result I won a free CD so that was cool.

The Movie

It was great watching it on the big screen and It was almost unreal that the actual star was watching it as well.  Now, afterwards was the meet and greet.  Where I got a chance to meet Ted Neeley. He is a kind and generous man and He gave me so much advice.

Overall, It was a good experience.