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So,   you have found this page and wonder “Who in the heck are these people?”.  Well, you have come to the right place as I will take  you on this magical mystery tour of  epic proportions.   Our,  first stop is a character that may have been my first crush ( Don’t Judge Me).  He is smart, funny and can give good math ( Get your minds out of the gutter).   It is only fitting that we start with him and WordPress also thinks so as well. Since, His last name starts with an F.

Let me introduce to you!   Det. George Earnest Frankly of Mathnet!

What do we know! 

You know Austin Powers might be “The International Man of Mystery”.  But. George Frankly is ” The International Man of  Math” honestly I don’t know  where I was going with this.  But,  in the case of George Frankly, He is almost like a closed book with open pages.  So, What do we really know about him?

Family Life

George came from a normal but odd family.  He mentions  that his mother used to tie him  to  a post outside of the store with a lease.  Yeah! I wouldn’t take that last statement with a grain a salt!  He has a brother who is in the sports community and a younger sister.    He also has a wife named Martha.  Growing up George love going  camping  and  was an active member in the Boy’s Scouts.


This is the tricky part.  It was never established in the series about his collage education.  We can only assumed that he has some form of collage.  We do know that he did attended Mathnet University at some point.  But, we don’t know under what circumstance.  Since , Mathnet seems like a underground government agency.    Here is a view things he went through in while at Mathnet University.

– Spent a day in Jail

– Wrote a paper on probabilities.

– Fail a class on “Waiting”  and had to retake it

– Studied demolition

This is what we know so far on him during that time period at Mathnet U.   In later years,  George took the bar to become a lawyer and successfully passed it without even going through lawyer school.



Kate Monday ( Los Angeles and New York ), Pat Tuesday ( New York )


Chief. Thad Green ( Los Angeles), Asst Chief.  Rosa Morales  ( Los Angeles) ,  Capt. Joe Grecco ( New York)

Partner Against Crime

Gennie Carlson ( Los Angeles Pilot only),  Debra Wilson ( Los Angeles ) ,  Steve and Sam ( Los Angeles),  Bennie Pill ( New York),  Sgt. Abruzzi ( New York )

George has had his fare share of ups and downs while working on the watch at Mathnet.     George unique since of humor  and almost a child-like view on life along with his brilliant proving solving skills helps as well.

Episodes I recommend

These are what I consider the best “George Centered” Episodes.

Music that I feel best describes George…….

Herb Albert’s Magic Man